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Monday, January 30, 2006

Week 5 Day 29 Rip, splittin!

Nothing new to report except that I did my UBWO almost exclusively on the new gym and it was different. I will try to push it a little harder next week since I am still trying to figure out my weight load. It was difficult trying to set up my journal because I have done everything with dumbbells and to cross over to the gym I figured I'd just double the weight. It worked on some exercises and didn't on others.It was fun though and the feeling was different. I'm sore in different ways so it must work the body muscles in other ways.
Anyway the new lama we got yesterday is doing fine. He seems a little confused and rightfully so. His real name is Sha'me( short for Show Me), but here on the blog we can refer to him as The Dali, til I can convince Susan that's what his new name is,lol.I'll probably put Dottie (short for www.dottie .com)out there with him and then they'll become a pair. Hmmm Dali and Dottie, that'll work. Hey ,how come Dottie did that underline thing in blue?
To Bev- the Dali has all your answers.
To Jim- I'll be a judge for some of that there cheese cake bribe! Of course the 9's happen when I'm on long change (7 days off), because I'm well rested and focused. About the blogs where we wonder what are friends sound like when we read their posts or comments, you will always have Arnold's voice when I read your stuff! That's the gov. Arnold, not the one on Green Acres, lol.
And now for the stuff :
Flies: 80lbs 85,90,100,90
Decline Bench: 150 lbs
Upright and uptight row: 60, 62.5,65,67.5,65
Rear deltoid row: 20 lbs(I know what your thinking, but you should see the way I have to do this one here, it's a butt ripper, underwear splitter!)
Narrow grip pulldown: 50 lbs,60,70,90,100(one of the ones I was discovering how much to do)
Chester cheetoe row: 100 lbs
Tricep pushdown: 40,42.5,45,47.5,45
Tricep kick back: 20 lbs(I know, Iknow, but you got to see how this works, it's another rip snorting splitter!) Damn machines!
Hammer Curl: Ahh ! the old dumbbell way, 27.5 lbs, 30,32.5 35, 32.5
Reverse Curl: 30 lbs ouch! back on the machine, but at least I ain't all hunkered over like I don't know what the hell I'm doing!
It was a great workout, it was fun, different and I think in the long run I am going to get some excellent results!
Eats for the Day:
Crapolla, I'm out of time, got to go feed animals, shower prepare the grub for tonight, get ready for work. I wish I could type better and faster!
Anyway all meals will be BFL or EFL friendly and approved, I might try to eat more protein though!
See y'all tonight !


  • At 6:52 PM, Blogger coco said…

    just stopping by to say hi. good job keepin after the bfl. i think i need to be enlightened about the dali. is she/he just a pet or are you raising her for another purpose?


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