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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Susan had to work until 11p last night, so she didn't get her cardio in. I t also made me realize with her not being home how much she does for me when we both work on days together( I only work 7 days , 7 nights and off for 14days in a month).On those 7 days we work she comes home, feeds the barn animals, feeds the swans(22 different ponds), feeds the outside parrots, on Tuesday's and Fridays, changes the papers in the inside parrots cages(7 cages inside),feeds the inside parrots, feeds the dogs, feeds the fish, and cooks us dinner. She gets home at 5:30p and I get home at 6p, and for almost a year I came home , worked out, ate and did the computer and then we stayed up with the parrots until 10p.Well I had to do that last night and it kicked my ass, and I didn't feed the parrots, since their routine was changed up they were trying to rip my fingers off when I got near their food bowls. They did let me change their water though.Anyway I was in bed at 9p totally exhausted. And now she is working out! Wow I thought I was sacrificing a lot, but after last night, I see who is really giving it their all. She is incredible and for that I feel I am an extremely lucky guy. That's why I can get up at 3a and workout. Any little thing extra I can do so she can have a good workout and take that little extra load off her plate. It's all about teamwork!
Allright enough about Susan, let's talk about me, lol!
The Routine: The last one like this, the new gym comes Saturday!
Leg Extensions: 140lbs, 155,160,170,160
DB Squats: 80lbs
DB Straight Leg Dead Lifts: 40lbs, 50,60,70,60
DB Lunges: 50lbs
1Legged Calf Raises: 50lbs,60,70,80,70
Angled Calf Raises; 80 lbs
Bent Knee leg lifts: 12 reps, 10,8,6,12
Decline Sit Ups: 12 reps
DB wrist curls: 12 reps, 20 lbs
The workout went well and I hit a few 10's this a.m.!
The Food:
4:30a protein shake and banana
7a ffcc, apple
10a 3egg beaters, turkey bacon, ww tortilla
1p turkey breast, brussell sprouts, beans
4p ffcc, orange
7p chicken, brocolli, bhutan red rice
9:30p ffcc
That should conclude another day, so you guys hit it hard and we'll see you on the fly!


  • At 7:14 AM, Blogger Thisisit! said…

    thats amazing! 22 ponds????!!!! The woman moooovvvvesss!


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