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Sunday, February 12, 2006

End of Week 6,Day 42:Freeday

I usually like to grade the week that has passed, and this week I'm going to have to give a 10! The reason is this: 2 weeks ago my blood work came back from the doc(again not Dr. Persphone, whom I admire and respect)but that other one. Anyway she wanted me off all suppliments, including oils, whey,creatine and bars due to elevated liver panels. I retested Friday and don't have the results yet, but thought I'd pass this on. My workouts: Friday, legday I went up 5 lbs on each set(the 5 set reps) and 2.5 lbs on the compound set(the one when we do 1 set 12 reps). On Saturday I recumbanted(LOL) my ass off to a new Cook household Olympic record of 509 cals, 10 miles in 30 minutes beating last weeks record of 469 cals and 9.5 miles.My UBWO was performed Wed and I moved up all weight 2.5 lbs! No suppliments! Hence my suggestion if you are interested in taking them. Get blood work done first, and if you take them over several months like I have, have your blood tested again. For me, what little gains I had were not worth the scare that my doc gave me after the tests. And my workouts of late have been extrordinary. I think when I was taking the supps I thought in my mind, hell if I 'm spending this much money I better lift this much weight! For me I think it was mental, because I haven't missed a thing, except wondering if I'm screwing myself up by taking something that isn't even regulated by the F.D.A. and pushed by all the mags I read. I still need to talk to my doc about the whey and the bars, especially for convenience, but as far as the creatine and the otheer stuff, I think I'm done.If I think I need something, the next step would be to hire a professional trainer with a nutrition background and sit down with them, discuss where I want to go with my goals and go from there.I wonder which one will be the cheapest? Trainer or supps? Anyway I thought I'd pass that on to you guys.
Replies to y'alls comments:
Jess: it could have been the grass, but if I send you some, you have to eat it not smoke it, it's not that kinda grass! Hmmm...Got Grass!
Super duper girl: actually I love cliff hangers, it got me up an hour early off graveyards this whole week to check, and when there was no news I got extra chores done, and Susan was extra nice! extra nice,lol.
K : you were close, and thanks for asking me, glad I could help, now send her down here!
Jeremy : damn glad to see you back, now let's get down to business! The fruits are bananas,apples and oranges.I use the frozen berries and mixed fruits to add into ffcc or when I make my ffcc,oatmeal, blended shake. I'm off whey for a little longer, but I like a post w/o shake.Oh,I have 1 banana,and 1 apple pre workout. I think that's been the fuel that has kicked it up a notch since I got off the no-explode supp. Oh crappy poo poo, I had to edit this because I forgot(but I'm getting better at this computer stuff,lol) The nuts are planters mixed nuts. They come in a square container. I have been hungry in between meals lately, so I grab one handful and eat that. A little high on salt but it gets me through to the next meal!
Lori- thanks for dropping by. I enjoy reading yours and Casey's blogs, and think you have done an incredible job this past year. You have been an inspiration for me and many people on tracker.Keep up the great work, both of y'all!
Well guys, that's about it. If you have any questions about the supps don't hesitate to ask. I think they might work for some people, but for the money, I wasn't impressed, and before you or anyone you know wants to try them, please invest the money first and foremost, to getting a physical, with the bloodwork done so you have a baseline that you can check. Remember if this stuff was that great, the F.D.A. would have already had there hands in it and it would be a hell of a lot more expensive than it already is. At least that's my opinion.
Have a great day guys


  • At 12:49 PM, Blogger Jess said…

    Hmmmm.... interesting. The strong silent type, I see. :)

  • At 1:45 PM, Blogger Jess said…

    LOL there was nothing but a title here when I posted my last comment.

    What do you MEAN you're not supposed to smoke it???

  • At 7:49 AM, Blogger Erin said…

    I sure hope the results of your second round of tests come back ok and show it was just a random blip in the numbers the last time around. If things do turn out to be normal do you think you will start adding back in any of the supplements? It's interesting that you have been able to continue improving even without them... keep us updated!

  • At 5:18 AM, Blogger Persephone66 said…


    I have tears in my eyes! Thank you! I admire and respect what you do too! Mutual admiration club! We really do have some super cool people we call our blends, don't we? We're so lucky! Take care and I'm glad things are working out!




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