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Friday, April 28, 2006

Week 5 day 37

Tonight when I get off work will be chest and ab boot camp. I've not missed a day on my new routine except for free day. The eating is at 90%, but like I have said before I think I have a little to give since I am trying to gain. Today we had physicals at work and my b/f was at 16% on their Tanita. I was 17.8 at thesports center, so that was close. I did the physical because of the bloodwork to check theliver panels again to see how they are. I still haven't tried any supps, not even whey, so I'm interested to see where they end up.
In other news Susan has started working out again, but the twins aren't cooperating and has been getting sore quickly. If she exercises tonight she'll have done 4 days in a row!
I brought 2 more Stone Heads to the bed liner guys to spray. I intend to put them up at the front gate and call them the Gate Keepers.
The bedroom is getting close to completion.
Other things in our local news: The YMCA they are building down the street(in the country down the street is 10 miles or less, this is 8.275 miles) is finally a go after 2 years. We have decided against putting in a swimming pool, especially due to the high utility bills and joining the Y and use their pool. I might also do my heavy lifting there if I find a workout partner.
Other than that, hope everyone has a great w/e.


  • At 3:40 PM, Blogger KatieFeldmom said…

    Troy, have a great weekend! Can't wait to see pictures of the Gate Keepers! And kudos to you for doing the Ab Boot Camp. That thing is a killer!


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