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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone is getting what they were hoping for, a box of chocolates, a dozen roses, a take out gourmet dinner served at home :).
Love is in the air!
Just wanted to let those of you who are interested know that I put up another design on the Stonehead site. Take a gander and tell me what you think.
All is well here, except another bobble this week in my workout routine. Here I go and cut back to only cardio on the days I work(12 hour shifts) so it gives me time to do other things and can't even get that in. Oh well, progress is what I seek, perfection is what I aim for!
Later taters!


  • At 5:13 PM, Blogger Irene said…

    Happy Valentines Day to you, too! No chocolates or roses or dinner... Just time!

  • At 9:08 AM, Blogger Pamela said…

    Happy Valentine's to you too! hope you & your lovely got allthat you wanted too!
    Me it was Kisses( No not the chocolate type!) ...lots & lots! ;)

  • At 1:49 PM, Blogger KatieFeldmom said…

    Hope you have a great weekend. Love the Stooges shirt. Very clever.


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