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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Name that bird

Here's a visitor that frequents our ponds. For some reason the swans allow this guy to hang out. And this is not a flamingo,lol.
I'm in week 5 of C7 and things are going well. Measured Sunday and here are some of the changes since last month:
wt: down 3 lbs- 165 to 162
neck up 1/8 inch to 15 1/8
bi's up 1/8 to 14 1/8
chest dropped an 1/8 to 38 3/8
thighs up an 1/8 tpo 23 1/2
calves up a 1/4 to 15 1/4
forearm up an 1/8 to 11 3/4
So all in all 4 weeks into the modified Jim Stonemuscle Head build up the beef routine I would say is still successful as I'm still gaining inches. Now not enough to compete in anything mind you , but enough to keep pushing on.
As far as the venture on running my truck on veggie oil , I'm still waiting for the unit to arrive. Jason(the inventor)had some bad pumps come in and he emailed me to tell me it would be another week. So I've continued my quest on collecting more oil. I also started running my truck on a 1/3 blend of biodiesel. After this tank I'm running right now, I'll go to a 2/3 blend. The truck is running good on it, but it was recommended to run 3 - 1/3 tanks of bio because I have 230,000 miles on my truck and the bio will clean the tank and lines and I would have some filter issues if I ran full tanks of it right off the bat.
Now as far as Daisy, our mastiff goes, she is a sweet dog and actually very shy. But she is intimidating and that's what we wanted, living out in the country. Kinda like a first line of defense. By the way, her nickname is slobber jaws and when she shakes her large gourd, be prepared to run, it's nasty,lol.
Well, I hope you guys are all eating right and hitting the gym routinely.And please remember what Erin said in her blog, stay cool and drink plenty of fluids in this heat!


  • At 6:09 AM, Blogger Big Mofo said…

    You know Troy ...your modified program looks like it is kicking arse ... you need to start calling it "zooman's pump up" or something like that.
    It's your baby, man !

  • At 1:34 PM, Blogger Karenna said…

    Oops, I already spoiled your quiz on my site yesterday. But there's something for you to see there ...

  • At 8:19 PM, Blogger Irene said…

    That's a cool bird. It's a spoon billed something or other.... Saw your comments on Pamela's blog, just thought I'd stop by and say hi.

  • At 8:11 AM, Blogger Jen said…

    we have those birds in FL too. they're really pretty.


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