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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Daisy Mae: 1998-2007

I was hoping that I would get to video blog everyone before I would have to post that we lost one of our special pets. Yesterday, Susan had to make the heartbreaking decision to put our beloved English Mastiff down. She had a good long life in big dog terms, but to ease her suffering,a decision was made so she wouldn't be pain any longer. She ended up with tumors in her lungs and pneumonia. She will be missed.
Daisy was our Alpha "B" amongst our 3 girls, but she would also protect them. At her prime she weighed 150 lbs and was the runt of the litter. Her parents weighed over 200lbs apiece. She was a house dog at first but had a bad habit of wanting out at night, going for a swim in the pond, and then wanting back in only to shake off and hop into bed with us. She was a little large for our 700 sq ft garage apt. we lived in at the time. When we built the house and was cleaning the garage apt we found all this brown splatter on the walls and ceilings and figured out it was dried slobber residue from when she would shake her head. So we decided for sure she would have to stay outside.
Her nicknames were slobberjaws which speaks for itself and we also called her thumperditty, for the druming sound her tail made when she would wag it and it would hit things like the wall the side of the car.
There are so many more memories I could share but I figured I'd share a few.
Got to go... an emergency... will finish.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Christa, this bud's.... er I mean, this bird's for you

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Boy George

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Toy

I thought this was such a cool idea. I could take all the pics I wanted, but to be able to hear her rumble was just awesome. I really hated to sell this car, but it needed to be done. The gentleman that's buying it is planning to fully restore it and said I can take Susan out for dinner in it once it's done. My next few videos will be with some of the kiddos. I need to use this or I'll loose what I have been taught,lol.

First video blog

And wow was this tough. Hopefully I'll get better at this and will try to post some with the kids, kinda like the Croc hunter,lol. A special thanks goes out to Danielle who has been kind enough to lend me her time to walk me through this endeavor.
Convert a truck to veggie oil... no problem. Wrestle animals to give them their meds... I'm your guy. Build a barn... give me a call, but when it comes to this computer stuff, I'm in trouble,lol. Anyway Dani, thanks and how easy is it to carry this laptop and set it up outside to do animal shots,lol. If Susan only knew what I do when she's not around!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Everyone likes a little ass

This a pic of our miniature donkeys. It was taken 2 Christmas's ago. The one in the front is Ariel and the one in the rear is her mother Deanna. We have had these girls for about 7 years. We took home Ariel when she was weaned and two years later brought her mother home. They have crosses running down their backs are said to be the type that were at the manger when baby Jesus was born. They are as friendly as dogs, but get into everything and typically run all the other animals out to steal their food. They are pigs.
Everything else is going great! Just figured it was time for an animal post.
Have a great week!