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Monday, October 31, 2005

Week 5 Legs
Today was the start of week five in challenge 4. I did 3 sets of 12 in my routine or until failure. Here is how I did:
Leg Extension: 125 lbs
Leg Curls: 55 lbs first 2 sets, 57.5 3rd set
Dumbbell Step Ups: 27.5
Straight Legged Dead Lift:45 lbs
Seated Calf Raises: 75 lbs
I usually do ab workouts on Monday but will do them tomorrow, because I had to do some chores and wanted to get an early start. Eating was on plan, which was tough, because I was so busy.
Well I need to call it the night, I have K.P. tonight and the Salmon is ready for the oven.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

"Mama said son you gonna drive me to drinkin, if you don't stop drivin that HOT ROD LINCOLN. Actually it's a 66 Vette stingray. It's one of my interests and it is currently and slowly being restored. We try to take it out for a Sunday drive, but being the unordinary people we are , instead of going to a drive in for lunch, we'll go to the feed store for some cattle wormer and chicken scratch. This is also a blogger excercise where I used the camera, took my own pics, downloaded said camera, was able to for the second time in a week post a pic on my blog and type a little blurb! And I didn't read instructions, well maybe a tad. But I did it without emailing Jess or asking Susan. Well I asked Susan 2 questions , what are you going to do ? Shoot me. Anyway there it is, and now to decide whether to go back to it's original color: Butternut Yellow blech, I DON'T THINK SO !

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Today was cardio day and I did my HIIT in 21 minutes to burn 500 cals on the elliptical. I try to push myself to get the 500 cals in 20 minutes and then once I hit that goal I'll increase the ramp angle. Tomorrow is the end of week 4, challenge 4 and it will be time to do measurements and change up the excercises for the next four weeks. I ate healthy today and as I get more proficient at typing I'll start posting the food and times I eat. As it is I type so slow that just doing this after I ate brings me to another meal. And I eat every 2.5 to 3 hours.Well actually it's not that bad, but close.
My brother didn't show up to fish today, so no pics and recipes of how I cooked the fish. I did get some fencing up for the baby cow area and a way to corral the kids to load them in the trailer,which was a huge prob when we evacuated last month.
Tomorrow is free day and again, if you've ever seen a shark feeding frenzy, that's me on free day. I eat everything that moves! Even fingers so back up! Don't get near my plate! Not really, but again it's close.
Well that's it for today, and I would just like to thank my computer tutor for the patience she has had with me and also teaching this old dog new tricks! Thanks Jess, I owe you a dinner!
Night all!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Today was chest and back routine. Still the 4th week so it was 3 sets with 8 reps or until failure. Here we go:
Incline Pres:55lbs
1 Arm Row:70 lbs
Bench Press:62.5 lbs
Bent Over Row:50 lbs, 3rd set 52.5 lbs
Incline Flies:47.5 lbs
Pullovers:55 lbs
Wide hands apart push ups:15 1st set, 5 second set(boo hiss), 8 the 3rd set (better).
All in all it was a good work out. Cardio tomorrow, along with spending the day fishing. The weight lifting from lifting ten pound plus catfish out of my pond will also add to my routine for the day. Well I certainly hope it will. I'll post a pic if we catch some, and then come up with an Eating for Life meal of fresh catfish that I'll share with you guys. Anyway it's parrot time.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Is it possible guys just read instructions and the data doesn't decipher the code in their brains correctly. I had instructions on how to edit my links for blogs I like and will soon discover, from my on line computer tutor(hey that rhymes lol)Jess. I had Susan print me the instructions from her work because our printer doesn't work. And with both of these sets of instructions, three temper tantrums, a lot of cussing and about three hours of trying I finally got Jess's link on my blogger. And the only reason I was able to accomplish that was because Susan was standing over my shoulder for 5 minutes guiding me through what seem to take an eternity to accomplish.God I wish I could see the instructions the way you ladies see them. My cardio and ab excercises I did today didn't have the physical and mental drain this excercise in futility of trying to edit my blog. But it is done! Hopefully when I edit my link for my next blog I'll be able to do it in half the time. Or maybe, better yet, when Susan's not home I'll call my computer tutor(I get a kick out of saying that).

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Just finished cooking and eating EFL's enchilada soup. Ate healthy today and did shoulder and arm excercises. This is the 4th week of a routine I have been using from a fitness magazine. I alternate a new 12 week regimine with the BFL 12 week regime to shake things up a little.Here's how my routine went.
I did 3 sets each with 8 reps or until failure. This week I went up 2.5 lbs from last week, and on the third set this week I went up an additional 2.5 lbs
Arnold Press:42.5 lbs, 1st two sets, 45 lbs 3rd set
Lateral Raise:20 lbs 1st 2, 22.5 lbs 3rd set
Upright Row:37.5 lbs 1st 2, 40 lbs 3rd set
Tricep I arm extension:25 lbs 1st 2, 27.5 3rd set
Concentration Curl: 30 lbs 1st 2, 32.5 3rd set
Seated Tricep Press:55 lbs 1st 2, 57.5 3rd set
Biceps Seated Hammer Curls: 30 lbs 1st 2, 32.5 3rd set
Forearm Wrist Curls:30 lbs 1st 2, 32.5 3rd set
It was a great workout and I did this in 55 minutes.
Tomorrow is cardio and aba dabba abs!

Wow I hope this worked. I have been trying to edit my blog with no success, trying to put up my profile, still even less success, so I've tried a picture. I hope this works. Progress not perfection. Anyway I previewed this so it might just work. So much to learn about this stuff. But my goal while I'm off is to learn something new everyday! If these guys appear, it is my whooping swans, Will and Grace. The grayer swans are their kids(cignets). She is a first time mother and hatched 9 eggs, two of which I hatched myself. Only 4 survived and as of last week we only have 2 left. We had a storm and think we lost 2 due to a lightning strike.We usually sell the cignets at 6 months of age, so they are about ready for new homes. I don't know why they are called whooping swans, because they actually honk.Honking swans,doesn't sound right does it?
Just finished doing my shoulder and arms workout,getting ready to eat breakfast and go feed the kids.Might post routine later,kids are bellerin for their grub lol.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I have to figure out how to title these suckers like I did my first one. Anyway I freed the goat yesterday and now today I'm free at last, at least for 16 days.Start vacation today and don't go back until the 11th of Nov. I getting ready to do my 20 minute cardio and listening to some Cat Stevens on VH1.luckily it's 2 play Tuesday and I'll have a couple of sets of good songs to workout to. That's it for tonight, big Astro's game tonight, do or die and I don't want to miss it! See ya'll tomorrow and I hope I learn some important blog tricks, Later!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Free Willy
Actually it was freeing a goat. On my way home as I passed my neighbors place I noticed a goat with his head through the fence looking sideways. I got home and it bugged me , so When Susan got home I told her about the goat and we went back.Sure enough he was stuck.After we worked on the fence for about 15 minutes we finally got the goat free and he returned back to the herd, never looking back orr offering a thanks. Anyway because of this I need to sign off. I did get my leg excercises in but because it takes me so long to type I'm out of time to journal my routine today.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Today is the second day of learning to blog. It is also my free day. A day free from excercise and eating whatever and whenever I want to. For those that follow the Body for Life (BFL) plan you know what I'm refering to. As I progress on learning how to blog I will try to keep my daily excercise and eating journal published here.And as I learn how to do the picture thing I'll try to show off some of the children my wife and I share our lives with. I work 12 hour shift so I don't know if I will be able to publish daily, so we'll see. Anyway it's breakfast time.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Learning How to Blog

O.K. I am trying to learn how to do this and hopefully in a few months time I'll get this down, so here we go.I started my Body for Life challenge on Jan. 17, 2005 and have continued doing it to date. Today was cardio and after that I spent the rest of the day weedeating. Well I have to go help cook. So much for this!