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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Week 3 day 16, still lit!

Got up at 03:20 to do my cardio this morning. It was as grueling as it always is at this time of the day.But I got it done and beat the last cardio by 1 calorie.Other than that Susan will possibly stuck at work until 10 p tonight, so she'll miss her cardio. She did her ubwo last night while I cooked, so that worked out well.
On another note today is my 1 year of living the Body for Life principles. The eating part I have followed either by the BFL book , using the EFL book or both. The exercise routine I have changed up several times with routines I have found in Mags or from tracker, but basically have not really missed any time except for vacation or evacuation.All I can say is that I am enjoying the body I am recreating. It's not happening as fast as I thought it would, but it is happening. Maybe it's my age, genetics, or even some of the most hellacious freedays known to man. It's been a slow and steady progression, but a progression in all the right ways! And that's what keeps me inspired and motivated(well of course the support from my family and you guys also)but also to see where I can take my physique and my health.
So far so good!
The Routine:
10min elliptical 245 cals
10 min dreadmill 146 cals
10 min recumbant 147 cals
The Grub:
4:30a protein shake, banana
7:30a ffcc, orange
10:a egg whites, turkey bacon, pepper jack cheese, ww tortilla
1;p tuna, brussell sprouts, quinoa
4p ffcc yogurt
7p turkey breast, veggies,apple
9:30 p ffcc
Well that does it for another successful day, and here's to another year of living a healthy life! Ya'll come back now, ya hear!


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