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Sunday, February 19, 2006

End of Week 7, Another one bites the dust!

Another week up, another week down. Week 7 is history and now on to week 8. I'll give week 7 a 9 rating. Went up on a lot of the weight and ate good. Susan also had a good week .Susan is also going to have the breast augmentation surgery done in a couple of weeks. She's done a few interviews with the doc's(not Dr. Pers.) but the others and everything is a go. She's a little anxious and rightfully so. I feel, well truthfully I feel like I did when I was a kid and we moved and I met a couple of new friends, lol. No not really, I'm a little nervous also but if that's what Susan would like, that's fine with me and I'll be here for her every step of the way. Anyway that's what's shakin at our house!
The replies to comments, questions, critiques, or observations!
Coco: Went Krogering and those were Arnold apples? Ever heard of them? Man they were huge! No just kidding, they were Cameo's, ever heard of them? Man they were huge!
Jim: The parrots are like elephants, they shit where ever they want to,lol. No just kidding again. We line all the cages with newspaper that we change out. The couch you saw some of them on, we keep an old bed sheet over. Some of them have T-Stands that catch the poo, and rarely when poo does hit the floor, well let's just say this, if you ever come over to visit don't let the bulldog lick you in the face! The fastest time recorded at the Cook compound is the time it takes said animal to lap up any avian projectile that hits the floor. Also we have no carpet on our side of the house. The floors are all stained concrete!
K: There were 6 parrots in the pic, 2 greenwings(the red ones) 1 hyacinth(blue) 1 blue and gold(blue and gold,lol) 1 Rose breasted cockatoo(grey and pink) and 1 cockatiel(little gray 1 ) the 1 you couldn't see well because he is so small.We have 1 lory but he's too mean to everyone else so he only gets out by hisself
Lori: the cockiteil I have is Freebie and I caught him in the back yard 7 years ago and no one ever claimed him, so he's ours now.
Jess: as usual my dearest friend, I think you did blog me then I blogged you, then you p.m.ed me then I p.m.ed you, then we emailed each other and texted but between the wine and the freeday feeding frenzy we must have forgot to hit send because neither of us has any extra blogs, p.m.'s (maybe p.m.s.,but no p.m.'s) no emails or text's but we think we did. Did I p.m. you or blog you? lol.
Well that's about it for another week. I have tried to carry my torch in memory of a dear, sweat lady that we all have come to admire and respect. And in this endeavor I think the way she has touched us is by bringing some of us closer that we may be able to be here for each other in those not so wonderful times we have.That when some of us are on top of the world and on top of our game we can lend a hand forward and try to lift up our friends so that what seems like an obstacle or a roadblock might now be viewed as a mere stepping stone as they progress forward in this journey we call life! (Iknow, I know, Troy's talkin out his ass cause it's freeday and he's food drunk,lol)!
God bless, and good night.... end of week 7, the torch challenge.


  • At 8:12 PM, Blogger Jess said…

    Uh.. I'm so confused!

  • At 1:22 PM, Blogger FV Tom said…

    Hey Troy,

    The Lovely Linda had breast augmentation back in September. I was sort of against it but then, it wasn't about me. It was about what she felt/needed. Susan sounds like she's in the same boat. Anyway, your analogy about new friends is sort of on the mark. I felt as if my old truck had been given a new engine! (And I'm not comparing either the Lovely Linda or your Susan to an old truck!) It's just that an old familiar thing was changed and I'm finding the change kinda fun!

    Good job on the 9 rating for week 7! Keep it up.

    And here's to lending a hand forward (he says while lifting his barbecued turkey leg in a toast!). I think you are exactly right.

    be good.


  • At 9:23 AM, Blogger Goddessa said…

    Hey Troy, is she getting them reduced or having implants put in? Augmentation is too vague for me to figure out here LOL

  • At 8:50 PM, Blogger coco said…

    oh, yeah, i've heard of the cameo. my favorite is pink lady. sometimes the lady is really large too. i think i'm in love with your bull dog. i have a soft spot for smashed in faces.

    have you tried asparation/brocollini? i may have posted something about it on the tracker. it's like brocolli, but sweeter and more tender. a cross btwn brocolli and chinese kale. yum!


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