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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Allcanski two

This is the video I took on our trip to San Antonio. Susan and I get to help out at the yearly event at Sea World where all of our special friends get to spend the day water skiing. It is a really fun event to see and to participate in. But it also is a learning experience for me. Especially in gratitude. I am thankful there are people here who can take care of our friends and family members like this and also go the extra mile to set up such an event.
And then I meet the Norman family and their son Billy and the unconditional love and lengths they go for their son Billy to make sure he has a great life and can make it to such events. They live in Arkansas and talk about the community they live in and the people there who care enough to lend a hand when needed.
I met April Miller and her mom Susan and see another families devotion to their daughter and how much they care. I hope April and I will stay in touch, she's a really cool young lady and we hit it off great.
And as for my brother in law David, this is so good for him. He is so lucky Susan found the Rainbow House for him and we will forever be indebted to Debbie and Ann.Thank you ladies, I pray every night that God has his eyes on you two.
And my good buddy Robert, he added a few new nationalities to his growing list, he failed to keep an eye on me, but I love him like a brother. Robert, thank you for making me smile and laugh.
As I work on my spiritual being, the events that I shared with my friends yesterday make this journey so much more rewarding. Thanks to everyone involved, because that makes me a better me,

Monday, August 04, 2008

Lucy in the Sky