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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Week 3 day18 Still kickin!

Got up at 3:20 a to do the cardio thing. The cardio thing was done and I did better than the last session. Should we call it session or torture?Anyway it's done and for that I am grateful!
Susan worked late again last night, so she missed her lbwo. Even though that's 2 in a row I'm confident she will start back tonight! She's had a rough month at work, so I think she's done well so far. Well here's how it fell into place this a.m.
Cardio til you puke routine
10 min. elliptical 245 cals
10 min. dreadmill 148 cals
10 min. recumbent 154 cals for a 547 cal total burn!
30 total minutes of shear agony and exhaustion! Not really, just wanted some cheese with that whine.
Food Feeding Frenzy(FFF)
4:45a 2 scoops whey(O.N.) skim milk, banana
7:30a turkey bacon, 2% pepper jack cheese, ww tortilla, apple
10a egg beater omelet, ww tortilla, turkey bacon
1p chicken breast, Bhutan red rice, broccoli
4p ffcc, yogurt
7p something that I cooked from the EFL book and froze, but can't read the label on it(I think it's the chili con carne)
9p eas bar, ran out of ffcc, don't feel like going to the store on the way home!
I think that is it for another day. Hope ya'll are all hanging in there and still feel inspired. if anyone needs a little kick in the rear, holler and I'll be there to help!
Oh and by the way on that last post, it should have been 2 ponds not 22 like I typo'ed. Stupid parrots!


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