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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Week4, day25

I got up a little earlier than normal because some neighbors down the street ask if we would particpate in the annual garden tour for raising money for a museum benefit in Alvin. They wanted to see everything in advance to see if our place would work on the tour or not. It was pretty fun, I always enjoy giving my little tour and of course the parrots behaved and performed their little tricks on command, well most of them.Anyway because I got up a little earlier I also got my cardio done, so that's done for the day!

Ithink I'll try Tom's thingymabopper and answer questions here instead of the comments, I kinda like that!
Tom- the turkey kielbasa had an excellent flavor, with an extrordinary hint of some salacious herbs I couldn't put my finger on. Its slightly aromatic aroma tickled the palate and left one with a taste of satisfaction lol! Oh it was good, I'd eat it again, but Susan and I both got a stomach ache. Don't know if that was it, but I am having it again at lunch so I'll let you know. Maybe because it was nitrate and nitrite free is why it didn't agree with us, haha.
CARDIO: burned 562 cals, 10 less than last one, but boy it sure was rougher.
Starting graveyards so it's all the leftovers from the cooking I've done the last week! All on plan!
Other than that after Susan missed a few workouts on week three, she's made every planned worlout this week, so that's been good! We've had to mix up her routine a little because she can't quite hit the starting point on some of the weights on the new gym. But that's her goal, to be able to everything from the gym!(It's starting weight is 10 lbs and some of her stuff starts at 5 lbs on the dumbbells). Good goal!
Well you guys have a great day and hope all ya'lls dreams come true today.


  • At 12:03 PM, Blogger FV Tom said…

    Troy, I like how we all share various ideas, tips, dreams, etc. This is making the world seem real small!

    Is your place going to be on the Garden Tour? When is it? Will all the Tiki Gods be in place?

    Thanks for the kielbasa update. I'm gonna have to get me some and maybe grill it up this weekend for a lunch meal.

    Great goals for Susan to strive for!

    Great day to you both!


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