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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Week 9Day 58 (I think)

This is the reason cameras aren't allowed in the workout room. Susan snuck in there while I was trying to bench press a personal best and had just put the weights down. Needless to say it was an eye bulging, jaw thrusting smashed faced color changing lifting experience as I hit my goal. Can you tell I WAS IN THE ZONE!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

End of week 8

Another week has ended,a new week is beginning.Week eight would have to be given an 8.5 on the rating scale. I went up in most of my weights and tried to increase the calories by 300 a day. I hope to acheive some mass by doing this so I'll continue the uping of cals for 4 more weeks.
As far as Susan's workouts go she has been keeping up and hasn't missed any for a while. We tentatively have her breast procedure scheduled in two more weeks. Lately she has been experimenting with size and has tried water in baggies at 300 cc each. Of course you know. how we feel about water at this point, so that wasn't that big of a thrill, lol. But the size was nice. Now rice on the otherhand at 350 cc was different.They had a little perkiness to them and jiggled a whole lot nicer than water. I like rice better than water.Too bad she didn't try brown rice. It's an approved food, you know. Tomorrow I think she's going to try 350 cc's of oatmeal in each cup. Should be interesting especially if she doesn't use instant oatmeal,lol.
Replies to comments:
Lisa: of course by now I'm sure you figured Susan is getting implants.She's really been excited about it lately, and so am I.
Coco:I haven't tried asparation or brocollini but Susan is going to Central Market so she might just pick up some for us to try.
Jess: you still confused?lol.
I think that's about it for now, when I get more time I will post my w/o's and meals more often. Just been busy at work and trying this aircard thingy on my laptop at work so we'll see how this goes. Have a great w/e.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

End of Week 7, Another one bites the dust!

Another week up, another week down. Week 7 is history and now on to week 8. I'll give week 7 a 9 rating. Went up on a lot of the weight and ate good. Susan also had a good week .Susan is also going to have the breast augmentation surgery done in a couple of weeks. She's done a few interviews with the doc's(not Dr. Pers.) but the others and everything is a go. She's a little anxious and rightfully so. I feel, well truthfully I feel like I did when I was a kid and we moved and I met a couple of new friends, lol. No not really, I'm a little nervous also but if that's what Susan would like, that's fine with me and I'll be here for her every step of the way. Anyway that's what's shakin at our house!
The replies to comments, questions, critiques, or observations!
Coco: Went Krogering and those were Arnold apples? Ever heard of them? Man they were huge! No just kidding, they were Cameo's, ever heard of them? Man they were huge!
Jim: The parrots are like elephants, they shit where ever they want to,lol. No just kidding again. We line all the cages with newspaper that we change out. The couch you saw some of them on, we keep an old bed sheet over. Some of them have T-Stands that catch the poo, and rarely when poo does hit the floor, well let's just say this, if you ever come over to visit don't let the bulldog lick you in the face! The fastest time recorded at the Cook compound is the time it takes said animal to lap up any avian projectile that hits the floor. Also we have no carpet on our side of the house. The floors are all stained concrete!
K: There were 6 parrots in the pic, 2 greenwings(the red ones) 1 hyacinth(blue) 1 blue and gold(blue and gold,lol) 1 Rose breasted cockatoo(grey and pink) and 1 cockatiel(little gray 1 ) the 1 you couldn't see well because he is so small.We have 1 lory but he's too mean to everyone else so he only gets out by hisself
Lori: the cockiteil I have is Freebie and I caught him in the back yard 7 years ago and no one ever claimed him, so he's ours now.
Jess: as usual my dearest friend, I think you did blog me then I blogged you, then you p.m.ed me then I p.m.ed you, then we emailed each other and texted but between the wine and the freeday feeding frenzy we must have forgot to hit send because neither of us has any extra blogs, p.m.'s (maybe p.m.s.,but no p.m.'s) no emails or text's but we think we did. Did I p.m. you or blog you? lol.
Well that's about it for another week. I have tried to carry my torch in memory of a dear, sweat lady that we all have come to admire and respect. And in this endeavor I think the way she has touched us is by bringing some of us closer that we may be able to be here for each other in those not so wonderful times we have.That when some of us are on top of the world and on top of our game we can lend a hand forward and try to lift up our friends so that what seems like an obstacle or a roadblock might now be viewed as a mere stepping stone as they progress forward in this journey we call life! (Iknow, I know, Troy's talkin out his ass cause it's freeday and he's food drunk,lol)!
God bless, and good night.... end of week 7, the torch challenge.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Where's Waldo?

First and foremost I need K to come and visit so she can take all my pics for my blog. She is an incredible photographer and author.Now would y'all rather try and figure out how many parrots are in this pick and what kind they are? One little hint though for counting, if you look over to the left of the pic there are two more, just couldn't get them all in an up close pic together.
Anyway this is our back porch that I converted into liveable space. A few months ago it was a T.V. room, then exercise room, last month computer room, this month, back to T.V. room,computer room and indoor kennel.
Anyway when I don't do the 3 a.m. workout I don't have anything to copy and paste from work and send home to post on the old blog. By the time I get home at 6p, we workout, feed animals, cook dinner, eat, shower, feed the parrots inside and get them out for a couple of hours for their time. So this is us watching Lost. The problem is with that is we have a 72 inch T.V. in that room and when something loud and bad happenss on the T.V. like on Lost or Alias, the room fills with parrots in flight everywhere! Maybe we ought to get surround sound lol!
So, I just wanted to let you guys know I'm still kicking ass (and Susan also) in the exercise dept., just haven't had time to do much bloggin. Exercise- 9: Eating- 8, blogging- 2.5(boo hiss) Sex life-....... Can't grade that lol, had you looking though,huh.
But just wanted to let you guys know what's up!Maybe I need to go back to 3a workouts!
Have an awesome day and smile at someone new!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Week 7 Day 43, Just frickin goofy!

Was planning to sleep until 4a and workout when I got home, but I woke up at 3a anyway and decided to do my UBWO. After I had a banana and an apple, and let me tell you, this apple was the size of a cantaloupe, which makes me wonder, should I count that as two apples or what? I wonder if that thing had hormones injected into it.As a matter of fact I think it had a little six pack, and a couple of little biceps sticking out of it.That had to be the biggest apple I have ever eaten.And it was good too! Anyway back to the routine at hand.
Flies(are green and buzzin):82.5,87.5,92.5,102.5,92.5
Decline (to be denied)press:152.5, only 9 reps, was denied the 12 reps, darn!
Upright (and uptight)row: 62.5,65,67.5,70,67.5
Rear( up and take notice)deltoid rows:25
Narrow(ly missed it by that much) grip pulldown:72.5,82.5,92.5,102.5,92.5
Chest(as in no more chicken chest) row: 170.5,bumped that one 5 lbs
Triceps push(me pull you)down: 45,47.5,50,52.5,50
Triceps kick(out the jams brothers and sisters)back:22.5
Hammer (out those reps): 30,32.5,35,3735,35
Reverse(the aging process) curls:30
Added a little extra 9 reps of 150 lbs of decline bench press for good measure.
That again about does it. Ever just wake up after a freeday of food binging and feel all goofy. That has been me today, frickin goofy and bloated. Of course I don't know if Bloated was a Disney character?
Y'all have a great one!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

End of Week 6,Day 42:Freeday

I usually like to grade the week that has passed, and this week I'm going to have to give a 10! The reason is this: 2 weeks ago my blood work came back from the doc(again not Dr. Persphone, whom I admire and respect)but that other one. Anyway she wanted me off all suppliments, including oils, whey,creatine and bars due to elevated liver panels. I retested Friday and don't have the results yet, but thought I'd pass this on. My workouts: Friday, legday I went up 5 lbs on each set(the 5 set reps) and 2.5 lbs on the compound set(the one when we do 1 set 12 reps). On Saturday I recumbanted(LOL) my ass off to a new Cook household Olympic record of 509 cals, 10 miles in 30 minutes beating last weeks record of 469 cals and 9.5 miles.My UBWO was performed Wed and I moved up all weight 2.5 lbs! No suppliments! Hence my suggestion if you are interested in taking them. Get blood work done first, and if you take them over several months like I have, have your blood tested again. For me, what little gains I had were not worth the scare that my doc gave me after the tests. And my workouts of late have been extrordinary. I think when I was taking the supps I thought in my mind, hell if I 'm spending this much money I better lift this much weight! For me I think it was mental, because I haven't missed a thing, except wondering if I'm screwing myself up by taking something that isn't even regulated by the F.D.A. and pushed by all the mags I read. I still need to talk to my doc about the whey and the bars, especially for convenience, but as far as the creatine and the otheer stuff, I think I'm done.If I think I need something, the next step would be to hire a professional trainer with a nutrition background and sit down with them, discuss where I want to go with my goals and go from there.I wonder which one will be the cheapest? Trainer or supps? Anyway I thought I'd pass that on to you guys.
Replies to y'alls comments:
Jess: it could have been the grass, but if I send you some, you have to eat it not smoke it, it's not that kinda grass! Hmmm...Got Grass!
Super duper girl: actually I love cliff hangers, it got me up an hour early off graveyards this whole week to check, and when there was no news I got extra chores done, and Susan was extra nice! extra nice,lol.
K : you were close, and thanks for asking me, glad I could help, now send her down here!
Jeremy : damn glad to see you back, now let's get down to business! The fruits are bananas,apples and oranges.I use the frozen berries and mixed fruits to add into ffcc or when I make my ffcc,oatmeal, blended shake. I'm off whey for a little longer, but I like a post w/o shake.Oh,I have 1 banana,and 1 apple pre workout. I think that's been the fuel that has kicked it up a notch since I got off the no-explode supp. Oh crappy poo poo, I had to edit this because I forgot(but I'm getting better at this computer stuff,lol) The nuts are planters mixed nuts. They come in a square container. I have been hungry in between meals lately, so I grab one handful and eat that. A little high on salt but it gets me through to the next meal!
Lori- thanks for dropping by. I enjoy reading yours and Casey's blogs, and think you have done an incredible job this past year. You have been an inspiration for me and many people on tracker.Keep up the great work, both of y'all!
Well guys, that's about it. If you have any questions about the supps don't hesitate to ask. I think they might work for some people, but for the money, I wasn't impressed, and before you or anyone you know wants to try them, please invest the money first and foremost, to getting a physical, with the bloodwork done so you have a baseline that you can check. Remember if this stuff was that great, the F.D.A. would have already had there hands in it and it would be a hell of a lot more expensive than it already is. At least that's my opinion.
Have a great day guys

Thursday, February 09, 2006

W6, D39, Chores

Got up around 11:30a and did the cardio thing and started on some chores. Had to pull the Purple Martin (not Steve Martin) houses out of the barn and clean them out and get them set up for spring. The scouts will be out soon looking for humble abodes to nest in. For those of y'all who don't know, or actually give a rats ass( I don't, but it's my God givin man chore!) Purple Martins are the ones that eat tons of mosquitos so if you set them up they'll come to your place have babies and eat tons of skeeters. And just think down the street a spell, in Clute they have the annual Mosquitoe festival honoring those damn pests! Idiots!
Responses to comments:
Jess and Tom - thanks for the comments on my lifting.I don't know if it was the grass or the curd, lol.
CoCo- You're right, I think H.E.B. has the best tasting cc hands down!
Erin- today, since I'm still banned from whey protein for a bit, My post shake was 10 oz of ff lactose free skim milk, half a cup of the ffcurd, half a cup of oatmeal, and a cup of frozen mixed fruit. It wasn't bad! So experimentation with foods is highly recommended, especially for the nasty ones!
The dreaded and often cursed DREADMILL!
Burned 440 cals and went 3.47 miles, beat last week which was 437 cals and 3.40 miles. Now that about pushes that beast to the limit. Hurry up week 8, I need to change that up!
Pre w/o banana, apple
post w/o that there shake I made!
3rd meal egg beater omelet
4th mahi mahi maha maharishna ummmmm, oh and bulgar and a frozen veggie medley
5th meal ffcc and a yogurt
6th meal handful of nuts and some fruit
7th meal fiber one with fflfsm(fat free lactose free skim milk)
I got up early today, so I get rewarded with extra grub, lol.Won't get to bed until 6a tomorrow!
Well, that's all folks!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

W 6,D 38 pond grass vs ffcc

Alrighty then, I think I'll take the ffcc over pond grass. The pond grass sticks in your teeth, has a fishy smell, is slimier than cottage cheese(if that's at all possible) and when one is bent over lapping at a bowl of ffcc one is not in fear of a savage attack by the swan on the prowl!
So Tom - yes, it's like algae, but it's cheese for me from now on!
Jess- I have to burn 700 cals to keep fit to outrun that swan, if I go back to
pond grass grazing.
Mel- I think I have earned a new respect for the curd. With Emmitt, hate
is probably
too harsh, maybe he would only want to rip her arms off! He's an ass!
Susan has been going strong and hasn't missed any days lately. I am so proud of her. So today after I finished my routine I planned hers for her and bumped up all her weight for her UBWO by 2.5 lbs. I'll bet she'll be so impressed after I tell her that I'll get a special dinner prepared for me when I get off graveyards. Not! just kidding, if there's one thing I have learned from the ladies here, is that y'all take your exercising seriously and don't like to be jacked with. Well I've got to imagine what it's like living on the edge, lol! Anyway she's done a great job of late!
Now for the moment no one has been waiting for. I've got great news, but I can't say anything for another....... 3 seconds...... O.K. I read the new blogger rules,lol. I bumped up my whole routine by 2.5 lbs, each and every weight! O.K.,O.K, I know it's not jaw dropping, well C.J.( the English Bulldog puppy we ehave dropped her jaw, but that's normal anyway), but it was awesome!
The Routine:
Decline press: 152.5, only 9 reps
Upright row: 62.5,65,67.5,70,67.5
Rear deltoid cable: 25
Narrow grip pulldown:72.5,82.5,92.5,102.5,92.5
Chest row: 102.5
Tricep pushdown: 45,47.5,50,52.5,50
Tricep cable kickbacks: 22.5
Hammer curl: 30,32.5,35,37.5,35, last set 9reps
Reverse curls: 30 ,9 reps
And because I felt good, I did decline presses at 150 6 reps, because I'm an idiot, lol and luv the pain!
The Grub:
1st meal- pond grass
2nd meal - banana, apricot, pre workout, with a diet coke(my new suppliment for the kick I need.
3rd meal... ain't there yet, but ffcc will be involved along with authorized foods , but I have to get ready for work, running behind, and I type slower than a one legged man in a but kicking contest,lol
Y'all havee a great day, and see y'all later!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Week 6 day38,pre power nap time.

Talk about cardio. Thiss is what it looks like when a swan hits a ten doing his cardio! This is Emmitt(named after Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys). I named him this because the day we went to buy him we had to chase him all over the owner's yard, and he bobbed his head, juked to the left, juked to the right and honestly could run as well as Emmitt did.It took us well over an hour to catch him, and that was the first time I had experienced a ten.I still remember the pain 9 years later! Now the problem is he doesn't run from me, he runs at me, and as bad as he hates me, he hates Susan even more. Anyway there he is full steam ahead coming in for the kill,lol.
The Cardio:
Although not as aggressive as the above pic, I did the elliptical for 30 minutes and burned 738 cals, 13 more than last Tuesday. My goal will be 750, but I will have to do that before 2 weeks because I'll change up the routine again.
The Eats:
Well at least it isn't pond grass like the above pic, but like Jim says, when it comes to ff cottage cheese, it's plum nasty. Maybe pond grass might
taste better,lol.
Anyway everything I'm eating today is EFL and BFL approved. Some of it is leftovers and most of it is just easy fixins, like ffcc, yogurt and fruit, but I need to go get my power nap in! Hope everyone has a great w/o week and let's hit some tens!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Week6 day 36

Today was lower body. Got it done. No biggy. Food has been EFL type eating, again no biggy. Just busy, yes biggy. Just been having problems with the blogger and trying to post pics and stuff, and not in the mood today to put up with electronic crap!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Week 5, day 33, copy and paste!

Not much to report on the farm at 0300, so I guess I’ll jump straight to the shop talk!

The Routine:
Flies: 80 lbs, 85,90,100,90
Decline press: 150 lbs
Upright Row: 60lbs, 62.5,67.5,67.5,65, no typo, too frickin early to see the little stickers on the weight plates,lol.
Rear Deltoid row: 22.5 lbs
Narrow Grip Pull Down: 70 lbs,80,90,110,100
Chest row: 100lbs
Triceps Push Down: 42.5 lbs,45,47.5,50,47.5
Tricep Kick Back: 20 lbs
DB Hammer Curl: 27.5lbs,30,32.5,35,32.5
Reverse Curl: 25 lbs.

La Menu:
Banana and an apple, pre workout
Oatmeal and skim milk post work out
2nd meal turkey bacon wrap, ww tortilla, onion, 2% pepper jack cheese
3rd meal ffcc and an apple
4th meal cod, potatoes, green beans
5th meal ffcc and ff yogurt
6th meal steak,rice , salad
7th meal ff cc
I know, 7 meals, but hey I got up at 3a and stay up til 10p! I need the fuel!
That’s it have a good one, or actually, hope y’all had a great day!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Week 5, Day32.

Had a crappy day farm wise.
Tom- the car show was great, like the Charger R/T the best, but one of those mini eighteen wheeler looking chevy trucks would suffice.
Jim- the only thing I'm fast enough to catch around here is a cold, but the llamas would give me a run for the money.
KFM- the heads will be for my viewing pleasure while I mow, I like yard art and it's cheaper to make it myself.
Dr. P- thank you and I'm still thinking about building me a mini Stonehenge!
Well at least I got my cardio done!
30 minutes of ass whooping, shear exhausting , non endorphine inducing misery,lol. Well it wasn't really all that treacherous, but that's what I tell Susan to get a tad of sympathy. Anyway 30 minutes, 437 cals burned and went 3.4 miles.
1st banana and grapefruit, pre workout.
2nd ffcc ffyogurt
3rd 3 egg beater omelet w/ provolone cheese, 3 multigrain pancakes
4th peanuts and an apple
5th wasabi plum sauce baked chicken, ww angel hair pasta, veggie
6th ffcc and fruit.
I'm getting a sixth meal in mostly because I have a piece of fruit 1 hour pre workout and it actually seems to give me a bump of energy,especially for cardio.
I might just quit the supps altogether because for the cash it was costing the gains have almost been negligable.
As for my workout partner, you know ,my wife, the boss, the big kahuna, etc, lol, she has been on a roll since last week and hasn't missed a day! Anyway that's about it for the day!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Week 5 Day31, leg day.

Here's another head I carved and sent off to get sprayed. His name is BPSH(ball player stone head). This one's for you, Tom. He even has an Astro's ball cap on. Go 'Stros! Anyway that's 2 down and many more to go!
Tom- we are going to the car showw in Houston tomorrow. Susan's taking a half day! At least we can look at the Mopars, but that's it for now.
Janel- wait to you see the dreadmill cals burned tomorrow, it's always half that of the elliptical. I'm thinking in 30 minutes, maybe if I make it around 400, give or take 200 cals,lol. I don't know but that elliptical moves a lot faster than my recumbant or treadmill, and I always feel like I was body slammed more on the treadmill.
Jim - well in my mind, until I really hear your voice, it will be Arnold when I read your blog! As far as the elliptical I get around 1800 revolutions in 30 minutes, but other than that I don't know how fast it is.
Alrighty then, for the show:
Leg day:
First I haven't had a chance to talk to the guys about the weight ratio on my precor, so these are the numbers on the weights. Supposedly it is ratioed on the leg machine and I am suppose to multiply the weight by 2 but I'm not positive on that yet.Plus I don't think these old bird legs could press (FOR EXAMPLE) 360 lbs, so we'll say it's only 180 for now!
LEG PRESS: 150,160,170,180,170
LEG CURLS: 40lbs,50,60,70,60
CALF PRESS:135lbs, 145,155,165,155
DECLINE SIT UPS: 12 reps,10,8,6,12
AB CRUNCH on machine: 60 lbs
Palms dowm wrist curls: 12.5 lbs
That was the routine for the day and it went well. the abductions and adductions are new to my routine and since we've just finished up 4 weeks it is time to start another whole new set of excercises for 4 more weeks.
The Chow Line:
1st meal fiber one ceral and milk
2nd homemade protein shake(ffcc, ffskim milk,2 tbpn p.b. and mixed fruit)
3rd 6 egg white omelet on a tortilla and lf cheese
4th ham and lf cheeses tortilla
5th suprise frozen fish(don't know what type it is, but it damn sure ain't salmon
6th ffcc
Well that's it, better send this now, storm's a brewin and I got dish on this here thing!