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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Day3, back to a flame!

The torch challenge, sounds like the boat races they used to have here in Clear Lake.Where as yesterday was like a bic lighter, today was more like a flame. Not the blow torch flame I like but it did have some intensity to it. I think good rest allowed for that.
First off: farm status 4 baby swans have hatched so far. I can't get good pics yet, but as soon as they get off the nest I'll post them. Oh and I got some good weight lifting done. Had to buy feed and hay and get that unloaded so that was a little body workout bonus lol.
O.K. on to why I post in the first place:

LBWO as instructed and followed in BFL!
Leg extensions: 160 lbs all 5 sets and reps. I'm out of space on my weight bench and can't fit anymore, but I still hit those required intensity levels
Dumbbell squats: 80 lbs
Straight leg deadd lifts: 40lbs, 50,60,70, then 60
Lunges: 50lbs, only 9 reps though:(
1 leg calf raises: 50lbs, 60,70,80,70
Angled calf raises: 80 lbs
Bent knee leg raises: 12reps, 10,8,6,12
Decline situps: 12 reps
It was a great workout, except for the ab work. The pup wouldn't leave me alone and was nibbling on my ear the whole time. It sure would be different if Susan was nibbling on my ear instead, but hey you can't have everything!
Wednesday at the trough:
Eating has been on plan, cooking dinner as we speak:
Tonights menu: Yellow fin tuna steaks, slightly shaken not stirred in a spicy array of Indian spices, steamed brocolli, and tabouleh, that bulgar stuff on one of the pages in EFL.
Well I'm eating good tonight, what about you guys!
Because I didn't do so hot on that today, lol.


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