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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Don't Trip Over the Guard Dog

Today is day 2 of C-7. To break the boredom of continuing a routine, I took Jim's routine and changed it up a tad. Today I did chest and calves. Also this routine goes by a little faster which is great because I need the extra time for chores and was starting to run out of daylight, so to speak. Here's how this new routine went and it only took 24 minutes:
Warm up: decline bench press10,8,5,3 reps at 100,100,120,130 lbs.
Instead of taking 60 secs between reps I did warm up calves in between the chest reps the same weight.I think this is called supersets and I did it through the whole routine.
Decline bench press: 6 reps 150 lbs
Calf press : 12 reps 197.5 lbs
Inline bench press: 6 reps 175 lbs
1 leg calf press: 12 reps 105 lbs
Pec flies: 6 reps 140 lbs
Calf raises: 12 reps 140 lbs
Then I finished it off with 15 pushups.
It was quick and painful (good pain), and we'll see what happens in 4 weeks.
The eating will still follow Eating for Life basics 40/40/20 ratio.
That's about it on the health front.
On the fuel front I have been talking to some references of people who use the Vegistroke (still sounds like a sex toy to me ,lol) waste vegetable oil system and today I went to talk to a guy who makes home brew biodiesel. Both are promising but I'm leaning toward the Vegistroke right now, but will definitely make bio in the near future.
So that 's about it for now!


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