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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wacky Wednesday Workout

The alarm clock sounded off rather early this a.m.With all the might I could muster, I rolled out of bed and headed to the Room of Doom. Had it not been for the inspiration and perspiration that found me some new motivation after watching The Biggest Loser last night, I might have just slept in later. But those smiles on those peoples faces show me where I want to be in my life now, as far as my health.Anyway to the Room of Doom happenings:
Arms and Shoulders
Week 8... 3sets of 6 reps or until failure
Shoulder shrugs 70 lbs
Front raises 32.5 lbs
Bent raises 32.5 lbs, 3rd set up to 35 lbs
Triceps kick backs 37.5 lbs
Seated curls 40 lbs
Triceps lying 1 arm extensions 25 lbs
1 arm preacher curls 37.5 lbs
Reverse wrist curls 17.5 lbs
Actually I took all the reps to 8, except the bent raises(6 on the 3rd set) and seated curls(6 also 3rd set) and 1 arm preacher (6 2nd and 3rd set left arm)
It was a great w/o and it has given me a sense of accomplishment and well being for the day.
Pasture grazing ingredients for the day
4:30a protein shake and banana
7a turkey bacon melt
10a ff cc and yogurt
1p sirloin, turkey bacon 2%pepper jack cheese burger, green beans
4p ffcc and an apple
7p EFL spaghetti
9:30 p ffcc and some mixed berries
That about does it for today, see you guys later!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Up before the roosters.

Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head...and then I did some exercising at 3:30 a.m.
ABliterating the fat
2sets of 15 reps
Wt. reverses sit ups 17.5 lbs 13 reps 1st set, 15 reps 2nd set
Wt. crunches 40 lbs
Wt. leg up crunches 40 lbs
Wt. twisting crunches 40 lbs
Wt twists 40 lbs
leg thrusts no weight yet
Then I ride my bike I roller skate don't drive no car.... and then I rode the recumbent bike
Did 20 minutes Hiit, burned 249 cals, rode for an additional 3 minutes and 23 secs to get to 300 cals burned. 300 cals burned would be my 20 minute goal.
The menu today at the Zoo Zoo Cafe and Watering Hole is as follows:
4:30a shake and banana
7:30a ff cc and yogurt
10:30a turkey bacon melt, 2% pepper jack cheese, onion and picante sauce.
1:30p turkey, broccoli, and carrots, slightly shaken not stirred
4:30p ffcc and an apple
7:30 p center cut pork karate chop, brown rice, and beans
9:30p ff cc and mixed fruit of the loom.
Actually the last two are planned,but I think I'll keep them on the schedule. See ya tomorrow.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday, monday

Well, got up at 3:15 this a.m. to knock out my leg and calf routine. This is the 8th week so the I did 3 sets of 8 reps until failure.Here is how it went:
Leg extensions: 140 lbs, couldn't go up on weights(none left) so the 3rd set I did to failure at 15 reps.
Leg curls:62.5 lbs 1st two sets, 65 lbs 3rd set
Dumbbell step ups:32.5 lbs
Bent over dead lifts: 60 lbs
Dumbbell calf raises: 85 lbs
That ends it for legs for this 8 weeks. Sunday I will do measurements and try to post them.
As far as the eating goes, today has been on plan with trying to watch portion sizes. I think even though I'm eating well, I think I'm eating too much.Here's the menu for today.
4:30a protein shake w/ ff milk and a banana
7:30a ff cc and yogurt
10:30a turkey bacon melt on ww tortilla
The rest is planned
1p what else are we eating still..... Turkey breast and broccoli with a few carrots
4p ff cc and an orange(picked from my own tree),no nutrition values collected at this point lol.
7p dinner, but Susan always fixes healthy meals (just don't know what it is yet).
9:30 if awake... ff cc and mixed fruit
That's it for today. Hope everyone had a grrrrrreat Thanksgiving and had plenty of turkey. When you eat smaller portions of turkey it lasts longer. It will be on the menu tomorrow for sure.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mr Wilson

This is Mr.Wilson. He is the bottom of a dead palm tree. I found this huge dead palm tree and cut it into sections to put in my aviaries for my macaws. This was the part with the root ball and I thought it looked like a clump of hair, so I though about trying to put a face on it. All I had was a hammer and a chisel so it is rather a crude looking face. I put some Christmas ornaments for the eyes that were just holes when I carved it out. He guards the gate to our reflecting area by the pond.The beware of dog sign to the right should say beware of swans! Emmitt and Rosa Parks are on that side of the gate and they are attack swans! I can't wait to find another palm tree because I think I can make a better face with my drill and dremel tools.
Now for the excercise and eating schedule for today:
Free day, none scheduled! Lucky me.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

A nice rainy day

Finally, after several months and a couple of rain dances later, the rain started coming down. We haven't had squat, but maybe an inch for several months.I think we got about 5 inches today, so far. The ponds are now at decent levels and the swans don't look like they are doing swan dives (ha ha) to get back into the ponds.All is good on the farm today.Except when it comes to the dreaded cardio day. It was the elliptical, and the only nice thing I can say about that is at least it wasn't the treadmill! So without further ado, let's go over what I did, since now that it's done:
Elliptical crosstrainer: did HIIT training for 20 minutes. Burned 473 cals, and took another 1 min, 22 secs to hit 500 cals burned, or as we say in Texas, burnt! That's it for today, twenty whole minutes of hell to build this body for life.Is it working? Well you should have seen me two years ago before I started any of this.It works, trust me it does work.
Now let's discuss what's in the trough for today:
9:30a oatmeal, a few walnuts and 1 scoop of whey down under.
12:30p turkey breast wrap, w 2% pepper jack cheese, ff mayo and onion
plan for the rest of the day
3:30p a can of tuna, carrots and an apple
6:30p some type of meat(lean of course), a carb and a veggie.Going out to eat with a certificate work gave me to this high dollar eatery.
9:30 ff cottage cheese and frozen mixed fruit.
Well that's it for today, and since tomorrow is free day I probably won't do an entry tomorrow due to the fact I'll be comatose for the overindulgence of bad food I might partake in. Later!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Car Show

Today was the Houston Autorama, an event that's held Nov. 24 -28. It has been going on for as long as I remember. It is neat seeing all the old muscle cars from the 60's and 70's.This year they had the Batmobile and the car from The Munsters t.v. series . We went over to look at the cars up for auction this year and they had a decent selection, though nothing really caught my eye.They had several 1970 model Cuda's which now fetch from the 30 to 100,000 dollar range. Unreal.Don't think we'll be getting one soon.Of course the old Camaros, Chevelles, Malibus, Torinos and Mustangs were there. I'd love to have one of each please. We would have to build a 8 car garage and name it the Garage Mahal lol. Oh well, need to win in Vegas or that there lotto I always waste a buck on.
Speaking of muscle cars, let's discuss some muscle here, like trying to make some that is. Today routine was 3 sets at 10 reps or until failure.
Front end and hood routine(chest and back)
Lying pull over:60 lbs
Back shrugs: 45 lbs 2 sets, 47.5 lbs 3rd set
Decline dumbbell press: 62.5 1st set, 2nd set only 6 reps, 60 lbs 3rd set 8 reps. Acouple of tens hit there.
Bent row,palms in: 50 lbs
Seated lat raise: 27.55 lbs
Flies: 1st set 55 lbs , 2nd set 55 lbs 7 reps, 3rd set 52.5 lbs only 6 stinking reps lol. A couple of tens again.
Close hand push ups: 3sets 15 reps
I am started to get to some weights in some areas where I think I'll be at for awhile.It seems I am getting maxed out and without a spotter don't know if I should push anymore. By next week though, it will be time to change the routine, so we'll see. Now the fuel for the muscle.
9am protein shake,apple
11am 3 egg beater omelette, 1 multigrain pancake
2p multigrain power bar, beef jerky
5:30p turkey, potatoes, ff gravy, fruit salad, green bean casserole
8:30 p don't know yet? lol. Haven't gone shopping lately.Oh never mind Susan just found an Eas bar, poor planning on my part today.
Well that's it for today, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.It's time to go fuel the muscle car... vroom vroom .

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Copy and pasting

Thanksgiving day was started promptly be waking up at 0300 and looking at who was lying next to me and being ever so thankful of who I am married to. Then after a moment of reflection of my good fortune I got up and went to the exercise room. For turkey day I was treated to this fare:
2 sets of 15 reps of each exercise, ABsolutely amazing, ( to which I hope one day will result in a six pack) before I go over the hump.
weighted reverse sit ups with 17.5 lbs
leg thrusts
wt.crunches with 40 lbs
wt leg up crunches 40 lbs
wt crunch twists 40 lbs
wt twist and shout 40 lbs
Then it was on to the elliptical. I envisioned I was chasing that ever elusive turkey. If he was caught he would be dinner, if he wasn't then there would be no dinner. As usual he got away, but I don't know if I could have killed him, cleaned him and prepared him anyway. That's why we even name the chickens, if it has a name, it ain't dinner.Back to the pain of it all. I burned up 478 cals in twenty minutes and it took another 1 minute and 15 secs to achieve the 500 cal mark.Maybe I should start naming all the eggs?
Well there it is.Again, it was a butt kicker, I don't know why I can't get the abs to peak out, but that could be my genetics.
I used to have a pet turkey and his name was Ben (Ben Franklin actually) and he was a bruiser. We lost him 2 summers ago due to a heart attack(he was morbidly obese, no lol!), but anyway he would tell all of you Gobble, gobble, gobbilty gobbilty, gobble , gobble gobble. In turkey talk .... Have a great Thanksgiving ya'll!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Got up at 3a.Did shoulders and arms. Hit some tens, overall it was a great workout. Ate to plan so far, just don't feel like saying much. Suffering from PMS(Pissyassed man syndrom).I don't really know what it is but I just need some me time and well I'm o.k. At least I'm not feeling cranky. It's just a day I have once in a blue moon. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving Day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tuesday:cardio day

Got up again at 0300 and did the elliptical. I use the HIIT method on the elliptical and in the 20 minutes I try to burn 500 cals. I got 464 cals done and continued until I hit 500 cals. That took me an additional 1 min. and 40 secs.Then it was on to flABbergasted. I followed the same routine as I did on Sat. It was all brutal, especially at that time. But considering what needs to be done when I get home from work, I like the tradeoff.
The feeding frenzy was good:
4a shake,banana
7a ff cc,yogurt
10a turkey wrap on ww tortilla, 2%pepper jack in the box cheese,onion
1p chicken breast,cauliflower,navy beans,beans, beans beans, the army gets the gravy....
4p repeat of 10a snack
7p salmon,EFL fries, salad
9:30p ff cc and ff pudding.
I believe that's all folks!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Leg day Monday

Today was my leg and calf day,and I started it at 3a.m. Started before the moon was even out. I'm trying to blog this from my new laptop computer which is a little different. And true to male form I didn't read the instructions so I would like to thank my lovely wife for reading the instructions and setting it up for me. I would also like to thank my tutor, Jess for her technical support and answers to several of our questions.Oh,and PTM(Part time mom) I haven't forgot a pic of Mr. Wilson, it's just that it's dark by the time I get home so maybe I'll have it up Fri.
Anyway let's discuss the torture I endured this a.m.
Legs and little moo moos:
All were done with 3 sets and 10 reps with an increase of weight from last week:
Leg extension: 140 lbs
Leg curls:60 lbs
Dumbbell step ups:30 lbs
Straight leg dead lifts:55 lbs
Seated little moo moo raises 80 lbs
a ten was only achieved on the extensions, so next week I need to go up more than 2.5 lbs like I did this week. OUCH!
Grazing habits of the day:
4:30 protein shake, banana
7:30 ff cc,yogurt,almonds
10:30 turkey bacon wrap
1:30 chicken noodle soup(EFL) recipe
4:30 ffcc, rest of the yogurt,and almond brothers
7:30 chicken cooked in olive oil,cauliflower,northern beans
9:30 ff pudding and ff cool whip(like they had on the Biggest Loser)
Well guys that's about it, and sorry it took me so long to type this out, but like I said, this thing is a tee tad different.I hate change lol.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Got up at 3a.m. to do abs and the dreadmill. G0t 1.87 miles in 20 minutes. I don't know if and when I'll be able to break the 2 mile mark. I tried blogging from work but it denies me access, even though I can read them I also can't respond to them. Anyway that's about it.
Have a good one everyone!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Got got got no time

Where did it all go today, the time that is.Got home at 7a up at 10:30a and now it's time to wind down. Nothing important to report in the wide world of animal and human behavior on the compound. So we'll get right to the nitty gritty.
Chest and Back:week 6, 3 sets of 12 reps or until failure
Lying pull over:57.5 lbs
Back shrugs:42.5 lbs 1st two sets, 45 lbs 3rd set
Decline dumbbell press: 60 lbs 2 sets, 3rd set only 6 reps to failure
Bent row palms in: 47.5 lbs
Seated lat raises: 27.5 lbs
Flies (in the vaseline jar):1 set 12 reps, 2nd set 8 reps, 3rd set 7 reps.
Push ups close grip: 3sets of 15 reps
It was a great workout felt by all witnessed by none... well except for the pupperdoodles. C.J. likes to come to the gym lol.
Now for the nutrition part:
1:pm protein shake with a banana
4:pm salad, 4 oz New York Strip, and a I yam am what I yam (sweet potatoe)
7pm cottage cheese and an apple
9:30 pm Fiber One cereal and ff milk.
I have to work O.T. the next 2 days so I don't know if I'll have time to post, but I plan to get up at 3 a.m. and do abs and the Dreadmill and then go to work. Have a great one!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dread to tread

Today was cardio and the dreaded treadmill. It is a ripper as far as I'm concerned. I did(or it did me lol) 1.8 miles and burned 239 cals in 20 minutes. My goal for the next few weeks will be 2 miles and 250 cals.It should be a daunting task, but I'm up for the challenge.
I am not enjoying the new addition(C.J.the puppy) I have to keep a constant eye on her. She is chewing everything in site, including my feet.We are working on the word "NO" today and it isn't going well. It is like having a 2 year old child around. Luckily we are locked in the living room which was originally our porch, then the living room, then the computer/ excercise room , now back to a living room/computer room/ semi kennel, lol. Oh well , it'll get better.
O.K., the excercise portion has been addressed, now for the meat and potatoes of our healthy lifestyle!
2:15 p.m. Protein shake, with nat. p.b. and banana
crap I forgot the banana, hold on..... now I'm eating the banana..no wonder the shake was rather bland.
The rest is planed
4:30 p turkey bacon ww wrap
7:30 p ff cc and fruit
10:30 p Eating For Life leftovers in the freezer(trust me guys ,buy the book, when you make the dinners there's plenty left to freeze . I have many choices to pick from, so I just put "EFL leftover" in my journal and go look in the freezer.
1:30 a nuts and some carrots
4:30 a ff cc and fruit
Well that should do it, LATER!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Do I have to do this?

Boy, I feel so blah right now. The only reason I am doing this today is for the accountability it gives me. I think the other blog has all this guy bashing and hormone stuff going on and they are sending me these sypathetic type vibes so I might know how they feel and will be more compassionate towards the opposite sex in these dire times. Luckily they haven't vexed me with those cramps they all talk about, or lack of desire to have sex or the need to want to become a priest, but I SWEAR they are sending something my way lol. Or could it be graveyards?Enough said, and let's get down to business.
Shoulders and arms:
Week 6 3 sets, 12 reps or until failure:
Shoulder shrugs 60 lbs
Front raises 27.5 lbs, a ten was hit!
Bent over raises: 27.5 lbs 2 sets, 3rd set 30 lbs
Triceps kick back:32.5 lbs, felt a ten coming!
Seated curls:37.5 lbs 1st set, 6 reps 2nd set, dropped to 35 lbs for 4 reps, 4 reps each for 3rd set at 35, 32.5 and 30 lbs. It just kicked my butt today!
Lying triceps extension: 20 lbs and another ten!
Incline 1 arm curl:35 lbs only 8 reps left arm 2nd set, 6 reps left arm 3rd set.
Reverse wrist curls: 12.5 lbs
Well I hit a couple of tens and I hit fatigue on several others. The weight was bumped up 2.5 lbs from almost everything last week.And to add insult to injury I had to make up the ab routine I missed yesterday:
Vacuums 2 sets of 15
Reverse sit up same with 15 lbs
leg thrusts 2 sets of 15 no weight yet!
Weighted crunches 2 sets 15 reps 40 lbs
Weighted leg up crunches same
Weighted twisting crunches same
Weighted twists same
As far as fuel for today
2:30p.m. protein shake w/ 2 scoops of protein powder, 1 banana, 2 tbsp of nat. peanut butter
The rest is planned foods:
4:30p egg whites w onion, jal, salsa on a ww wrap
7:30p lettuce salad and tuna and an apple
10:30p EFL spaghetti AGAIN
1:30a ff cc and yogurt
4:30a ff cc and an orange
7 :00a ff skim milk and fiber one cereal
That's all folks.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Only a Face.....

I hope I posted the right end of this child. She is so butt ugly I don't really know which end is which until feeding or pooping time.She's been here almost a week and has been a pleasure so far. Anyway speaking of pleasures... right, it was treadmill day. Since we have ethe excercise room all set up now, I thought I would give each cardio machine a weeks worth of my time, so this week it was the treadmills' turn.I did the HIIT 20 minute routine went 1.8 miles and used up 219 cals.It totally kicked my butt. Goals will to get to 2 miles in 20 minutes and burn 250 cals, so we'll see. I think I'm going to dislike this one though lol.
As for the eats, it's going to look like alot, but I start nights so I have more time to munch!
9:30am protein shake and banana
12:30pm 2 ww tortillas, with onion, picante sauce,2% pepper jack cheese and
turkey bacon
The rest of the day is planned:
1pm to 4 pm power nap, yeah baby(favorite excercise lol)
4:30pm tuna wrap
7:30pm ff cc and an apple
10:30Ppm chicken, brocolli, and rice
1:30 am ff cc and yogurt
4:30 am myoplex power bar
7:am ff skim milk and Fiber one bran cereal
7:30am passed out!
Well that's it for today and actually tomorrow a.m.
Have a good one and ya'll come back now ya hear!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Week 6

This is week 6 after taking a week off because of our Vegas trip. I started to eat on plan Thursday but didn't start the excercises until today. I had to work this weekend so nothing strange happened in zooland. As for doing anything around here lately I just haven't had the motivation.I need to get started on some of my yard art ideas so I can have things to look at while I mow. My latest thought is to make a few of those Maori Easter Island heads out of some blocks of styro- foam I have and set them out in certain areas. Last year I took a dead palm tree turned it upside down where the root ball looked like a big pile of frizzy hair and carved a simple face on it and named him Mr. Wilson. I have him standing guard at the entrance of the gate to our reflecting area by our pond.
Now for something completely different: The workout!
Week 6; 3 sets at 12 reps or until fatigue:
Leg extensions:130 lbs 2 sets, 140 lbs 3rd set
Leg curls:57.5 all 3 sets
Dumbbell stepups and feel the pain:27.5lbs each hand all 3 sets
Straight leg dead lifts:50 lbs 3 sets
Seated calf raises:75 lbs 3 sets
Next week we drop to 8 reps and try to go up on weight.
Food for the day:
9a protein shake with 15 ozs of ff lactose free milk(does it have anything in it after all that lol!)
11:30a myoplex bar and a apple(went to a mechanic so I wasn't home to make something)
2p ff cottage cheese, with a cup of ff yogurt
4:30 p 9( planned) salad with tuna.
7p (planned) EFL turkey meatballs and spaghetti.(Yes ladies, when I'm on my days off I cook for me and the Mrs.)
9:30p (planned) ff cc and a portion of frozen mixed berries.
Well that should do it. I need to get things prepared for tonights dinner and go feed animals. If you see anything wrong with my meal plans don't hesitate to ask or make suggestions. I'm a guy, we don't do directions well as I mentioned in my other post, so I probably got this eating correctly thing down only half assed.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Critter of the Week

This is actually a 2 fer critter week. The one on the left is the newest addition, C.J. our English Bulldog(Latin name:canine smashed faced minimus) and the one in the middle is Abby our Boxer(Latin name: canine digup the yard to the maximus). We named C.J. in memory of Susan's mom(Carole Joy)who passed away on Sept. 27th of this year.And of course the one on the right is me, you host for this afternoon.C.J. also has a nickname. We call her squatty body because of the way she is built.
Well as you know by now we didn't hit it rich so we didn't get to meet, but there's Feb. so hopefully then.
And now for the good stuff. Since Monday I haven't excercised and eating has been bad, bad ,bad.The excercise routine will start back up promptly Monday morn at 08:00, and as for the eating, I started back to plan today and already feel much better. Beware of the buffet, it is a force not to be messed with!Especially in Vegas!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

No Luck

Needless to say I didn't get to meet any of you guys, so you know that means we didn't fare so well. Oh well, maybe next time!
Other than that I probably won't be able to post when I work day shift because they have changed our relief times. Even though I get to sleep in an hour later, I won't get home until 7:30 p.m. and after I workout, eat and shower, it's bed time. Such is the life when you work 12 hour shift.At least I only work the daylight shift 7 days a month.
I start days tomorrow so I won't be on until Monday. So, until then take care and I'll try to post a critter for the week.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ta Ta

Mr. Cook's blog will not be posting until Thursday, Nov. 10. He is going on a three day excursion of R&R.When he gets back, he will post his animal of the week, as he knows you are all patiently waiting to meet their next child.Of course if he wins big he might not be able to post until Friday. If he wins really big, he might post Mon, Tues, or Wed,.If he wins big assed Texas big, then he'll fly you all to Vegas, and tell you all about it in person.Hope to meet you in person soon, lol.
Anyway, God bless, eat well, hit those tens, have fun, live large!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Smarter than the average bear

Today was worming day for the outside livestock. Plus we wanted to move Zoe(miniature Zebu cow) in with Zack and Zena so when the baby sitter comes to feed while we're in Vegas, she doesn't have to come in contact with those three at feeding time.And usually feeding time is much like free day for a BFLer. Just lead them to the trough and the rest is history.But for some reason when it comes to worming and moving them they sense something and it becomes an all out pain in the ass. LLamas won't go where they're suppose to, cows try to get in where we need the llamas to go, chickens are scattering willy nilly trying not to get stepped on, the horse is trying to get into eveyones prepared feed, the camel does his best impression of Chewbacca bellering(that's actually where they got Chewi's vocalizations from in Star Wars)and Susan and I are just trying to get out of this without being kicked ,stepped on,pooped on, spit at, or slobbered on. Well ,we were smarter than them today and finally succeeded and all is back to normal.
After that it was off to the bird show. This is more like a Parrots are Us for the birds. They were all due for some new toys and everyone got something to chew on.This will keep them occupied for the few days we are gone and the babysitter doesn't have to battle with getting their water and food bowls out of their cages at feeding time. Yes, they are like dealing with children, you have to be smarter than them and you have to be constantly on your toes.If not someone gets out and then the party is on. Ever see how fast a macaw can destroy a piece of wood? Fastest event ever recorded by man, lol. And now for what you have been waiting for! Cardio and flAbs:
Ab Workout: 2 sets 15 reps
Vacuums 2sets, 15 reps
Weighted reverse sit ups: same with 15 lbs
Leg thrusts same ,no weights
Weighted crunches:same(set and reps wise) with 40 lbs
Weighted leg up crunches: same
Weighted twisted sister crunches: same
Weighted twists:same
After ab w/o I did the recumbant for 20 minutes and chewed up 246 cals.
All in all it was a good workout and a good ending for week 5 of challenge 4 .
Next week, week 6 the routine will stay at 3 sets of 12 for weights, will just try to go up on some of the weight when possible.
Well that's it , and hopefully when I get back from Vegas I'll be wealthier and more importantly, smarter!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Like we need another one

Went to visit our newest addition last night and she is a neat little something. She's an English bulldog and is so ugly, she's cute. She's has the build of a bowling ball and is about as clumsy as one. She is a very friendly and affectionate little girl. When she comes home next Thursday we'll see what I have to write about then. We might be doing a blogger auction lol. Anyway let's get to what pains me : The workout for today OUCH. Again 5th week, 3 sets of 12 reps for Chest and Back:

Lying Pullover: 55 lbs

Middle Back Shrugs:40 lbs 1st two sets, 42.5 3rd set

Decline Dumbbell Press:60 lbs, 3rd set only 8 reps(to failure)

Bent Over Row(palms in):45 lbs

Seated Lat Raise:20 lbs 1st set, 22.5 2nd set, 25 lbs 3rd set

Flies:50 lbs, 3rd set 8 reps(to failure)

Push ups(close grip)12 reps 1st set, 9 reps 2nd set, 10 reps 3rd set

Well that was it for todays' extreme workout. Still feeling the effects in my chest. Eating has been on plan, except we had a Greek salad at Express Cafe, and even though the salad was on target, I think there was way too much Olive oil on it.

We are headed to Vegas Sunday through Wednesday so in the tradition of being so anal about how I eat and excercise, and the fact my best friend is meeting us there and I promised him I would be normal, all along thinking I could sway him towards proper nutrition and checking out the gyms in Vegas,I think I'll say when in Rome..... do it to the maximus!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

3rd time's a charm

Well for the third time in less than 2 months the home gym has moved to it's new digs. I started in Jan. working out to what we now refer to as the purple room.We had mom's equipment in the add on(a room we built when we lived in a mobile home). Then I glassed in our porch and for awhile it was our living room that looked out towards our pond and the avairies I built for some of our parrots(referred to as the Parrot's Hilton). We moved our excercise equipment into that room a couple of months ago. The view was awesome and I also had a big screen T.V. to watch VH1 while I worked out. Last we our garage apartment became empty so it was decided to move all of ours and mom's equipment into there. While it feels more like a gym, the view ain't what it used to be. I can see bits of the pond aand I have a full view of the Hilton, but watching macaws breed doesn't entice one to hit those tens! Maybe it'll get better, just need to give it time. As for the t.v., it's small, no dish service and have a little old radio to listen to. Oh well I'm not over there that long and I'll adapt.
Anyway to the good stuff:did cardio on the recumbant, and again it was a ripper. I never thought I would miss that ellitical but I DO! Next week I'll try the treadmill.Well see how I like that.

Eating again has been on plan, of course when I start posting that we'll see what everyone thinks.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Boy George

This is Boy George, no not the singer from the eighties with Culture Club. This Boy George is our Cardinal Lory(Latin name:Nibbilus on the Earlobe Maximus).his time out is spent with me in the afternoon when Susan is feeding the other parrots and I'm doing some computer time. He's a little pest and is viscous towards the other macaws.He attacks anything shiney andloves to hop on the keyboard while I type. After he gets worn out he sits on my shoulder and nibbles at the back of my ear.As you can see he's no bigger than my hand, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in his antics.He is fed nectar and fruit, and will sometimes eat pellets. The bad thing about all lories is that they squirt when they poo, so they can be very messy. Well that show cases another one of our children for the week. Now to the serious stuff.
Shoulders and arm routine:
All were done with 3 sets and 12 reps or until fatigue
Shoulder Shrugs;55 lbs, 3rd set 60 lbs
Front Raises:25 lbs
Bent Over Raises:25 lbs
Tricep Kickback:30 lbs
Seated Curls:35 lbs, only 9 reps 3rd set.but finished with 6 more reps at 30 lbs
Lying Tricep Extensions:15lbs 1st set 17.5 lbs 2nd and 3rd set
Incline 1 arm Curl:35 lbs, 3rd set dropped to 30 lbs for 12 reps.
Reverse Wrist Curls:10 lbs.
So there you have it, it was a great workout and I'm looking forward to getting those weights up as the reps decrease. Eating has been on plan so far, and last night I made the EFL chicken minestrone and it was excellent.I even had it again for lunch today. And forgive me for the spelling, Boy George has been all over this keyboard lol.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

How I Got My Title Back

Jess helped me. It was my birthday present and it is a good one isn't it. And I got full use out of trying to unwrap it. Took me two days and still didn't get it, but Jess saved the day, and now I feel happy, just sitting here looking at my new present. Isn't it so cool.My title!
Today was cardio. After Susan's mom left us for a much better place, we have turned her area into the excercise room. It is the garage apt. and is a 16x16 room. We have an elliptical, a treadmill, and a recumbant bike. After I did my ab routine over in the big house, I finished up the routine with HIIT cardio on the recumbant. That 20 minutes was hell, and I didn't even hit it as hard as I did almost a year ago. Wow I wonder what the treadmill will have in store for me.
Meals were on time today and healthy, even though I didn't plan ahead to what I would have.I just follow the fail safe foods when I don't plan. Well I need to go grocery shopping. I am going to make the Eating For Life chicken minestrone. MM GOOOOD!