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Sunday, October 30, 2005

"Mama said son you gonna drive me to drinkin, if you don't stop drivin that HOT ROD LINCOLN. Actually it's a 66 Vette stingray. It's one of my interests and it is currently and slowly being restored. We try to take it out for a Sunday drive, but being the unordinary people we are , instead of going to a drive in for lunch, we'll go to the feed store for some cattle wormer and chicken scratch. This is also a blogger excercise where I used the camera, took my own pics, downloaded said camera, was able to for the second time in a week post a pic on my blog and type a little blurb! And I didn't read instructions, well maybe a tad. But I did it without emailing Jess or asking Susan. Well I asked Susan 2 questions , what are you going to do ? Shoot me. Anyway there it is, and now to decide whether to go back to it's original color: Butternut Yellow blech, I DON'T THINK SO !


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