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Monday, January 09, 2006

Week 2 day 8, burn baby, burn

Today was a day off from work for me so I had some stuff to try to take care of. I needed to catch the baby swans to pinion them, but they came nowhere near land, so I didn't get that done. But I found the biggest snake I have ever seen here, in the pond, and I didn't catch him either. I am probably going to have to shoot him, because I can't get nowhere near him. Then I went and talked to a guy about spraying one of the styrofoam Easter Island monolith heads I am carving. He is going to use the same stuff they sprayed in my pickup bed(bedliner spray).I did a test with a small sample and it didn't melt the styrofoam, so hopefully I 'll finish my first one in a couple of weeks. And now the only reason anyone would want to read this stuff:
Mega routine: sounds large doesn't it,
Leg day:
Leg extensions: 140lbs,150,160,160,160(out of room to add more weight)
Db squats: 80lbs
Db Straight leg grateful dead lift: 40lbs,50,60,70,60
Db lunges: 50 lbs, only got 9 repd in people!
Db 1 legged calf raise: 50lbs,60,70,80,70,
Db angled calf raise: 80lbs
Bent knee leg raise12 reps, 10,8,6,12
Decline sit up and take notice: 12
Not a bad workout, broke a sweat, said a few choice words, and was licked to death again while doing my mat work. Bulldogs and abs just don't mix,lol.
10a protein shake, banana
1p egg beaters, ham, spinach scrambled on a tortilla and a half a slice of 2% pepper jack be nimble cheese
4p sliced chicken, pepper jack cheese, rolled every so neatly, yet tight, so as not to bruise the delicate choice cuts of meat, and a bruised up ol apple.
7p EFL MEAT and johnBARLEYcorn soup
9:30p cottage cheese
10:30 dreaming about a Dairy Queen butterfinger blizzard(no fat,no cals, no harm!)
The last three, of course, are planned.
Thanks for your continued support, and let's keep up the intensity and burn, baby!


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