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Monday, January 16, 2006

Week 3 day 15, candle burning at both ends!

Starting day shift this week so I was up at 0300 and did my UBWO. I had a pretty good workout this morning and was able to finish most of my planned routine. With Susan holding strong in her routine it is even more important that I get my routine done in the a.m. so I can help out with the chores in the p.m. while she knocks out her routine.She has to work late Tuesday , so we will be doing the same routine again this week. So much for staying opposite each other so we can work out together, but sometimes thems the breaks!
DB Bench press: 45 lbs, 50,60,70,60
DB Flies: 45lbs
DB Shoulder press: 30lbs, 35,40,45,40
DB Side raises: 20 lbs
DB Rows: 50lbs, 60,65,70,65
DB Pullover: 65 lbs
DB Tricep extensions: 50lbs, 52.5, 55,60,55
DB 1arm extensions: 22.5 lbs,6reps, 20 lbs 6 reps
DB Seated curls:25 lbs, 27.5,30,32.5,30
DB Hammer curls: 30lbs
I hit it hard and worked up quite a sweat and really felt good about this workout. I am hoping this intensity will last for a while.
Eating for the day:
4:30 a whey shake and banana
7a ffcc, apple
10a turkey bacon wrap with half a slice of 2% pepper jack cheese and onion
1p chicken breast, fruit, and veggies
4p ffcc, ff yogurt
7p tuna, quinoa, steamed brussell sprouts
9:30p ffcc
That's about it for the day, and a good day indeed. You guys stay cool and hit it hard!


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