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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Day 4, not a bad flame!

O.K. day 4 of the torch challenge has come and almost gone. I did the mid range intensity cardio. I bested the cals I burned again, not by alot but I did it. It was still a tough 30 minute workout. I will try this for 4 weeks, then probably go back to 20 min. HIIT.
Tonight when Susan gets home we'll do her LBWO. This will be her 1st LBWO so it will be interesting also.
For the eats today
10a whey shake your booty, banana, and skim milk
12:30p 3 egg beaters, 1 egg from the yard(yes I do eat the chickens eggs, you just don't name them so there is no FOWL committed lol)
4p sliced Boars head chicken,onion, jalapeno, 2% pepperjack cheese, mustard on a ww tortilla and a portion of raw carrots.
7p I am making a chef salad, with lettuce, spinach, and romaine, with sliced turkey meat, carrots , green onion, red onion, and low fat feta cheese. I use a fat free Italian and I fill the cap up 2 times spread it over the salad, chill it for 5 plus minutes and then the feeding frenzy begins. I learned that salad dressing trick reading a South Beach diet idea, I think?
9:30 p a portion of.... yes you guessed it again.... ff cottage cheese.
Well the last 2 meals haven't been done yet, and nothing is a guarantee, but I think I'll hold true to myself, and complete the day eating right.
Well, thanks for tuning in and ta ta for now, or is it I like big ta ta's now.
It's one of those two!


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