Our zoo

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hey all

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Before Christmas, Susan and I went to Vegas and we learned a new way on how to lose money... quickly! We had a blast though. We went to the Valley of Fire Canyon and checked out a few new casinos. On Christmas Day we went to San Antonio to spend some time with David, Susan's brother. All he wanted for Christmas was my truck. He got a lot of other stuff though. We got back Monday afternnoon and then I took my mom to Gulfport Miss. on Tuesday to see my Aunt and Uncle and my cousins Greg and Jeff. I haven't seen Jeff in almost 26 years. He lives in Taiwan and is married to Opal and has two beautiful little girls. If I get a chance, since Opal took some pics and we exchanged blog sites I'll post a few pics if I can figure out how to move them over here from her blog. I also got to see some of the devastation from Katrinna and am amazed at how bad off the area looks a year and a half later. It was unreal. We returned home on Thursday night.
The truck ran well and did 2200 miles on one tank of diesel and has now gone over 11,000 miles since being converted to the veg oil. I'll put up some stats later on that.
Thanks for visiting guys and Tom.... I didn't get the feeling of being seasick until we got the new mattress... a tempurpedic... and when one lays down in it one gets this sinking feeling sensation. Coupled with the mural we both felt like we could have hurled a time or two,lol.
Pamela... I wish I was that talented .... I can make the stone head guys, but my painting and sculpting abilities aren't as good as Mike's(the artist who we collect the fish from and who painted our room)
Well that's about all i have. Have a good one!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The big fish bowl

This is what I call our bedroom after we got it painted. Either that or as I'm giving a tour I show people the 75 gallon tank, and they say ooooh, and then I show them the 200 gallon salt water tank and they aaahhhh. Then I tell them we have a 20,000 gallon tank, then take them into our bedroom and they say nothing. They stand there in total silence and look at me like I'm an idiot,lol.
I'm working graveyards and it is 11:30 am. I got to bed at 6:30 a.m. I still should be in bed. The macaws have been screaming non stop since 9am. I sleep with earplugs and still could hear them. The minute I got up, they stopped screaming. In the infamous Elmer J. Fudd's words.. "I'm gonna get me some pawwot!"
Other than that Susan is doing better. Yes Tom there is a Santa Claus and Susan went to see him in the the form of her Doc and got some M&M's(menopause medicine) and she seems to be doing better. Oh and anything I talk about on this blog is open for questions. Well except how often I get hot chocolate a month. And you know I likes my hot chocolate! And also the pups doesn't eat her own poo, so that's a plus. Maybe I could name her turdbo pups!
I agree Erin ewwwww and more ewwwww!
On the health front. I finished another 12 weeks Saturday and started a new routine this Monday. Only difference is I added cardio. No HIIT just 2 levels of intensity before I lift. I started to get the Buddha belly. But hey, my biceps and chest gained some size. I just need to fine tune this process and I'll be where I want to be eventually.
I believe that's all folks!
Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!