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Friday, May 26, 2006

Week? Day? Challenge 6, I think

Just wanted to tell you guys that I've still been eating well, except for last night I had a bowl of lf reduced sugar ice cream and last week missed 1 day of exercise(unloaded 6000 lbs of rock for a new rock garden) but everything else is still on plan.
I have been on a fact finding mission. I have discovered that it is possible to run my diesel truck on waste vegetable oil(wvo). That's the oil they dump into sumps from the friers at the fast food joints. I still have some more research to do and might set up a little experiment using my tractor, but I think this is a totally doable thing. The other option I have discovered is home brew biodiesel, using wvo still but adding chemicals and cooking it to make the fuel. Methanol and heat, yeah that's a good combo,lol. Anyway I'll keep you guys posted on the wvo and hope to have made some in the next week or two. You think when I fire up the truck on it, it will smell like french fries, lol. I guess we'll see then if I can get over that food craving!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Week 8, Day 56: 26-56 things

Cardio was yesterday with ab boot camp. I did the elliptical for 30 minutes and burned 570 cals. Eats were close to being on target. I moved 2900 lbs of rock to the rock garden and planted 9 assorted plants around said garden. Hopefully I'll finish up most of it today.
O.K. on with another 25( well I have 31 things of what makes me who I am.)
The theme song while you read the list is "Who are You" by the Who.
You can whistle it or hum it, it really doesn't matter to me.
And starting with numero:
The Macaws:
26. Crunch
28. Alex
29. Junior
30. Caicos
31. Sammy
32. Little Bit
33. Rocky
The other parrots:
34. Willie-rose breasted cockatoo
35. Freebie-cockatiel
36. Boy George- cardinal lory, K's favorite bird,lol.
To me the macaws are colorful and loud and have that "look at me, look how big and spectacular I am" Something I find really neat in people, of course I'm just loud!
The llamas
37. Pearl
38. Javier
39. Sierra
40. Patches
41. Dottie
42. Dahli
The llamas are laid back, curious, and like to hum. I like to whistle.They fascinate me for some reason, but when it's feeding time they become total pigs and a total pain in the butt. This is when they spit. I used to spit.
The mini moo moos
43. Zazu- raised in the house
44. Zack
45. Zena
46. Zoe
47. Mini
The Zebu cattle I find intriguing in that they are hearty little animals that are revered in Indian culture. They are probably the best parents of all the animals we have and parenting skills is something I wish I had.
The swans: again I love birds of all types and the swans as with the parrots are my favorites.
48. Emmitt
49. Rosa
51. Grace
The first two are black swans, the second are whooping swans. The are graceful and elegant, I'm not. They are totally devoted to their mates, I am, and Emmit shares the nesting duties(building and sitting eggs) with Rosa, he's whipped, I'm not, lol.
52. The cats and dogs- Kiwi, Little Boy, Sissy
C.J.- English bulldog
Daisy- English Mastiff
The cats kill mice, of course they get birds , lizards and snakes.
The dogs dig holes around the house and poop even closer to the house. I do none of the above. But they make good companions.
The horse, she's an Arabian/ Clydesdale mix and we got her for 1 llama and 2 swans.
53. Shonee
She's absolutely stunning when she runs, I don't run much. She's big, I'm not and pushy, I'm not that either, and as a matter of fact we have nothing in common, but I like her.
The camel
54-56. Hoss
Well he's so big he counts as several, lol. And why would you think a camel could possible make me who I am today or has anything to do with who I am. Ever seen a camel drink water? Lots and lots of water,lol.
All of our critters in one way or the other have helped mold a little of me into who I am right now. I have learned about conservation, healing , caring for something, saving lives. I 've learned how to hurt from a loss, how to greive and recover, and how to cry. But most of all I have a new found happiness that they bring into our lives everyday. They have helped me become a better me.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Week 8, day 55 challenge 6

Yesterday was a good day . Got a lot of stuff done. Went to my eye exam and passed that test, lol. then I got back home and stared trimmimg all the dead growth on all the plants and trees in the front yard. I started to cut down a dead tree from a lightninng strike, but my chain was worn out. And Jess, my neighbor came over and helped me move the three boulders with his front end loader. That was a chore in itself. I don't know what I was possibly thinking when I bought them and thought I could move them onto the rock garden by myself. After that I cooked dinner and then we cleaned bird cages and called it a day.
The exercises:
Warm up; hack squats-10,8,5,3 reps @80,80,120,130 lbs
Real deal; hack squats-8,8,6,6 reps @170 lbs
Leg extensions-10,10,8 reps @ 175 lbs
Power clean - 5,5,5 reps @ 105 lbs, first set only 4 reps
1 legged curl-10,10,8,8, reps @ 60 lbs
Romanian dead lift-8,8,6,6 reps @ 137.5 lbs
The chow:
1- Fiber one and ff skim milk, an apple
2-whey and ff skim milk
3- ffcc and yogurt
4-1 ww tortilla, chicken, spinach, carrots
5- Chilean sea bass, ww coos coos, salad
6-ffcc with a tbsn of cocoa
Decent day of chores with a good workout and some healthy grub makes for an all around great day. Hope all of y'alls was great.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Week 8, Day 54

Yesterday was my hump day for my 7 days off. I try not to do to much around the place , run errands and take care of loose ends. Got my a/c jury rigged with a toggle switch, helped my friend move a gigantic table saw he bought to his house and pinioned the new baby white whooping cygnets that hatched on Friday. I marinaded some chicken breast and grilled them for dinner and that was about it. Oh and our friend that is keeping her horse here(a Missouri Fox Trotter), we had to fix some of the corral panels our horse is kicking at. Now today will be interesting: I have to try and move 3 800 pound plus boulders onto my new rock garden I am making. So please don't say break a leg!
The torture chamber:
warm up: bench press: 10,8,5,3 reps @117.5 117.5,147.5 and 157.5 lbs
the real deal: bench press: 8,8,6,6 reps @180, 192.5,192.5 and 197.5 lbs
incline press:8,8,6 reps @ 165 lbs
dumbbell pullover:10,10,8 reps @75 lbs
pec fly swatter: 8,8,6 reps @ 120 lbs
decline press: 11 reps tp failure @ 190 lbs
Ab boot camp: 3 reps
Cardio: 10 minutes on the elliptical for a 193 caloric burn
The feed sack:
1-fiber one and ff skim milk, and an apple
2-1 scoop of whey and ff milk
3-2 ww tortillas, 4 oz chicken, spinach and onions, with carrots
4-ff cottage cheese, yogurt
5- grilled chicken breast, field peas, carrots and brussell sprout mix
6- ffcc sprinkled with cinnamon and splenda.
Well that's about it for another day down. Y'all have a great day,

Monday, May 15, 2006

Week 7 day 52, Saturday

Leg day was Saturday, and yesterday was free day. Sat. we went to Huntsville to deliver a floating dock I made so our friends can feed their black swans off of it. Those are the swans we traded for the llama.That's also the foam stuff I do all my carvings from.
Leg Day:
Warm ups:standing barbell raises:10,8,5,3 reps-100,100,135,145 lbs
standing barbell raises:12,12,10,10 reps- 170 lbs
sitting calf press:10,10,8,8- 197.5 lbs
1 leg standing dumbbell raise:15,15,15 reps- 82.5 lbs
Ab boot camp-3 reps
Cardio- 10 minutes on the recumbant
Feeding frenzy:
Well the day started off good
1-egg beaters with ham ,olives,onion,jalapenos, swiss cheese, 1 multigrain pancake, with s.f. syrup
2-OOOOPS- BBQ sandwich(1.5 of them... I showed some restraint,lol) with a handful of Fritos. Hey, I was in Huntsville!
3-4 oz of beef jerkey, banana
4- 3 turkey dogs, with .5 cup of wolf brand turkey chili, EFL fries, and EFL cole slaw, 1 slice of Jarlsburgh cheese.
5- OOOOPS- 1 cup of reduced sugar icecream with a fourth of a cup of chocolate chips. Hey at least when I eat bad I still measure it out ,lol.
Oh well, it's hard to eat right on a day travel,today's a new day!
Hope all you gals had a great Mother's Day, and I hope all you guys made sure of it! Have an awesome Monday y'all!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Week7 Day51

I'm on my seven days off so hopefully I'll get to post a little often. Of course with the warm weather I'll be spending a lot of time doing yard stuff.
Remarks to last post;
Tom it was the Beatles song, and regretfully I forgot to add the V.W. bug. I bought it from my dad, and traded it for a pool table when I bought my first house.
Jim: the Nova, which the day dad took me to buy it he bought a 1974 Corvette with a 454 in it. Anyway I had blown the tranny in the Nova and a guy I was running around with at the time wanted to buy it. We went to an apartment complex and he stole a transmission from a van and put it back into the car. I sold it to him for 800 bucks and after 6 months never had made a payment. I had a spare set a keys and stole it back from him and sold it again. This became the demise for my Trans Am . Where ever I moved to or was he would find that car and bust the windshields out. After a year of that I finally sold that car for junk and never did get to whip that MF's ass. I think he's in the pen!
Jess: thanks for being you and being there. You are my blog rock,lol and you do rock.
The workout: Jim I'm still hanging in there !
Warm up:
Shoulder Press: 10,8,5,3, reps - 70,70,95 102.5 lbs
Shoulder Press: 8,8,6 reps at 125 lbs
Upright Row: 10,10,10 reps at 87.5 lbs
Front raises: 10,10,10 reps at 42.5 lbs
Rear raises : 10,10,10 reps at 35 lbs
Triceps push down:10, 8,8 at 75 lbs
Tricep overhead extension: 10,8,8, reps at 72.5 lbs
All of above exercises were performed on the machine .
To finish off I did 15 reps at 52.5 lbs standing tricep extensions.
Before I did my routine I went to the rock yard and bought 3 800 lb boulders to decorate an area with. Of course I couldn't move them. But I went back and bought 2900 lbs of flagstone and unloaded it before my w/o. After my w/o we went to go get a horse for our friends to keep here. So it was a busy day.
The eats:
Unfortunately unlike the exercise there are no warm up meals,lol.
1- cereal, lf milk, banana
2-ffcc, apple, strawberries
3-whey, milk, banana
4- nuts, apple
5- grilled catfish, zuccinni and squash, baked potatoe- plain all the way!
6- ffcc, fiber one cereal.
Well that's about it. Jim after I knock out 12 weeks I'll post my starting weight versus weightt being lifted 12 weeks later. Should be interesting.
Hope everyone has a great day, and smile at a stranger!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Beep Beep,Beep Beep, Yeah

At the request of a few, but to be viewed by many,here's my list of 25 or so things that might possibly define who the fuck I am.
Starting at 16 years of age;
1. 1964 MGB... wrecked and sold
2. 1972 AMC Gremlin... totaled
3. 1974 Chevy Nova... sold, stole back,resold.
4. 1970 Pontiac Grand Prix...fried the engine, sold as junk.
Graduated 1978 from High School.
5. 1964 Chevy Impala... crashed into dump truck
6. 1976 Pontiac Trans Am... sold to junk yard.
a. 450 honda.... traded for 1969 chevy step side p/u, then traded back for the bike.
b. 750 custom chopper...sold
c. 1976 Harley Sportster...totaled
8.1972 Olds Cutlass...sold
9. 1966 THUNDER CHICKEN(T-Bird)...sold to the same person who bought the MGB.
10. 1979 Ford LTD...sold
11. 1981 Ford Bronco...1st new one, crashed, fixed, stolen, burned.
12.1972 Lincoln Continental... crushed by an oak tree
13. 1971 Mach 1 Mustang...sold
Bought my first home in 1982
14. 1976 Impala...sold
15. 1977 Buick Lesabre...sold
16. 1935 Ford Coup...sold
17. 1980 Buick Opel Isuzu...sold
18. 1985 F-150 extended cab...sold
19. 1979 Camaro...sold
20 1891 Camaro...repoed
21 1972 Cougar xlt Convertible...repoed
The bankrupt era
22. 1980 Datsun B-210...sold
23.1988 Delta 88 Brougham...sold and sued!
Sold home in 1992 and moved in with Susan... Now a vehicle is used for a purpose in life...work!
24.1990 Suzuki Samuri...sold
25. 1989 Ford F-150 exteneded cab...sold
Wait there's more!
Bought our property in Alvin in 1996, the first 7 acres.
26.The wheels that are currently in my driveway.
a. 1998 F-250
b. 2001 Explorer
c. 2001 Sport Trac(mom's car)
d. 2001 P.T.Cruiser
e. 1966 Corvette
f. 1991 Club car colf cart...(hey it has wheels and is worth it's weightt in gold)
First, I want to apologise to any vehicle I left out.
Second, what do cars have to do with who we are? Well, for me each one held a special memory in my life, whether good or bad, but it was a part of who I was and am.
There were parties, laughs, travels and some God aweful experiences in them. Things were done in them that weren't meant to be done in them,lol.But hey, look at the size of some of my cars, they were condos on wheels, lol. I mean I damn near did everything in my rides, except conceive my daughter.
And how could this possibly relate to a health blog(which is what a lot of my blog is about)? Well, no healthy foods were ever consumed in my vehicles, but exercising.... Ever try to get it on in a Trans -Am?
I know a lot of people have problems with food binges, well as you can see, mine was vehicle binging. I think I have it under control now, but there is a Hummer out there with my name on it. Car therapy lol? Hey I've gotta few rides for sale, anyone interested?
Oh, and as far as nick names.... My dad referred to me as his crash dummy.... and the first boat I bought( yes I went through a couple of those also) he suggested I name it...... you guessed right.. The Titanic.

Monday, May 01, 2006

After and Before

And the reason I titled it this was is due to my limited computer skills and it will appear bass ackwards as it has before. These are the brothers. The Gate Keepers. The protectors of all that need protecting. I guess I need to get a life and start doing yard work instead of artwork, but I couldn't resist. Thank God I don't live in a subdivision. I think they would boot me out due to deed restrictions,lol. Well I guess when I give directions to the compound now people won't drive passed it. Thought they wouldn't have done that with a camel in the yard either, but hey, it's Alvin. Anyway hope y'all enjoy.Workouts are still on and the eats are good! Later!