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Monday, May 15, 2006

Week 7 day 52, Saturday

Leg day was Saturday, and yesterday was free day. Sat. we went to Huntsville to deliver a floating dock I made so our friends can feed their black swans off of it. Those are the swans we traded for the llama.That's also the foam stuff I do all my carvings from.
Leg Day:
Warm ups:standing barbell raises:10,8,5,3 reps-100,100,135,145 lbs
standing barbell raises:12,12,10,10 reps- 170 lbs
sitting calf press:10,10,8,8- 197.5 lbs
1 leg standing dumbbell raise:15,15,15 reps- 82.5 lbs
Ab boot camp-3 reps
Cardio- 10 minutes on the recumbant
Feeding frenzy:
Well the day started off good
1-egg beaters with ham ,olives,onion,jalapenos, swiss cheese, 1 multigrain pancake, with s.f. syrup
2-OOOOPS- BBQ sandwich(1.5 of them... I showed some restraint,lol) with a handful of Fritos. Hey, I was in Huntsville!
3-4 oz of beef jerkey, banana
4- 3 turkey dogs, with .5 cup of wolf brand turkey chili, EFL fries, and EFL cole slaw, 1 slice of Jarlsburgh cheese.
5- OOOOPS- 1 cup of reduced sugar icecream with a fourth of a cup of chocolate chips. Hey at least when I eat bad I still measure it out ,lol.
Oh well, it's hard to eat right on a day travel,today's a new day!
Hope all you gals had a great Mother's Day, and I hope all you guys made sure of it! Have an awesome Monday y'all!


  • At 7:11 PM, Blogger coco said…

    for eating badly, that looks really good! man, you've had a lot of cars. glad to hear your bfl is still going great. keep up the hard work and enjoy your time off~


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