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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Week 8, day 55 challenge 6

Yesterday was a good day . Got a lot of stuff done. Went to my eye exam and passed that test, lol. then I got back home and stared trimmimg all the dead growth on all the plants and trees in the front yard. I started to cut down a dead tree from a lightninng strike, but my chain was worn out. And Jess, my neighbor came over and helped me move the three boulders with his front end loader. That was a chore in itself. I don't know what I was possibly thinking when I bought them and thought I could move them onto the rock garden by myself. After that I cooked dinner and then we cleaned bird cages and called it a day.
The exercises:
Warm up; hack squats-10,8,5,3 reps @80,80,120,130 lbs
Real deal; hack squats-8,8,6,6 reps @170 lbs
Leg extensions-10,10,8 reps @ 175 lbs
Power clean - 5,5,5 reps @ 105 lbs, first set only 4 reps
1 legged curl-10,10,8,8, reps @ 60 lbs
Romanian dead lift-8,8,6,6 reps @ 137.5 lbs
The chow:
1- Fiber one and ff skim milk, an apple
2-whey and ff skim milk
3- ffcc and yogurt
4-1 ww tortilla, chicken, spinach, carrots
5- Chilean sea bass, ww coos coos, salad
6-ffcc with a tbsn of cocoa
Decent day of chores with a good workout and some healthy grub makes for an all around great day. Hope all of y'alls was great.


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