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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Day 11 Burning up(it's almost 80 degrees here lol)

O.K. first things first, one of our own, Lisa(Lady G, Goddessa), sure could use a little love and support! Please drop by and give it to her.Go Lisa! You can do this! Since, first and foremost this blog is about a healtier lifestyle I think we should stand by our friends through thick and thin.In about 12 weeks we will all be celebrating more new found successes in each and everyone of us.
Today is cardio and yes it is done. Another day another success. Hell, just getting out of bed off of graveyards is considered a success!
Anyway the poop:
Troy's steady state cardio routine(not BFL approved, sanctioned, or even thought about, just had to change it up a tad due to boredom and I didn't want to have to dust off the other cardio machines. I hate housework more than I do excercising, oh.......)
Cardio: bested calories burned on all 3 contraptions
elliptical :10 minutes 250 cals burned
recumbant: 10 minutes 155 cals slashed
dreadmill : 10 minutes 144 cals demolished
Well that's it , Mel, can't find my abacus, can you calculate for me again, lol
The Food:
Leftover EFL meals, and the usual fare of yogurt, ffcc, and fruits.
I'll get more specific again, but the menu looks the same when I work nights.
Other than that, Susan did her ubwo last night, and has only missed 1 day. It was cardio and she had to work almost 16 hours that day, so that was cool.
I don't know if she's enjoying it but she's sticking with it and has been adding weight to her routine!
That's all I got! Now go throw some support to Lisa!


  • At 2:17 PM, Blogger PartTimeMom said…

    go go go! both of you are doing awsome!

  • At 3:47 PM, Blogger FV Tom said…

    Hi Troy, slash/burn/demolish/destroy those calories!

    I "only" have three cars and my wife has one. I'm sort of the poor man's Jay Leno - have you seen his garage? It's in an industrial park. He has full-time hired help.

    I am coming to the realization that I have one too many cars so this spring I'll be selling Vern.

    My truck lives outside and we get the other three in the garage. That's part of the problem. Vern takes up my workshop/hideaway area. So if I want to play in the garage, I've got to move him out. And I've got to get my keyboard out if I'm going to learn piano before I die!

    You guys are doing awesome. If I hear of any internet ear-thumping devices, I'll be sure to let you know. I think, though, that Jeremy and I will move our blogs elsewhere!

    Be good.

  • At 6:30 AM, Blogger Goddessa said…

    Awwwwww Troy, Thank you so much for your support :) It means alot to know I have friends standing behind me. Thank you :D

    It sounds like your kicking some serious ass. Your on fire!!! You burned some major calories. 3 machines? WOW!!! Way to go!!!Stay strong my friend, Lisa

  • At 7:04 AM, Blogger Melanie said…

    Ooooooh.....abacus. Me likes those! Pretty colors.


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