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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Week 2 day 13, burning the fat!

Here's one of the BFL baby swans after pinioning. It isn't anything like marble sack removal, but nonetheless, very traumatic for Susan and I, and maybe the babies.We had 5 born on Jan.3, so they are 11 days old today.We won't sell them until they are over 4 months old, so they have some growing up to do.BFL related to this is after we got all the babies pinioned I went to put them back with the parents who by now where totally freaking out. Well after I set them down by the pond I had to make a mad dash for my life because Emmitt(the male) was in hot pursuit of me with a full bore attack. Full grown swans have been known to break peoples arms, so when they are agitated, or threatened, they can become extremely aggresive.Hell you try taking away children from their momma's and see what can happen as far as bodily harm that could be afflicted on you.Anyway I'm making this mad dash and go to hop over a 3 foot fence and totally miss placed my hands for the leap. My hands missed the rail and as I tumbled forward my feet caught the rail, and I landed on my head and then my shoulders. Wow that hurt, and after about a half hour I had lumps popping up everywhere, skinned up areas that were throbbing and a big splinter in my hand.I think if I hadn't been doing BFL and had gotten myself into decent shape I could have hurt myself a lot more. Susan said had it not been for BFL I might not have been such an idiot and tried to jump over the fence!I'm bruised but not sore! Anyway let's talk turkey, the exercise turkey talk, lol
10 min elliptical 240 cals burned
10 min dreadmill 146 cals burned
10 min recumbant 151 cals burned
537 total, not as good as Thursday but close. Susan ellipticaled while I was doing my cardio, and we did look at each other twice in total admiration, but we were both in the zone, or in pain lol. She's still in the game!
10a whey and oatmeal shake
1p 3 egg beater and black bean chili omelet, with 1 multigrain pancake.
4p eas bar
6p 10 oz flounder, baked tater, grilled veggies
9p ff cc what else is there?
I believe that's all folks!
Have a great rest of the w/e


  • At 7:32 PM, Blogger Melanie said…

    TROY! What were you thinking? I hope that you are okay! Ice, ice, Baby!

  • At 3:43 AM, Blogger havlow said…

    Man that's funny!! I once tried to help a goose across the road as I was worried the morons on the road would just hit it and the damn thing jumped all over me and left me bruised all over my chest before it was done. Sadly I called out the rest of the day and had to make up a story about something...anything other than telling my co-workers I had been beaten up by a bird!!

    Sounds like your workouts are smoking there my man!! Keep it up!!

  • At 10:53 AM, Blogger PartTimeMom said…

    OMG what a tumble! I hope you're feeling better and no serious damage was done!


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