Our zoo

Saturday, June 30, 2007

This is my first attempt to blog from our Apple laptop. So far it has been a little awkward,but I hope in time it will get easier. Anyway I'm checking it out to see how it works. It took forever to figure out how to post a pic, and I'm sure there is an easier way but I think I got one done. If it shows up it is a pic of our first animal we bought. Her name is Pearl. She was born on December 7th(Pearl Harbor Day) and she is a Lama and is 12 years old. Llamas should live for about 20 years. So she has some mileage left on her. As far as disposition, she is our sweetest one. As far as looks..... well she wouldn't win any contests. But we love her all the same. We raise our llamas as pets, but in South America they are used for everything. The wool, the dung, to haul stuff and are even used for their meat(I hear it tastes like lamb, not chicken). And no they don't spit! Well they do but ours don't... only at each other and you'll only get nailed if caught in the crossfire when the girls are squabbling over food.
On the health front... I'm working out with a trainer. It has been very interesting to say the least. And even though we started this out because she needed someone to start spotting her, this has been a learning curve for me.This kid rocks and she knows what she's doing. She's also a Christian gal so I'm learning to curb the foul language,,, and hey I'm learning how to become a better person!
On the veggie oil stuff.... just hit 30,000 miles burning the bean juice. I'll try to get some figures posted soon on the savings and what not.
Well it's feeding time ... enjoy the week and hit some tens!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Emergency animal post

I know, here I go and post twice in one day after not posting at all for several weeks. Well, only in Texas! Our friends who live down the street from us ( 15 miles away but it's the same street) were looking at a house being built in their neighborhood. As they were walking through it they found this little critter. They couldn't find mama nowhere around so they called us since we have the mini cows and have had to hand raise one. Since Max and Barbara have deer in their area, Susan asked Barbara is she thought it might be a deer. Barbara told Susan she wasn't stupid, she knew the difference between a calf and a deer (our mini cows look like baby deer when they are born and weigh only 20 lbs, so it was a semi sorta serious question). Anyway they loaded him up and brought him over. It was on the way over (I think) that Max and Barbara figured out this wasn't a cow calf, it is a buffalo calf! Well we got a bottle prepared when he got here and tried to get him fed (the calf, not Max,lol). We made a little bedding out of hay and got the fan out to cool him down. I'm sure the little fellar was stressed but he laid down and started to calm down. Max started to call around to the neighbors and found out the calf comes from Gary Walkers' herd(ex Oiler and Texans football player) who lives down the street from Max and Barbara ( about a quarter of a mile down the road). So about an hour later Max and Barbara came back to get the little guy, loaded him up in the back seat of Max's pickup and brought him back to his real home. They said the little guy ran right up to his mama and tried to nurse, but she led them away from the herd and settled into their own little area. Max and Barbara came back for dinner and said mama and calf were still doing find. Wow, and to think I posted twice today.... only in Texas,lol.

A meetup and a child

Yesterday, Kim (Coco from tracker and blends) and her hubby Lance came over for a visit and dinner. We had an awesome time. They are great people and Susan and I have enjoyed both our get togethers with them and hope we have many more to come. We are planning to have dinner with them in Houston when we can hammer a date and time down. I can't wait!
Now, for the child of the month. She's been showcased on my blog before, but here she is again, getting into the laundry. Her name is Crunch and she is a Hyacinth macaw. They are from South America, as are all the macaws. They are becoming increasingly rare in the wild and it is suggested that they only be kept as breeding pairs so the species doesn't become extinct. We are planning to get a male, so if and when Susan and I are no longer around, Crunch will have a mate. The Hyacinth is an affectionate bird, and is every bit as loving as a dog. They like to cuddle and be loved on constantly. They have a specialized diet in the wild but as a pet they can be fed a pelletized feed along with macadamia nuts, fruits and generally anything we eat, except chocolate and salty foods. Crunch likes to spend a lot of time on the ground, which is what they do in the wild also and the reason the pic was easy to take. If all goes well she should live to be 70 to 100 years old. This is a pet that is a life long commitment. I would have to say out of all the parrots we have, she is our favorite.
Stay tuned for the next child to be showcased.