Our zoo

Sunday, October 29, 2006

So you say you got a sewer shark, eh?

These are the professional sewer shark divers I hired to clean the sewer sharks out of my sewer system,lol. Not really, but I can't remember where I have heard that line before. Maybe The Carol Burnett Show? I don't know? This is what we caught in my pond on Saturday. Thirty six catfish. The boys are Bryan's sons Ryan and Taylor. We all had a great time. Now I get to experiment on healthy ways to prepare catfish. Catfish omelets? Catfish tacos? or just wait until freeday and have some good Deep South southern fried catfish, hmmm the debate begins. So does the drooling!
As far as my comments and observations on menopause, I still plan to comment, but as Irene mentioned.... patience.
Ponder this though..
Ever been stung by a man-o-war?
Hope you all are having an awesome weekend!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Grillin and chillin

Tom, this is what I BBQ on. I know, you think me being in Texas I'd have one of those pipe pits with a smoke box that was on a trailer. Oh and don't forget about the state of Texas or a big lone star welded somewhere on the stack,lol. No this is what I have and grill on. The bigger one is for gatherings and the little one is for small meals.I don't wear an apron, or a tool belt that holds spatulas and bbq brushes and I don't have a set of cutlery used for grilling. Sorry if this image isn't too Texan, lol. It's more like eclectic idiot savante(my style)!
Well the challenge is going well. I feel like I'm making gains in size and not gaining too much weight, but I do feel the pudge coming on around the belly area. I'll prpbably have to cut after this challenge.
The vegistroke is running well still and I'm creeping upon 5000 miles. I'll put some more stats up as I get some more mileage on it.
The answers and responses to a few of your replies to last posts:
Tom again,lol O.K. when I had the Harley tatto I went to bars like Pan Head's or the Shovel Head Bar , or I think even Low Riders a few times. When I did the cover up with the birds I now frequent places like The Parrotise Bar and Grille, The Rain Forest Cafe or the Amazon Grille. So you see, one has to roll with the changes,lol. Maybe when we get to San Diego, you Irene and I can all get a tattoo done together!
Irene, Katie, LaLa and Dr. P. thanks for the compliments! Hope all is well in your challenges and health! I hope to visit your blogs soon, but since we can't take our laptops to work I'm pressed for computer time.
Well I need to get, got someone at the gate picking up some chickens.
Next posted topic will be about menopause and living with it. Oh no I don't have it but I'm living with someone who has it. I have some stuff I'd like to comment on.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Right On!

Er um I mean right arm,lol. Look what I went and did last month. I wanted to cover a Harley tattoo so I figured this might do the trick. I bet you can't find the eagle or the writing. Anyway thought I'd take a pic and post it.
I want to thank you guys for the well wishes about Hoss. I'm sure he is enjoying where he's at. I do think we'll get to visit him when we go to San Diego in the spring. Heck, I think we'll get to meet Tom and Irene also.
My 8th challenge is going well. Bumping weight up almost every week, which is good. I will do measurements next week to see if I have gained any inches on my bi's.
The running of my truck on veggie oil is going well. I have put 3000 miles on it so far. I filled up my diesel tank for only the second time and am averaging 84 mpg! I have recently set up a filtration and pump assembly with a pump handle like the gas stations have. I'll have to take pics of that soon and post.
Well, that's about it for now. Have an awesome weekend and guys, thanks again for your thoughts!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Good by to you my trusted friend...

we've known each other .... well I've had Hoss for over three years now. It was a very hard thing to do but I think the decision to find him a new home came about after we evacuated for Rita. We were heartbroken to have to leave him behind. We didn't have enough trailer space for him and then the problem of letting him out at our friends place could have been a mess. He gets into everything but at our place we had the pasture set up so he couldn't be as destructive.
He was at first suppose to go to Virginia City, Nevada where they race camels and emus, but the lady wouldn't commit to a deposit and I had others in line willing to. He went to a lady near San Diego who will use him in a petting type zoo and in nativity scenes.I hope he will be happy and I already miss him. I know it's a lot different when you guys sell your kids..... um I mean send them off to college, or when they grow up move out and get married, but this really hurts. At least I can hope that he has a good home and hopefully we'll get to see him when we go to San Diego in April.
Hope everyone is doing fine,