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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Week7 Day51

I'm on my seven days off so hopefully I'll get to post a little often. Of course with the warm weather I'll be spending a lot of time doing yard stuff.
Remarks to last post;
Tom it was the Beatles song, and regretfully I forgot to add the V.W. bug. I bought it from my dad, and traded it for a pool table when I bought my first house.
Jim: the Nova, which the day dad took me to buy it he bought a 1974 Corvette with a 454 in it. Anyway I had blown the tranny in the Nova and a guy I was running around with at the time wanted to buy it. We went to an apartment complex and he stole a transmission from a van and put it back into the car. I sold it to him for 800 bucks and after 6 months never had made a payment. I had a spare set a keys and stole it back from him and sold it again. This became the demise for my Trans Am . Where ever I moved to or was he would find that car and bust the windshields out. After a year of that I finally sold that car for junk and never did get to whip that MF's ass. I think he's in the pen!
Jess: thanks for being you and being there. You are my blog rock,lol and you do rock.
The workout: Jim I'm still hanging in there !
Warm up:
Shoulder Press: 10,8,5,3, reps - 70,70,95 102.5 lbs
Shoulder Press: 8,8,6 reps at 125 lbs
Upright Row: 10,10,10 reps at 87.5 lbs
Front raises: 10,10,10 reps at 42.5 lbs
Rear raises : 10,10,10 reps at 35 lbs
Triceps push down:10, 8,8 at 75 lbs
Tricep overhead extension: 10,8,8, reps at 72.5 lbs
All of above exercises were performed on the machine .
To finish off I did 15 reps at 52.5 lbs standing tricep extensions.
Before I did my routine I went to the rock yard and bought 3 800 lb boulders to decorate an area with. Of course I couldn't move them. But I went back and bought 2900 lbs of flagstone and unloaded it before my w/o. After my w/o we went to go get a horse for our friends to keep here. So it was a busy day.
The eats:
Unfortunately unlike the exercise there are no warm up meals,lol.
1- cereal, lf milk, banana
2-ffcc, apple, strawberries
3-whey, milk, banana
4- nuts, apple
5- grilled catfish, zuccinni and squash, baked potatoe- plain all the way!
6- ffcc, fiber one cereal.
Well that's about it. Jim after I knock out 12 weeks I'll post my starting weight versus weightt being lifted 12 weeks later. Should be interesting.
Hope everyone has a great day, and smile at a stranger!


  • At 5:41 AM, Blogger Pete said…

    Hi, thanks for visiting my blog, whatever happened to the corvette?

  • At 1:35 PM, Blogger Jess said…

    I would think unloading 2900 lbs of rocks would count as some sort of workout! DAYUM!


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