Our zoo

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I finally caught her. She was sunning and I was able to sneak up without her seeing me and grabbed her. She sprayed me with her scent but other than that she wasn't that aggressive. She weighed about 10 lbs and looked like she had a catfish in her belly. I was able to relocate her about 2 miles from my house in a canal. I had video of that also but the wind was blowing so hard you couldn't hear anything.
It was a great feeling being able to relocate her instead of killing her. It made me feel like I made up for the bobcat I found dead on the road yesterday and put in the freezer for our friend to mount.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Swans flying north, the easy way

The swans left for Oregon yesterday. Susan and I went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo afterwards and met our llama friends and met Bernie and his family. Bernie bought Dino and Pilgrim , our mini Zebu bulls and he was showing Dino.
Other news on the farm, the hawks picked off the 6 black swan babies. That was sad and made me wonder on what I can do the next time the babies are hatched.
I have 60,000 miles now burning veggie oil and the powersmoke is getting ready to turn over at the 300,000 mile mark.
On the health scene, I'm lifting a lot of weight and hitting the cardio hard, but as always, there's room for improvement on the eats.
Susan slipped me the giant goobler and changed the new puppy's name to Sam. I had named her Echo. Oh well, it's all about compromise,lol. Tracy, Sam, the Boxer is our latest addition, and Susan's still looking at mini bulldogs.
As far as the Livestock show, you want to talk about a small world, these people who were showing mini Zebu's were from Jonesboro La. We lived there in the early sixties. I was telling the lady how I remembered that the 18 year old boy who lived next store accidentally shot and killed a young girl in the house we were living in and she knew both the families. The boy's name was Mack and he would take me out for icecream and I really remembered how awesome he was. When we moved to Texas, we got word he had passed away suddenly while he was in college, due to some type of infection. The lady at the rodeo said he died of grief, because he never was able to deal with accidentally shooting the young girl. Wow, that brought back many years!