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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mama always said.....

don't run with a pencil in your hand, don't talk with your mouth full, don't eat yellow snow, don't pick your nose, and do not, I repeat, do not let the dog lick you in the mouth. This is the pups caught in the moment. Well almost, it's hard to catch the precise moment on camera and one of the fastest times recorded by man..... the time the bird poop hits the floor and the pups eats it! Don't let the dog lick you in the mouth. She usually sits there patiently waiting for anything that Crunch drops and pups snags it in midair. A macadamia, a walnut, a peanut, and yes poop. Nasty pups!
Someone asked me a few months ago " where do the birds poop and how do you clean it up?" Well,they poop on the floor and the turbo pup handles the cleaning. Hoover ain't got poop on her,lol.
Well the menopause monster still lurks. I wonder how long it stays. Longer than relatives that visit? I don't know if all the swithes on the fans and anything else that blows cool air can last. I've never seen anything turned on and off so frequently . Thursday we have a cold front coming so at least it will be well below the 70's we are having. That'll be interesting.
Well I need to go, but I will address the comments and questions next post.
Hope everyone is having a great week.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Hot,cold,hot cold,hot,cold.... I'm hot, I'm cold. Menopause.
We, yes I say we cause I'm suffering also,lol have been suffering with menopause for several months. Luckily her mood is normal, but her temperature isn't. I might need to get insurance for all the appliances we have that either move air or cool air. She has just about worn out my a/c knob on the truck. On, off, on, off, I'm too hot, I'm too cold. 250,000 miles on the truck and the a/c knob will have to be duct taped to stay on soon. At least she's in a decent mood, not bitchy like I had imagined.
The ceiling fan. Wow thank God I had the foresight to put a remote on the one in the bedroom. On, off, on, off, I'm hot, I'm too cold. Now where I feel fortunate here is that in our garage apartment where we lived before we built the big house we didn't have a remote on the ceiling fan.Sooooo if we forgot to turn it on when we went to bed, I was the one who had to get up and turn it on. You know the scenario.... babe I won't give you any.................. hot chocolate... yeah that's it,lol ..... babe you're not going to have any hot chocolate unless you get up and turn the fan on. Well I likes me some hot chocolate before bedtime,lol. Now in our new bedroom, had I not put a remote on the ceiling fan I would be going to bed a lot ...... without my hot chocolate..... I just hope the remote can handle the barrage of on and off.
Dinner time.. the fan in the kitchen... on,off,on,off, I'm hot....I'm cold... Tonight we had cold burgers and hot slaw.... but at least she's in a good mood.
T.V. time....... exercise fan has been moved next to the couch. On off,on,off.... I'm hot.....I'm cold.... And man thank God it has a remote,lol and man can that fan move some air... blows fat free,sugar free icecream right off the spoon. No big loss,lol.
Anyway , I'm being patient and am hoping for the day we get back to normal. At least she's in a good mood!