Our zoo

Saturday, April 28, 2007

My biweekly post.

First, I want to thank everyone for their comments about our losing Little Bit. I went out to tell Rocky each time and he replied with either "Peek a Boo" or "I love Rocky". Those are the only two things that he says that we can understand, but I think he was saying thank you too. Even though the macaws mate for life, if they lose a mate they will take another. It just takes some time. Susan and I have decided that we don't want to try and pair him off again and after his quarantine is up will move him back inside.
Susan started her lessons with her personal trainer last week. Her broken toe has healed enough that she is able to give it a 100 percent. I am really excited to see how she will progress with this. I'm on my tenth challenge, but at this point I can honestly say it's a part of my lifestyle, but still call them challenges to keep it trackable... if that makes sense. Right now I really enjoy working out at the Y and haven't used my home gym unless I'm working nights.
I have a new stone head out on the lawn. He is the warder off of all evil,lol. I rigged up some solar lights that flash and put them in as eyes. He looks pretty scarey at night. I just hope someone doesn't steal him. I guess if they did, he didn't do his job very well then,lol.
Other than that, the truck is pushing 30,000 miles running on used vegetable oil. I think it smells more like steak on the grill versus french fries and it still fascinates me that I am doing this. Susan and I looked at the 2007 Jeep Cherokee Limited last week. It came out with a diesel engine, so the salesman thought it odd that I was crawling under the truck(looking for a good place for a veggie fuel tank) instead of wanting to ride in it. We'll see how that goes.
On the zoo front, we are looking at getting a couple of Barbado sheep. We should have them by next week. We sold 5 swans and both pairs are on the nests again.
I guess the only other thing is that Susan and I are discussing the idea of letting someone live in the garage apt. We will let them live there rent free and in return we hope to get some help mowing and taking care of our children when we go on vacation.
Hope everyone is doing great and living life to it's fullest!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rest in Peace Little Bit.

We lost one of our macaws yesterday. When Susan went out to feed them she noticed Little Bit didn't fly over to the feed bowl and bully her mate Rocky away from the feed bowl. Susan found her at the bottom of the aviary. She was a Yellow Collared macaw and is referred to as a mini macaw because of their smaller size. We hand raised her when we got her in 1992 and paired her off with Rocky four years later. We think Rocky is around 35 years old, and although Little Bit layed several cluthches of eggs, we think Rocky didn't know what to do or was infertile. They still were a great pair together. I feel so sorry for Rocky and after we wait a month (to make sure Little Bit didn't have something) we will probably bring Rocky back in the house. He can still be handled and we feel this is what's best for him.
You never realize how much a pet touches your life until you lose them. When Susan and I were remembering her past it also brought up a lot of other good memories we have shared together during that same time.
Thanks for letting me be a part of your life Little Bit. You make it that much better. Rest in peace my little friend, you will be missed.