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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Frog Eater

This is a piece of art I got from the guy who painted our bedroom all up. It called frog eater. If you look closely you can see a frog leg hanging out of his mouth. I have him in a tree in front of the house. I would like to have 6 of these made(he calls them Tiki men) sans the frog legs(poor little frogs, now all i vision is these frogs in wheel chairs) and have them hanging on the columns in the front of our house. L.E.D. lights to illuminte from their eyes would look cool, don't you think?
Anyway it's the end of week 6, still have shoulders, tris and plyo to do, but I'll get it! Eating has been o.k., one popscicle 3 chocolate chip cookies this week and a bowl of ff reduced sugar yogert were this weeks splurges.
I'm hoping to get to meet one of our own next week. Can you guess who it might be? We are going to Chicago(clue #1) and when I first looked her up in tracker her tracker name caught my attention. I thought she might work at Nasa because of her name, (clue #2), but she wasn't from Fla. or my neck of the woods. Go Braugh(clue #3).
If you guys don't figure it out I'll add more clues later.
Other than that hope everyone is hitting "10's" either in their health or just living life to it's fullest.
Later pilgrims!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Why do bulldogs have smooshed faces?

From chasing parked cars,lol. It's either that or for sniffin ass! That pup sniffs EVERYTHING. And the noises she makes when she's sniffing willl make you howl.
On to other things: I'm not running on veggie oil yet. My unit still hasn't arrived. I've collected a fair amount of oil though and my techniques are getting better.
I'm on week 6 challenge 7 and haven't missed a workout this challenge and have been happy with the gain in arm and leg size. Eating could be better,but we'll see how this challenge finishes out before I tweak my eating habits.
I am BBQing right now, but Tom would probably pinch me with some tongs if he saw what I was cooking. It's a lean pork loin, sauteed in wine and herbs and is in a aluminum foil boat. Oh and the pit isn't one of those big pipe smokers like you'd think most Texans would have. It's actually an outdoor stove, I beg your pardon, lol with a rotisserie and a side burner, no less. Sorry Tom, maybe one day I'll have a real man's pit!
That's about it, have a great few days until my next post and take care.
Back to the grillin and chillin!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Name that bird

Here's a visitor that frequents our ponds. For some reason the swans allow this guy to hang out. And this is not a flamingo,lol.
I'm in week 5 of C7 and things are going well. Measured Sunday and here are some of the changes since last month:
wt: down 3 lbs- 165 to 162
neck up 1/8 inch to 15 1/8
bi's up 1/8 to 14 1/8
chest dropped an 1/8 to 38 3/8
thighs up an 1/8 tpo 23 1/2
calves up a 1/4 to 15 1/4
forearm up an 1/8 to 11 3/4
So all in all 4 weeks into the modified Jim Stonemuscle Head build up the beef routine I would say is still successful as I'm still gaining inches. Now not enough to compete in anything mind you , but enough to keep pushing on.
As far as the venture on running my truck on veggie oil , I'm still waiting for the unit to arrive. Jason(the inventor)had some bad pumps come in and he emailed me to tell me it would be another week. So I've continued my quest on collecting more oil. I also started running my truck on a 1/3 blend of biodiesel. After this tank I'm running right now, I'll go to a 2/3 blend. The truck is running good on it, but it was recommended to run 3 - 1/3 tanks of bio because I have 230,000 miles on my truck and the bio will clean the tank and lines and I would have some filter issues if I ran full tanks of it right off the bat.
Now as far as Daisy, our mastiff goes, she is a sweet dog and actually very shy. But she is intimidating and that's what we wanted, living out in the country. Kinda like a first line of defense. By the way, her nickname is slobber jaws and when she shakes her large gourd, be prepared to run, it's nasty,lol.
Well, I hope you guys are all eating right and hitting the gym routinely.And please remember what Erin said in her blog, stay cool and drink plenty of fluids in this heat!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ever seen a mutated cow?

I am now on week 4 of challenge 7. I haven't missed a day yet and the new routine: three lifting days and 3 cardio days fit nicely into my schedule. I can't wait to measure at the end of this to see if I have had any results like the last challenge. Also I have been reading a book:oh yes people I can read,lol, can't spell worth a crap but I can read, The Book of Muscle by Ian King. I think after C-7 I'll give this plan a try.
Jim- we will be in Chicago from Aug 5th to the 8th. We are staying at the Hotel Allego. If your plans change, holler, but be forewarned, eating to plan and exercising while on vacation is a sin. It's my vacation,lol. We can't stay long due to the animals.
Jess- the smell, especially when a hose comes loose on my pump and sprays me with old grease, has me reeking like a combination of fried chicken, fried catfish and okra, yum yum. Now I have a bad habit of smelling everything before I eat it. Like I'm the grease police or something,lol.
As for the pics , no that's not a mutated cow, that Daisy, our English Mastiff. She was the runt of the litter and weighs 150 lbs. Her brother Griffon weighed over 200 lbs, and her mom and dad were both over 200 lbs. The other dog is Abigail our boxer, and that's my daughter Jennifer, playing with them.
Hope all is well with everyone and hope everyone is having a great workout week.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

My week in review

I finished up week 3 of my new routine. Next week I measure to check progress.This is the routine that I have changed up this go around, using a lot of Jim's suggestions on the last challenge.
The grease venture looks like it will be a little longer before I'm running my truck on it. The guy who sells the system got a batch of bad pumps in so he told me it will be another week or two. This should give me more time to improve on my grease handling techniques. I've graduated to pumps, batteries and maybe an inverter(this week) instead of a pail and rope.
To pay for the initial investment of the Vegistroke I was lucky enough to sell some swans this weekend. We sold 2 of the Australian black swans and two of the white swans. That was 1100 bucks earned the easy way. We have two more whites that have a few more months to go and the blacks are on the nest again. I'm seriously debating whether to sell Hoss (my camel) dig a pond in his area and buy another type of swan. The selling of the baby swans every year pretty much cover the cost of our feed bill for the year.
Other than that we are looking forward to our little trip to Chicago in August.
Hope you guys have a great workout week and the eats are to plan!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

And it keeps getting worser,lol

At least the food and exercise is on plan. When it rains it pours. I was cutting the grass and my Zero turn mower quit moving, so I towed it back to the barn with Susan's and called Dick, the mower mechanic, and yes he can be what his God given name is, but he's the only one I trust with the mower. After he irritated me, which is normal for him( he also never fails to mention in front of customers how I drove Susan's mower into the pond) I decided I would go to his shop try to pick his brain and fix it myself. Well all that went well, probably saved a c-note in labor, except I somehow didn't get the cutting belt on right and on the victory lap around the property I went to engage said cutting blades and chewed the belt up immediately. Now I have to drop another 40 bucks and worsely,lol, deal with Dick. I hate getting Dicked around! I guess I wasn't meant to be a mechanic. That's about it, and I'm hoping tomorrow will get better. At least I have my health!
Have a great weekend,