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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Week 5 day 30: Say Hello Dali

This is our newest family member.He's a one year old lama named Sha'me.Here on the blog though we can refer to him as the Dali. We got him from our friends that we stayed with when we evacuated because of Rita. They will be getting 2 swans, the EFL cookbook, 8 BFL bars, 3 BFL RTD'S, and 1 bag of BFL bbq chips.The swans were easy to part with, but the other stuff was almost a deal breaker.
Other news in the wild world of my world, is that I got a call from the doc yesterday(not Dr. Persephone) but my other one, and because my liver panels are all elevated she wants me off all suppliments: creatine, nitrix, no-explode, in addition to the oil capsules and the whey, then they'll redraw blood and check them again in 2 weeks and see what's got them elevated. I couldn't get her to agree to my idea of during this 2 weeks, that a cheeseburger and fries diet, with rest and relaxation might help those numbers go down also. I tried. Anyway everything else was excellent she said!I'll keep y'all posted on that and whether I will use any or all of the supps anymore.I'll also measure tonight because I want to see if the creatine had any results after taking it for nearly 2 months.

Since the doc said exercise is still in, I drug my tired achin ass to the room of doom and gloom, suppliment free I might add, off a set of graveyards no less , with 40 something oz of H2O and a diet coke consumed(the diet coke for a little kick lol) and I preceded to kick some elliptical ass.

I rode it hard and I rode it proud for 30 minutes burning up 730 cals, water and coke gut sloshing the whole time(note to ease up on fluid intake before mounting equipment).
The eats : homemade protein shake(need to experiment more on that one)
tuna and an apple
chicken, potatoe, green beans
Well that's it guys, oh and about the lama trade, it was only the swans,lol. You think I'd give up the goods!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Week 5 Day 29 Rip, splittin!

Nothing new to report except that I did my UBWO almost exclusively on the new gym and it was different. I will try to push it a little harder next week since I am still trying to figure out my weight load. It was difficult trying to set up my journal because I have done everything with dumbbells and to cross over to the gym I figured I'd just double the weight. It worked on some exercises and didn't on others.It was fun though and the feeling was different. I'm sore in different ways so it must work the body muscles in other ways.
Anyway the new lama we got yesterday is doing fine. He seems a little confused and rightfully so. His real name is Sha'me( short for Show Me), but here on the blog we can refer to him as The Dali, til I can convince Susan that's what his new name is,lol.I'll probably put Dottie (short for www.dottie .com)out there with him and then they'll become a pair. Hmmm Dali and Dottie, that'll work. Hey ,how come Dottie did that underline thing in blue?
To Bev- the Dali has all your answers.
To Jim- I'll be a judge for some of that there cheese cake bribe! Of course the 9's happen when I'm on long change (7 days off), because I'm well rested and focused. About the blogs where we wonder what are friends sound like when we read their posts or comments, you will always have Arnold's voice when I read your stuff! That's the gov. Arnold, not the one on Green Acres, lol.
And now for the stuff :
Flies: 80lbs 85,90,100,90
Decline Bench: 150 lbs
Upright and uptight row: 60, 62.5,65,67.5,65
Rear deltoid row: 20 lbs(I know what your thinking, but you should see the way I have to do this one here, it's a butt ripper, underwear splitter!)
Narrow grip pulldown: 50 lbs,60,70,90,100(one of the ones I was discovering how much to do)
Chester cheetoe row: 100 lbs
Tricep pushdown: 40,42.5,45,47.5,45
Tricep kick back: 20 lbs(I know, Iknow, but you got to see how this works, it's another rip snorting splitter!) Damn machines!
Hammer Curl: Ahh ! the old dumbbell way, 27.5 lbs, 30,32.5 35, 32.5
Reverse Curl: 30 lbs ouch! back on the machine, but at least I ain't all hunkered over like I don't know what the hell I'm doing!
It was a great workout, it was fun, different and I think in the long run I am going to get some excellent results!
Eats for the Day:
Crapolla, I'm out of time, got to go feed animals, shower prepare the grub for tonight, get ready for work. I wish I could type better and faster!
Anyway all meals will be BFL or EFL friendly and approved, I might try to eat more protein though!
See y'all tonight !

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Week 4 Review, the week that was/ wasn't

Another week has come and gone. What was: I ate fairly well, hit the routine good, worked with Susan who also had a good week( she doesn't follow the eating like I do unless it's what I have cooked)but I kept her journal up to date and she did her workouts. We integrated the gym into our routine also and that was interesting. I'd give me a 9.0 for week 4. I'd give Susan an 8 (1 extra point just for being married to me, lol). All in all, another good week!
What wasn't: I wasn't as skinny as I thought I was,lol. My body fat was 17.8 %. My goal will be to get that down to 15 this challenge. I wasn't as strong as I thought I was. I could only bench press 150 on the new gym. My goal will be to press 200 lbs, but not in no frickin end of this challenge, lol.That'll have to be one of those that happens eventually! Disappointed, a little, but I needed to know where I was at. When the Dali gets here maybe I can look into his eyes and say Dali, what's the frickin deal ? And then we can reflect together on week 4, what was and wasn't.
Have a great one y'all!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

W 4, D 27, Zee car, Zee car!

Can't blog long,our friend has the info on the car lol ! But first,to comment on a few things and routines,(hey that rhymes).
To Tom- the car info(Mercury?) is being posted as I type.go read her blog :)
as far as me sounding like John Wayne, thanks but I think I don't sound like him, but you can use that if you like. Just don't do it out loud. If your wife hears you doing it, it could be embarrasing! Susan heard me reading the Doc's blog in the Doc's accent(as I perceive it would sound) and she thought I was losing it! Just kiddin!Thanks again, that was cool!
To Erin- don't laugh too hard while working out, you could pull something by losing your form, and I can't be held responsible, sympathetic, but not responsible, lol.
To my dear Doc- Thank you for giving me what I perceive as your voice, it sounds like my ex sister in laws.(She 's from England, but grew up here, and everytime she'd go visit for a month or so she'd come back with a slight accent and all the little sayings). Thanks for the heads up on the lunar activities!
Well for the moment ya'll have been waitng for:
This was another intense effort as I tried to better the cals burned the other day at 572. Today was rough as I didn't exceed my goal but did burn 568 cals. This is how it went:
10 mins elliptical 251 cals
10 mins recumbant 162 cals
And my favorite, right! the dreadmill 155 cals in 10 mins
EAT ! ( in Cookie monster's voice)
Leftovers again all approved, out of time, need to look at Fireman's car and drool! Jess where are you?
Ya'll have a fantastic w/e, I'm working nights!
Oh,and we are welcoming a new member to our house tomorrow, another lama! I think will name him Tony, or maybe the Dali, Or how bout Bahama Momma! Heck what about Fernando?

Friday, January 27, 2006

W4,D26 Onward thru the fog.

Yeah I always feel like I'm in a fog after waking from a graveyard.It takes me a few to get my bearings and then I'm ready for the rest of the day.
-- Tom, I think you're right about Bev's car(or the fireman's car being a Mercury), which reminds me I'll miss the new car show this w/e, damn!Anyway Susan will have to decide if she wants to be on the garden tour. I don't know if I'm working or not yet. The tour is Sat, April 22. so we'll see. Tiki God #2 is currently being carved. He stands 6 foot tall and will probably be finished sometime next week. Susan would like me to try a totem pole next, so I'm thinking of what type of design, either American Indian, or Mayan/Aztec.
I guess I need to get ready to go so here's what occured in the torture chamber today:
LBWO: still getting used to the new torture rack,lol!
Leg excrutiating extensions:90 lbs,100,110,120,110
Leg press my innards out through the other end: 160lbs
Straight leg drop til your dead lifts: Dumbells, 40 lbs,50,60,70,60
Lunge forward and die a slow death: Dumbbells 50 lbs of pure hell !
1 Leg rip your calf off and beat you to death with it: 60 lbs, 65,70,75,80
Angle calf rip both of 'em off and start beating again: 120 lbs
Bent knee in the groin leg raise: 12 reps,10,8,6,12
Decline to take any more abuse and sit up: 12 reps
For a little added misery to the torture I added some palm up wrist curl up in a corner and die, 20 lbs, 30,40,50,40
And if that wasn't enough I benched 160 5 times to make sure there would be no pleasure with that pain.
Seriously though, it was a good workout, and as I get more familiar with the equipment my workouts will be pure torture!
4p Turkey burger, turkey bacon, 2% pepperjack cheese and onion
7p and on all left overs again, cod, EFL chicken noodle soup, fruits and veggies.
Well that's it for my house of torture! Ya'll have a great day and a great w/e!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Week4, day25

I got up a little earlier than normal because some neighbors down the street ask if we would particpate in the annual garden tour for raising money for a museum benefit in Alvin. They wanted to see everything in advance to see if our place would work on the tour or not. It was pretty fun, I always enjoy giving my little tour and of course the parrots behaved and performed their little tricks on command, well most of them.Anyway because I got up a little earlier I also got my cardio done, so that's done for the day!

Ithink I'll try Tom's thingymabopper and answer questions here instead of the comments, I kinda like that!
Tom- the turkey kielbasa had an excellent flavor, with an extrordinary hint of some salacious herbs I couldn't put my finger on. Its slightly aromatic aroma tickled the palate and left one with a taste of satisfaction lol! Oh it was good, I'd eat it again, but Susan and I both got a stomach ache. Don't know if that was it, but I am having it again at lunch so I'll let you know. Maybe because it was nitrate and nitrite free is why it didn't agree with us, haha.
CARDIO: burned 562 cals, 10 less than last one, but boy it sure was rougher.
Starting graveyards so it's all the leftovers from the cooking I've done the last week! All on plan!
Other than that after Susan missed a few workouts on week three, she's made every planned worlout this week, so that's been good! We've had to mix up her routine a little because she can't quite hit the starting point on some of the weights on the new gym. But that's her goal, to be able to everything from the gym!(It's starting weight is 10 lbs and some of her stuff starts at 5 lbs on the dumbbells). Good goal!
Well you guys have a great day and hope all ya'lls dreams come true today.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Week 4 Day24, Fire without Fuel

Today was my yearly physical. So in order to get accurate blood work done one must fast before blood is drawn. I didn't have a thing to eat this a.m. but I also thought I shouldn't take any of the suppliments I have been using the last several months.I take nitrix and no-explode pre workout, creatine post work out, then 6 to 8 hours later, and 2 more doses of nitrix throughout the day before a meal. I take 2- 12oo mg of a flax oil capsule along with 2-100mg fish oil capsule and a multiple vitamin.The nitrix, creatine and no-explode are all BSN products by the way.Anyway to my frickin point here, so I get up too early and get fidgitty and decide to go ahead and do my UBWO before my appointment at 9a. So I go into this thinking , well I'll just get it done without the no-explode and settle on a half assed routine.At least it will be done and I can piddle around home and felt like I've not wasted half the morning. Well it ended up being as good a workout as I have ever had.I was shocked! No little kick needed from the supps. I wonder if I'm wasting my money? I'll finish this challengee with them (8 more weeks), then the next challenge I'm dropping them and I'll measure and check everything to see if they are worth it or not! Hell I'm spending over a $100.00 a month on this stuff and I don't really know if they are worth it. I also told my doc and she didn't seem to thrilled, said she wanted to do a little research on them and get back with me. Should be interesting.
Same as last week but hit all repetitions except on triceps extension, where it should have been the last 12 reps and I only got 10 reps, and I went up to 2.5 lbs more on the side raises 12 times to 25 lbs.
10a eas bar
1p 6 egg whites, 2 ww tortillas, with onion, jalapenos, and 1 slice 2%pepper jack cheese
4p tuna, orange, cauliflower
7p turkey kielbasa, some type of grain that starts with an a,looks like quinoa(got both of those from a whole foods market), brussell sprouts, and asparagus
9p ffcc
Another day down another muscle exercised.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Week 4, day 23. Camel Toe?

O.K., so I hear these two guys talking and the one says to the other, "check out her camel toe". Now she had a nice little package indeed, but I was thinking "dudes, you really seen a camel toe?" This sucker is as big as a dinner plate, you know the size we all ate off of pre BFL. Now if I was to be enjoying the view(which I don't, happily married thank you) this is something I don't think I would want to see on a lady with tight jeans!My gosh Hoss's foot is as big as my waist. Talking about falling in and it isn't even that pretty! How in the hell did someone correlate this with a woman's display? Heck, I've got llamas, and I observed their feet and I don't understand why when someone takes notice of a woman wearing the tight fitting jeans the comment isn't, "wow check out her llama toe!" The llama toe is ten times smaller and the spacing is a lot tighter and it doesn't seem to have a lot of things clinging to it like Hoss's does in that pic.Maybe there should be a push for renaming this little package. I mean I heard of the vagina called things like a bearded clam(need to get one of those for the fish tank so you guys could see),taco, sideways sloppy Joe, etc, and a least the visual in my mind can make the comparison. Camel Toe? Indeed ! I think I'll make a copy of this camel toe and keep it in my wallet so the next time I hear someone say "look she's got camel toe" I'll whip out my pic and say "dude would you put your Johnson in that?"
Anyway today was cardio and I guess after the let down yesterday and not caving in for a cheeseburger I beat my previous best!
572 cals for the 30 minutes versus last Sat. 557 cals.Burn baby burn!
Foods on plan so far, and the usual except for dinner tonight it will be cod. Which reminds me of another saying, that we luckily no longer use. When us guys at work would be challenging each other about knowledge or what not, one of the things we did to each other is grab ourselves and say "cuddle my cods", and if you've seen cod, again there is nothing to compare it with to what's on a man's body. Where to these sayings come from? I think I need to go carve or look at llamas, sheesh!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Week 4 Day 22, Somebody get me a Cheeseburger

And a large order of fries and why not throw in a chocolate shake! Hell make it a double. I was a little disappointed today, my little world was rocked. I'm not as strong as I thought I was and my body fat is higher than I tought it would be. I started the morning out with my lbwo on the new gym. Of course I did my routine partially bass ackwards, and had to figure out what to lift. On the leg part of the machine it is a 2 to 1 ratio, so I have to multiply times 2 the stack I am lifting. That wasn't too bad and I hit weight I thought I was at on free weight dumbbells. After I finished my routine I played around with some other stuff and was curious how much I could bench press. I'm currently at 70 lbs each on dumbbells so I figured I'd lift a few 150's then work up to maybe, just maybe 180 lbs. Wrong! I barely got 150 up 6 times and after that couldn't budge 160 once. O.K. so I call Precor and talk to a rep, maybe the bench is ratioed, Wrong again. Talk about deflation maximus!
Oh well I figured it's a new machine I have to work up to the weight, so I think, it's all gooooood, a new goal to set, bench 200 lbs in a few months!
Then it's time to go get my body fat checked at the sports center. I'll get floated so it's the most accurate way to tell body fat(I hit 12.7 on the accupinchermajobber and one of them there scales)Hey Tom by the way, signed posters of Nolan, and other baseball stars, it's a rehab place for them also.
Anyway so I get floated and get the results 17.8% body fucking fat! WTF, another ego deflation maximus. Man the way it's going I hope Susan doesn't want to measure my Johnson when she gets home! A man can only handle so much ego crushing disappointment in one day! 12 inches on a ruler is this long isn't it
--------------------------------- , lol. Please tell me it is!
So that is how my day has gone so far.
The good news or the silver lining in a not so silver lining day, I now have some goals I would like to reach! By next year get an implant, j.k., I would like to be at or below 12% b.f., since that's where I thought I was at, and to bench press 200 lbs on my machine, I guess I need to go to a gym to compare that to free weight, but I'll keep tabs on that!
Now do you want to see the routine I did today or not?
Thanks Jess you always humor me, lol.
The Routine on the precor:
Leg Press: 80, 100,120,140,120 lbs
leg Extension: 120 lbs
Straight leg dead lift: dumbbells: 40,50,60,70,60 lbs
Lunges: db: 50 lbs
1 leg calf: 60,62.5,65,70,65 lbs
Angled calf: 120 lbs
Bent knee leg raise:12,10,8,6,12 reps
Decline sit up: 12
Well I still use the dumbbells for the dead lifts and the lunges because I didn't want to changee things up too much going into week 4.
For the eats:
I'll pass on the cheeseburger..... damn!
10a protein shake, milk, banana(maybe it was the frickin banana!)
1p 3 egg whites, 1 egg,on a tortilla with pepper jack cheese.
4p eas bar, 21% protein
7p getting ready to cook, EFL chicken noodle soup
10p ffcc
That's about it, my torch has been reduced as is my ego to a mere flicker. As I reflect on this day with my tail between my legs I ponder this: What would Julie tell me? I think I know the answer already. Let's look at tomorrow as a new day!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Week 3, 3 weeks in review.

With 3 weeks down it's that time again to rate the week, and cuss and discuss the last 3 weeks. I would have to rate week 3 as an 8.5 out of 10. Again the areas I think I can improve on are portion control and pushing myself a little harder on lifting. I am still extremely happy with my workouts and motivation to still exercise everyday. I think I am very much addicted to the rush I get after lifting weights and when my muscles are all pumped up. I am not to much addicted to the cardio aftermath of trying to catch my breath for several minutes after, and sweating like a hawg.But as in everything in life, you get the bad(cardio) with the good(freeday feeding frenzy), oops I mean the good (rush after a good lifting routine).
Susan missed three days this week but if she gets her UBWO in today she'll have only missed a cardio. Not too bad considering all the time she had to put in at work this past week. She is going to try her UBWO on our new gym today so that should be exciting.
I hope everyone had a great week and for those of you who might be struggling, remember, tomorrow is the beginning of a new week, so good luck!
Let's have a great week four guys! Let's keep carrying the torch for Julie!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Week 3, day 20.

The guys delivered the new equipment today and I can't wait to do legs on it Monday! Tomorrow I'll read(yes believe it or not)or at least I think I'll read the instructions on how to use it.I might even go as far as doing a little workout just to see how it goes and to be prepared for Monday. I think I'll still lift with free weights through week 4, even though the UBWO is only once this week.
I had a banana today, before my cardio and it was good.
I haven't shaved any body parts today or on anyone else, or any of the animals, might do a little wing trimming, but that would be it. That's where we actually trim some feathers on the parrots so they aren't full flight,lol.
I didn't take any pics today in white fruit of the loom underwear, with holes, discoloration or skid marks or 2 sizes too big!
I made no comments about my wife's behind or the fact that she is doing a good job doing her exercising routine for me.
I am confessing these things because something is causing me to and I can't figure it out. Sorry I suck, lol!
I am glad I woke up intack today(still have a marble sack).Actually I'm greatful for that! I think it helps when I sleep with one foot on the floor.
I love my wife!
O.K. and now what everyones really wanting to read:
The Routine:
Cardio Maximus!
10 min. elliptical 252 cals
10 min. dreadmill kick the gluteus maximus 148 cals
10 min recumbant 157 cals
And a new record was acheived at 557 total cals burned, beating the previous record by 10 cals. I THINK IT WAS THE FRICKIN BANANA PEOPLE!
Eats for the day:
9a protein shake, oatmeal
12n 3 egg beaters omelet, 1 multigrain pancake.
3p BFL bar
7p grilled top sirloin, veggies, those little red potatoes.
9p ffcc,you think another banana would be pushing it,lol
Hey guys, it looks like we've made it another week. I hope everyone is having as good as time as I have.Sorry I haven't commented a lot lately on ya'lls blogs, but 12 hour days doesn't leave much time to visit. I do read most of them, so as the rest of the week goes I hope to visit more. I'm on days off til Thursday. Eveeryone have a great rest of the weekend!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Week 3 day 19

Haven't done a critter of the week in a spell, so here's the next one. This is Taz. She's a greenwing macaw.Don't ask me why they're called greenwings, because she has more red on her. She can talk fairly well, like she says"do an Eagle" and ahe actually spreads her wings like an eagle, and when she see's someone eating something it's "MMMM want some". But her bad trait is she tries to sing and can't and along with Alex, our male greenwing, together they sound pitiful! They do what we call singing in "lalas".It's absolutely hideous. Maybe Bev could teach them how to sing!When the time comes we can't handle Taz and Alex anymore because they decided they were parrots and not people, then we will put them outside in the Parrots Hilton where they have a reservation! O.K. now for the routine:
The Routine:
DB Bench press: 45,50,60,70,60
DB Flies:47.5, up 2.5 lbs, 9 reps
DB Shoulder press: 30,35,40,45,40,last set 6 reps
DB Side raises: 22.5 ,up 2.5 lbs
DB Row: 50,60,60,70,65
DB Pullover: 67.5,UP 2.5 lbs
DB Triceps: 50,52.5,55,60,55, last set 7 reps
DB 1Arm extensions:22.5 up 2.5 lbs
DB Curls: 25,27.5,30,32.5,30
DB Hammer: 32.5 6 reps,30 6 reps
Well that was it for today and it totally kicked my ass, but man was it another awesome pump! I feel great and accomplished!
Food has been on plan but I'm out of time, so I 've got to buzz!
You guys have a great one!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Week 3 day18 Still kickin!

Got up at 3:20 a to do the cardio thing. The cardio thing was done and I did better than the last session. Should we call it session or torture?Anyway it's done and for that I am grateful!
Susan worked late again last night, so she missed her lbwo. Even though that's 2 in a row I'm confident she will start back tonight! She's had a rough month at work, so I think she's done well so far. Well here's how it fell into place this a.m.
Cardio til you puke routine
10 min. elliptical 245 cals
10 min. dreadmill 148 cals
10 min. recumbent 154 cals for a 547 cal total burn!
30 total minutes of shear agony and exhaustion! Not really, just wanted some cheese with that whine.
Food Feeding Frenzy(FFF)
4:45a 2 scoops whey(O.N.) skim milk, banana
7:30a turkey bacon, 2% pepper jack cheese, ww tortilla, apple
10a egg beater omelet, ww tortilla, turkey bacon
1p chicken breast, Bhutan red rice, broccoli
4p ffcc, yogurt
7p something that I cooked from the EFL book and froze, but can't read the label on it(I think it's the chili con carne)
9p eas bar, ran out of ffcc, don't feel like going to the store on the way home!
I think that is it for another day. Hope ya'll are all hanging in there and still feel inspired. if anyone needs a little kick in the rear, holler and I'll be there to help!
Oh and by the way on that last post, it should have been 2 ponds not 22 like I typo'ed. Stupid parrots!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Susan had to work until 11p last night, so she didn't get her cardio in. I t also made me realize with her not being home how much she does for me when we both work on days together( I only work 7 days , 7 nights and off for 14days in a month).On those 7 days we work she comes home, feeds the barn animals, feeds the swans(22 different ponds), feeds the outside parrots, on Tuesday's and Fridays, changes the papers in the inside parrots cages(7 cages inside),feeds the inside parrots, feeds the dogs, feeds the fish, and cooks us dinner. She gets home at 5:30p and I get home at 6p, and for almost a year I came home , worked out, ate and did the computer and then we stayed up with the parrots until 10p.Well I had to do that last night and it kicked my ass, and I didn't feed the parrots, since their routine was changed up they were trying to rip my fingers off when I got near their food bowls. They did let me change their water though.Anyway I was in bed at 9p totally exhausted. And now she is working out! Wow I thought I was sacrificing a lot, but after last night, I see who is really giving it their all. She is incredible and for that I feel I am an extremely lucky guy. That's why I can get up at 3a and workout. Any little thing extra I can do so she can have a good workout and take that little extra load off her plate. It's all about teamwork!
Allright enough about Susan, let's talk about me, lol!
The Routine: The last one like this, the new gym comes Saturday!
Leg Extensions: 140lbs, 155,160,170,160
DB Squats: 80lbs
DB Straight Leg Dead Lifts: 40lbs, 50,60,70,60
DB Lunges: 50lbs
1Legged Calf Raises: 50lbs,60,70,80,70
Angled Calf Raises; 80 lbs
Bent Knee leg lifts: 12 reps, 10,8,6,12
Decline Sit Ups: 12 reps
DB wrist curls: 12 reps, 20 lbs
The workout went well and I hit a few 10's this a.m.!
The Food:
4:30a protein shake and banana
7a ffcc, apple
10a 3egg beaters, turkey bacon, ww tortilla
1p turkey breast, brussell sprouts, beans
4p ffcc, orange
7p chicken, brocolli, bhutan red rice
9:30p ffcc
That should conclude another day, so you guys hit it hard and we'll see you on the fly!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Year Later!

Jan 17,2005, Body of a goddam Greek. Jan 2006, Creating the body of a greek


Stats:left pic: man shorts

right pic: Nike shorts

b4 wt, 184 lbs: current 159 lbs

b4 body fat 23.9%:current 12.6%

b4 bicep 12 inch: current 14.3 in

b4 chest 38: current 38

b4 waist 35: current 32.0

b4 thigh 22.0 inch: current 22.8 in

b4 calf 15 inch: current 15 in

That's just some of the measurements, some changed some didn't . I guess that was due to repositioning fat and muscle, lol. Anyway I still have a way to go to get greek god body status, but that's why we have goals. Just thought you guys would like to see a years difference or the difference a year makes, or what's the difference anyway.Wonder what next year will have in store!


Week 3 day 16, still lit!

Got up at 03:20 to do my cardio this morning. It was as grueling as it always is at this time of the day.But I got it done and beat the last cardio by 1 calorie.Other than that Susan will possibly stuck at work until 10 p tonight, so she'll miss her cardio. She did her ubwo last night while I cooked, so that worked out well.
On another note today is my 1 year of living the Body for Life principles. The eating part I have followed either by the BFL book , using the EFL book or both. The exercise routine I have changed up several times with routines I have found in Mags or from tracker, but basically have not really missed any time except for vacation or evacuation.All I can say is that I am enjoying the body I am recreating. It's not happening as fast as I thought it would, but it is happening. Maybe it's my age, genetics, or even some of the most hellacious freedays known to man. It's been a slow and steady progression, but a progression in all the right ways! And that's what keeps me inspired and motivated(well of course the support from my family and you guys also)but also to see where I can take my physique and my health.
So far so good!
The Routine:
10min elliptical 245 cals
10 min dreadmill 146 cals
10 min recumbant 147 cals
The Grub:
4:30a protein shake, banana
7:30a ffcc, orange
10:a egg whites, turkey bacon, pepper jack cheese, ww tortilla
1;p tuna, brussell sprouts, quinoa
4p ffcc yogurt
7p turkey breast, veggies,apple
9:30 p ffcc
Well that does it for another successful day, and here's to another year of living a healthy life! Ya'll come back now, ya hear!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Week 3 day 15, candle burning at both ends!

Starting day shift this week so I was up at 0300 and did my UBWO. I had a pretty good workout this morning and was able to finish most of my planned routine. With Susan holding strong in her routine it is even more important that I get my routine done in the a.m. so I can help out with the chores in the p.m. while she knocks out her routine.She has to work late Tuesday , so we will be doing the same routine again this week. So much for staying opposite each other so we can work out together, but sometimes thems the breaks!
DB Bench press: 45 lbs, 50,60,70,60
DB Flies: 45lbs
DB Shoulder press: 30lbs, 35,40,45,40
DB Side raises: 20 lbs
DB Rows: 50lbs, 60,65,70,65
DB Pullover: 65 lbs
DB Tricep extensions: 50lbs, 52.5, 55,60,55
DB 1arm extensions: 22.5 lbs,6reps, 20 lbs 6 reps
DB Seated curls:25 lbs, 27.5,30,32.5,30
DB Hammer curls: 30lbs
I hit it hard and worked up quite a sweat and really felt good about this workout. I am hoping this intensity will last for a while.
Eating for the day:
4:30 a whey shake and banana
7a ffcc, apple
10a turkey bacon wrap with half a slice of 2% pepper jack cheese and onion
1p chicken breast, fruit, and veggies
4p ffcc, ff yogurt
7p tuna, quinoa, steamed brussell sprouts
9:30p ffcc
That's about it for the day, and a good day indeed. You guys stay cool and hit it hard!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

End of week 2, the fire still burns!

First of all ,this is my first attempt at making a monolith like Easter Island head. I'm going to get him sprayed with that truck bed liner stuff then I'm thinking of using crinkle paint to give him a granite look appearance. I've named him DWSH(Drool worthy stone head).I want to keep the look primitive and set several of these guys around my pasture and ponds so I have something to look at when I'm mowing.I think I would like to have about 20 of them placed all around and of course they would all look different and have other characteristics. Things like eyeballs, bones in the nose or even have a couple with ears. Just thought I'd share this with ya'll!
On other things round the farm: today is freeday! Susan is cleaning fishtanks and I'm doing freeday things.....nothing, lol!
For the week in review I would give myself a 9 rating. Eating was decent,all EFL and BFL approved, just occasionally I had portion control problems.
The exercise routine was pretty much dead on and tens were hit almost daily as far as weight training was concerned. Now after next week I should be able to give legs hell. We bit the bullet and bought the Precor S 3.55 gym with the leg press. Now I should have no excuses of arms being too tired to handle the dumbbells for squats and calves. The equipment will be here Saturday. I think after a good year of a solid routine and now with Susan working out, we could finally justify such a piece of equipment. And speaking of Susan she did extremely well, missing one day this week due to work(had a 16 hour day). The impressive part of that was her late day was Tuesday and she maintained her workout schedule the rest of the week.
That's about it guys, hope everyone had a great week and I hope next week brings new heights and satisfaction as we all reach to attain our goals. And as far as the cyber ear thumping project, directed at those who might need a little help from their friend when it comes to bad food choices, I'm working on it, lol.
Ya'll be good!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Week 2 day 13, burning the fat!

Here's one of the BFL baby swans after pinioning. It isn't anything like marble sack removal, but nonetheless, very traumatic for Susan and I, and maybe the babies.We had 5 born on Jan.3, so they are 11 days old today.We won't sell them until they are over 4 months old, so they have some growing up to do.BFL related to this is after we got all the babies pinioned I went to put them back with the parents who by now where totally freaking out. Well after I set them down by the pond I had to make a mad dash for my life because Emmitt(the male) was in hot pursuit of me with a full bore attack. Full grown swans have been known to break peoples arms, so when they are agitated, or threatened, they can become extremely aggresive.Hell you try taking away children from their momma's and see what can happen as far as bodily harm that could be afflicted on you.Anyway I'm making this mad dash and go to hop over a 3 foot fence and totally miss placed my hands for the leap. My hands missed the rail and as I tumbled forward my feet caught the rail, and I landed on my head and then my shoulders. Wow that hurt, and after about a half hour I had lumps popping up everywhere, skinned up areas that were throbbing and a big splinter in my hand.I think if I hadn't been doing BFL and had gotten myself into decent shape I could have hurt myself a lot more. Susan said had it not been for BFL I might not have been such an idiot and tried to jump over the fence!I'm bruised but not sore! Anyway let's talk turkey, the exercise turkey talk, lol
10 min elliptical 240 cals burned
10 min dreadmill 146 cals burned
10 min recumbant 151 cals burned
537 total, not as good as Thursday but close. Susan ellipticaled while I was doing my cardio, and we did look at each other twice in total admiration, but we were both in the zone, or in pain lol. She's still in the game!
10a whey and oatmeal shake
1p 3 egg beater and black bean chili omelet, with 1 multigrain pancake.
4p eas bar
6p 10 oz flounder, baked tater, grilled veggies
9p ff cc what else is there?
I believe that's all folks!
Have a great rest of the w/e

Friday, January 13, 2006

Day 12,burned out.

The torch is still lit, I have the intensity as before, I'm just a little burned out after this set of graveyards. Sometimes the sets of nights are harder than others.
Maybe it's male mentalpause,lol.
Anyway Susan and I went to the different muscle head shops and looked and test drove some of the equipment. I really liked the Hoist 4400, it has everything and 4 people can work out at the same time. I truely like the Vectra 1650 with leg press,excellent equipment and I got to have one, oops(be back in a sec, baby swans are where we can catch them to pinion them)o.k. back again, and I really really like the Precor s 3.55 with leg press, awesome machine and I want that one also. All of them have their plus and minuses and I can't decide.It's like being a kid in a candy store.I don't know, I guess I'll have to sleep on it. Hey if any of you guys have an opinion or have heard anything good or bad please let me know!
Back to what brings me here, and first I'd like to give Susan a big way to go, because after we finished with the swans she still did her lbwo. I though it might have been too late and she would have blown it off and understandably so, but I did do all the weight changing on the equip so her routine went fairly quickly.
O.K. now were really back
The Routine:
Leg extensions: 150 lbs,155,160,170,160
Squats up : 80 lbs
Straight leg dead lift 40lbs,50,60,70,60
Lunges: 50 lbs
1 leg calf raises: 50lbs,60,70,80,70
Angled calf raises: 80 lbs
Bent knee leg raise: 12 reps 10,8,6,12
Decline sit ups: 12
I'd give myself a pat on the back for this one. I was in bed at 0600, and up at 0900, and hit the weights by 1000,. I had to get up early in order to get back to daylight mode. That's another reason for feeling burned out!
What's on the menu:
10:30a whey shake, with oatmeal and ff skim milk
2p grilled chicken salad with feta
5p tuna wraps
8p mixed nuts(planned)
Well that's it for today. Hope everyone had a great day and go hug a loved one, your pets, or even better yet, give yourself a big hug, you deserve it! I know I do.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Day 11 Burning up(it's almost 80 degrees here lol)

O.K. first things first, one of our own, Lisa(Lady G, Goddessa), sure could use a little love and support! Please drop by and give it to her.Go Lisa! You can do this! Since, first and foremost this blog is about a healtier lifestyle I think we should stand by our friends through thick and thin.In about 12 weeks we will all be celebrating more new found successes in each and everyone of us.
Today is cardio and yes it is done. Another day another success. Hell, just getting out of bed off of graveyards is considered a success!
Anyway the poop:
Troy's steady state cardio routine(not BFL approved, sanctioned, or even thought about, just had to change it up a tad due to boredom and I didn't want to have to dust off the other cardio machines. I hate housework more than I do excercising, oh.......)
Cardio: bested calories burned on all 3 contraptions
elliptical :10 minutes 250 cals burned
recumbant: 10 minutes 155 cals slashed
dreadmill : 10 minutes 144 cals demolished
Well that's it , Mel, can't find my abacus, can you calculate for me again, lol
The Food:
Leftover EFL meals, and the usual fare of yogurt, ffcc, and fruits.
I'll get more specific again, but the menu looks the same when I work nights.
Other than that, Susan did her ubwo last night, and has only missed 1 day. It was cardio and she had to work almost 16 hours that day, so that was cool.
I don't know if she's enjoying it but she's sticking with it and has been adding weight to her routine!
That's all I got! Now go throw some support to Lisa!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Week 2 day 10, Damn that burns

Working nights, got up at noon, and blogged a tad and worked out.
THE WORKOUT: damn I hurt!
Bench press 45lbs, 50, 60,70,60, up 5 lbs first lift!
Flies : 45 lbs up 2.5 lbs
Shoulder Press: 30,35,40,45,40,last set 8 reps, damn those hurt!
Side Raises: 20 lbs, up 2.5 lbs
Rows: 50lbs, 60,65 ,70,65, up 5 lbs 2nd 3rd and 5th set, damn that burned!
Pullover: 65 lbs, up 2.5 lbs, damn thing hurt again!
Seated triceps extensions: 50lbs, 52.5, 55,60,55, 6reps last set and dropped to 50 lbs and squeezed out 3 more reps, DAMN I REALLY HURT NOW!
1 Arm tricep extension: planned 25 lbs, hurt so damn bad dropped to 20 lbs and did 12 reps, Damn!
Seated curls: 25 lbs,27.5, 30,32.5,30 little damn!
Hammer curls: 30 lbs, damn I 'm glad I'm done
Wow, that was a rough one. I think I'll be holding the weight there for a week or two! Damn I STILL HURT! A good hurt though, I hope.
same as yesterday, damn leftovers! But it'a all approved!
Have a DAMN good workout day people!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Week 2 day 9, Burnt!

Well, this will be short and to the point. Start graveyards tonight, so I got my cardio in and need to post cause I can't at work. Hopefully I'll be able to post the next few days. I have little time when I work nights so we'll see.
Oh and for those that are interested and because I didn't know if she could or not, Susan got her workout in last night. It was to be cardio, but because she has to work late tonight she switched it around and did lbwo last night, and will try to do cardio tonight, so she is 8 for8, yea Susan.Yea for that marvelous trainer(ha ha) and supporter she has(who the hell can that be lol).
Cardio, frickin cardio!
10 min on dreadmill: 138 cals burned or is it burnt!
10 min on elliptical: 242 cals burned
10 min on recumbant: 153 cals torched!
The total: hell I need Melanie to calculate this , she did it so good on explaining her medication!
The Alvin Feed Store:
If you go read my last few posts, it's a conglomeration of all the leftovers I have that aren't growing mold. Trust me I'll eat to plan, too cheap to throw anything away, unless it has mold on it. Well except for some cheeses, lol. But not American cheese. Heck I don't think that's allowed in the house anymore.
Oh and by the way, because of me working nights starting at 10:30a.m. I'll be having a meal every 2.5 to 3 hours until tomorrow at around 4a.mish. Mel gotta calculater to figure how many meals that is for me!
Gotta go, I am going to try to find me a calculator,

Monday, January 09, 2006

Week 2 day 8, burn baby, burn

Today was a day off from work for me so I had some stuff to try to take care of. I needed to catch the baby swans to pinion them, but they came nowhere near land, so I didn't get that done. But I found the biggest snake I have ever seen here, in the pond, and I didn't catch him either. I am probably going to have to shoot him, because I can't get nowhere near him. Then I went and talked to a guy about spraying one of the styrofoam Easter Island monolith heads I am carving. He is going to use the same stuff they sprayed in my pickup bed(bedliner spray).I did a test with a small sample and it didn't melt the styrofoam, so hopefully I 'll finish my first one in a couple of weeks. And now the only reason anyone would want to read this stuff:
Mega routine: sounds large doesn't it,
Leg day:
Leg extensions: 140lbs,150,160,160,160(out of room to add more weight)
Db squats: 80lbs
Db Straight leg grateful dead lift: 40lbs,50,60,70,60
Db lunges: 50 lbs, only got 9 repd in people!
Db 1 legged calf raise: 50lbs,60,70,80,70,
Db angled calf raise: 80lbs
Bent knee leg raise12 reps, 10,8,6,12
Decline sit up and take notice: 12
Not a bad workout, broke a sweat, said a few choice words, and was licked to death again while doing my mat work. Bulldogs and abs just don't mix,lol.
10a protein shake, banana
1p egg beaters, ham, spinach scrambled on a tortilla and a half a slice of 2% pepper jack be nimble cheese
4p sliced chicken, pepper jack cheese, rolled every so neatly, yet tight, so as not to bruise the delicate choice cuts of meat, and a bruised up ol apple.
7p EFL MEAT and johnBARLEYcorn soup
9:30p cottage cheese
10:30 dreaming about a Dairy Queen butterfinger blizzard(no fat,no cals, no harm!)
The last three, of course, are planned.
Thanks for your continued support, and let's keep up the intensity and burn, baby!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day 6, a bright flame is burning

Today is the end of the first week of carry the torch challenge.It was a good week in the fact I felt I had a little more motivation, desire, and stamina. A lot of that comes from the fact of why we are doing this particular challenge. Some of it comes from the support and kind words I get from you guys. And some more of it comes from being able to share this with Susan. She was 5 for 5 as of yesterday, and I know she’ll get her UBWO in today! If I were to rate this week like I rate my intensity’s of when I do cardio or lifting I would rate this week as an 8. Now I consider that pretty good when you take in the fact other factors that are sometimes out of our control. I need to get more sleep, but because of shift work I can’t. I also can’t get the right number of meals in either, but I do the best I can do for the week.I need to work on more water consumption and less coffee and diet coke. Now, there are times when I get 7 days off in a row (once a month) and I think I should be able to give myself a higher rating. We’ll see how that goes. So that’s why I gave myself an 8. Workouts were awesome, eating was 95% on plan, motivation and desire were up there. Plus, it gives me something to strive to be better at for week two!
Now for the meat and potatoes, well that comes second, first is the blood, sweat and tears:
Cardio day: actually cardio before the frickin sun comes up and the roosters start crowing @03:30
10 minutes elliptical
10 minutes dreadmill
10 minutes recumbant
beat the cals burned on all except the recumbant bike
Food for the day
04:45 protein shake and apple
07:30 deli ham, ww tortilla and 2% pepper jack cheese
10:30 ffcc , yogurt, orange…..you glad I didn’t say banana
1:30 hamburger patty cooked like EFL meatballs, ww pasta and veggies
4:30 ffcc, orange…… you glad I didn’t say yogurt
7:30 chicken, veggies, potatoe
10:00p ffcc
Well, that’s a wrap folks. Another productive and satisfying week completed of living life a little healthier

Friday, January 06, 2006

Day 5, almost blow torch status,lol

The only reason I would have to give this the blow torch rating over a flame is the fact I got up at 0300 and did UBWO.
It was a very good workout for such an early morning start. A couple of years ago it would have taken me 10 or 15 minutes to get the old bones moving and that would have been at 8a.m. or so. Within 15 minutes of getting up this a.m. I was already bench pressing! Wow, what a difference taking on a lifestyle change can be.
DB Bench press: 40lbs, 50,60, 70, 60
Flies: 42.5lbs
DB Shoulder press: 30lbs,35,40,45,40
Side raises: 17.5lbs
DB Rows: 50lbs,55,60,70,60
Pullover: 62.5lbs
DBTricep seated extensions: 50lbs,52.5,55,60,55(only 9 reps)
1 arm extensions: 20lbs
DB seated curls: 25lbs,27.5,30,32.5,30(9reps again )
Hammer curls: 27.5lbs
Needless to say, I was whipped after I finished but the burn was awesome! That’s what I keep coming back for, the burn and the pump!
4:15a protein shake, banana
7:30a ffcc, orange
10a ffcc, orange
1p tuna, tabbouleh, salad
4p ffcc, yogurt
7p steak, potatoe, and a salad
9:30p ffcc
Well most of the food is still planned, but I don’t think there will be any subs for today.
On another note Susan did her LBWO last night and she does cardio tonight, so she is 5 for 5 also.
Now the next conversion to BFL I’ll work on is some of our overweight animals. Ever see a camel do cardio?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Day 4, not a bad flame!

O.K. day 4 of the torch challenge has come and almost gone. I did the mid range intensity cardio. I bested the cals I burned again, not by alot but I did it. It was still a tough 30 minute workout. I will try this for 4 weeks, then probably go back to 20 min. HIIT.
Tonight when Susan gets home we'll do her LBWO. This will be her 1st LBWO so it will be interesting also.
For the eats today
10a whey shake your booty, banana, and skim milk
12:30p 3 egg beaters, 1 egg from the yard(yes I do eat the chickens eggs, you just don't name them so there is no FOWL committed lol)
4p sliced Boars head chicken,onion, jalapeno, 2% pepperjack cheese, mustard on a ww tortilla and a portion of raw carrots.
7p I am making a chef salad, with lettuce, spinach, and romaine, with sliced turkey meat, carrots , green onion, red onion, and low fat feta cheese. I use a fat free Italian and I fill the cap up 2 times spread it over the salad, chill it for 5 plus minutes and then the feeding frenzy begins. I learned that salad dressing trick reading a South Beach diet idea, I think?
9:30 p a portion of.... yes you guessed it again.... ff cottage cheese.
Well the last 2 meals haven't been done yet, and nothing is a guarantee, but I think I'll hold true to myself, and complete the day eating right.
Well, thanks for tuning in and ta ta for now, or is it I like big ta ta's now.
It's one of those two!

Newest arrivals

Well first I wanted to talk about my excercise routine and eating for the day!
Just kidding. Here are our newest arrivals. Of course I had hell trying to get all 5 of the cignets in the same pic, so this was the best I could do. The 5th one is on the other side of Rosa. This is her first clutch. She is the 3rd Pen(female swan) we have had,we have lost two others. They mate for life but if they lose a mate, they will take a new one.We have only had her since October, I think.Well we named her in honor of Rosa Parks because the day we got her is the day Rosa Parks passed away.
Anyway this is their first day in the pond and they are by the dingy dock checking out the pelletized swan food I put on it. I also use this to get to the island to remove infertile eggs and give them fresh hay to build their nests.
I had no problems getting these pics, as Susan told me we have zoom on the digital camera, so I was able to get a close up shot. If not I would have had to physically get closer and the Cob(male swan) Emmitt(named after Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys for his running abilities), would have laid an attack on me so fierce, you'd thought you were seeing T-Rex cranked on steroids. I'll post more pics as I learn how to take better pics, but for now, this will have to do.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Day3, back to a flame!

The torch challenge, sounds like the boat races they used to have here in Clear Lake.Where as yesterday was like a bic lighter, today was more like a flame. Not the blow torch flame I like but it did have some intensity to it. I think good rest allowed for that.
First off: farm status 4 baby swans have hatched so far. I can't get good pics yet, but as soon as they get off the nest I'll post them. Oh and I got some good weight lifting done. Had to buy feed and hay and get that unloaded so that was a little body workout bonus lol.
O.K. on to why I post in the first place:

LBWO as instructed and followed in BFL!
Leg extensions: 160 lbs all 5 sets and reps. I'm out of space on my weight bench and can't fit anymore, but I still hit those required intensity levels
Dumbbell squats: 80 lbs
Straight leg deadd lifts: 40lbs, 50,60,70, then 60
Lunges: 50lbs, only 9 reps though:(
1 leg calf raises: 50lbs, 60,70,80,70
Angled calf raises: 80 lbs
Bent knee leg raises: 12reps, 10,8,6,12
Decline situps: 12 reps
It was a great workout, except for the ab work. The pup wouldn't leave me alone and was nibbling on my ear the whole time. It sure would be different if Susan was nibbling on my ear instead, but hey you can't have everything!
Wednesday at the trough:
Eating has been on plan, cooking dinner as we speak:
Tonights menu: Yellow fin tuna steaks, slightly shaken not stirred in a spicy array of Indian spices, steamed brocolli, and tabouleh, that bulgar stuff on one of the pages in EFL.
Well I'm eating good tonight, what about you guys!
Because I didn't do so hot on that today, lol.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Day 2, it's a flicker!

But it's still lit and that's what counts.
Zoo status: waiting for the next couple of days for baby black swans(cignets)to hatch. Hell I'll have ya'll knowing all the proper names to my kids!
Got off work at 0700, woke up at 10a.m.
Cardioed at 11a.m.I tried a little something different today that I might try for several weeks. I do, or actually it does me, but I do 10 minutes each on the recumbant, dreadmill, and elliptical. Except this time I used my mid resistance which happens to be 5 on all the equipment right now and I outperformed my best on two of the three machines as far as burning calories. Mind you it didn't rip me a new asshole like HIIT does, but I was still huffing and puffing and trembling for several minutes after. I just needed a little change and if I'm the same or more cals, that's got to be good,right.
Eating is on plan so far, will end up being short a meal because of transitioning off graveyards. I'm cooking tonight and on the menu is that there grain them hicks call barley, ain't never tried it before so we'll see, with EFL coleslaw, and I'm gonna try this for the meat. You now how the meatballs are prepared for theEFL spaghetti, well I'm gonna season lean ground with the same ingredients and serve them as patties without the buns. Sounds interesting huh.
O.K. and here in a little bit when the love of my life comes home, the flicker of my flame, you know all that good stuff.... I will go over the plan I put together and help her and watch her do her first BFL ,Troy sanctioned, Bill Phillips tested UBWO. Man I'm stoked. And she did her cardio last night. Just think, a couple who lives healthy by eating right and excercising together have lots of sex. Yes, I read that in BFL but I can't find the damn page to prove it to her...
Oh well, gotta finish cooking!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Day 1 torchin it!

Zoo life normal.
Working nights yuk!
Excercise: man oh man' back to BFL basics, and it was bad(good).
Using the 12,10,8,6,12, 12 reps
Dumbbell bench press 40lbs,40,60,70,60
Dumbbell flies 40 lbs ouch!
Dumbbell press 30, 35,40,45,40
Side raises 15lbs argh!
One arm row 50, 55,60,70,60
Dumbbell pullover 60 lbs mamma mia!
Seated extensions 50lbs, 52.5,55,60,55(only 8 reps)
One arm extension 20 lbs someone call me a Dr.!
Seated curls 25lbs, 27.5,30,32.5,30
M.C. Hammer curls 25 lbs fuck me Junior Samples that hurt!
My God,I am sore, I have to go to work tonight, it never hurt like that before!
I am pumped! I just hope the next 83 days are this good!
Food will definetly be to plan, but my arms hurt and shake so bad I have to quit typing. I hope it's this awesome for you guys, because if it is, we are going to be some buff bad asses!