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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Week 4 Day24, Fire without Fuel

Today was my yearly physical. So in order to get accurate blood work done one must fast before blood is drawn. I didn't have a thing to eat this a.m. but I also thought I shouldn't take any of the suppliments I have been using the last several months.I take nitrix and no-explode pre workout, creatine post work out, then 6 to 8 hours later, and 2 more doses of nitrix throughout the day before a meal. I take 2- 12oo mg of a flax oil capsule along with 2-100mg fish oil capsule and a multiple vitamin.The nitrix, creatine and no-explode are all BSN products by the way.Anyway to my frickin point here, so I get up too early and get fidgitty and decide to go ahead and do my UBWO before my appointment at 9a. So I go into this thinking , well I'll just get it done without the no-explode and settle on a half assed routine.At least it will be done and I can piddle around home and felt like I've not wasted half the morning. Well it ended up being as good a workout as I have ever had.I was shocked! No little kick needed from the supps. I wonder if I'm wasting my money? I'll finish this challengee with them (8 more weeks), then the next challenge I'm dropping them and I'll measure and check everything to see if they are worth it or not! Hell I'm spending over a $100.00 a month on this stuff and I don't really know if they are worth it. I also told my doc and she didn't seem to thrilled, said she wanted to do a little research on them and get back with me. Should be interesting.
Same as last week but hit all repetitions except on triceps extension, where it should have been the last 12 reps and I only got 10 reps, and I went up to 2.5 lbs more on the side raises 12 times to 25 lbs.
10a eas bar
1p 6 egg whites, 2 ww tortillas, with onion, jalapenos, and 1 slice 2%pepper jack cheese
4p tuna, orange, cauliflower
7p turkey kielbasa, some type of grain that starts with an a,looks like quinoa(got both of those from a whole foods market), brussell sprouts, and asparagus
9p ffcc
Another day down another muscle exercised.
Have a great day!


  • At 5:25 PM, Blogger FV Tom said…

    Hey, I've been thinking about supplements myself. I only use Myoplex Delux post-weight workout. I'm glad to hear you talk about the kind of workout you had sans supps.

    And congrats on the increase in side raise weight!

    One last thing: I love real kielbasa. How is the turkey kielbasa?

  • At 5:39 PM, Blogger Jess said…

    Personally, I like the turkey kielbasa.

    Way to go on that workout, Troy! I have always wondered about the supps too. It'll be good if you can save yourself some money and continue to kick butt.


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