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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Day 6.

Started day shift on Friday,which is 12 hour days so my routine posted is what I did yesterday.Make sense?
O.K. to the cows, we call them the mini moo moo's. I had two of them dehorned last week and since I am always in the need of a little extra cardio I told the Vet that I could remove the sutures when it was time. Hell, they only weigh 300 lbs. I have always subdivided my tasks into smaller portions so as not to get frustrated over something being to large to handle. Like BFL, I plan it in 2 week increments instead of 4 or 12. Well the 2 cows had 4 horns that were removed 4 seperate times and had 4 seperate stitched areas. Looking at the whole picture and when I came at Zazu with the suture removers(little scissors made for removing stitches) I soon realized this was going to be a much bigger task than I had anticipated.After a couple of near launches to the ground and getting pushed around the stall for a few minutes I decided to focus on just one area. I got some feed in a bucket and let him stick his head in there and started to remove the stitches from one side(or as I was thinking a .5 portion of the task). That went fairly well and as I started on the next .5 portion, Will and Grace(the white swans) came to investigate, and then started attacking us any time I had my back to them. (they are so brave aren't they). I had to stop that for a few and go put some food out for the swans so they would let me finish. I got back to the chore at hand and then because of all the commotion, Dottie and The Dahli(the llamas) had to come and investigate. Well when they saw there was additional feeding going on, they wanted some. So I had to put everything down again and give them some more feed to keep them occupied.From all the excitement I could see Zoe was getting antsy. As I was working on Zazu, Zoe had been coming over to get some grain and I would get in a snip or two on her stitches. I only had a few more minutes to work on both of them before the extra feed ran out for everyone so luckily I was able to finish up Zazu(1.0 cows done ) and started to finish Zoe(1.0 cows to go). All I got done on her was half of one side and that was it. She hauled ass to the pasture, Will and Grace came in for some more sneak attacks and the llamas wanted more feed. So I only got 1.5 cows done.
Answers and comments :
Erin- my friend sold his plane to get another Harley, so it might be awhile before I get any aerials.
Tom- I'm trying to increase my cal intake but fall short due to shiftwork. That's why the totals bounce around periodically.
K- The chores are fun sometimes, until a chicken poops on your head or you step in cow poo. I could open our place up for a week and have a BFL ranch week for all the blends. Or maybe it would be better calling it BFL free week. 7 days of free days, no workouts! Susan is still sore, the twins are looking fine, but I'm not allowed to hold them yet,lol. Oh, and they are little cows. Not the twins but the Zebu.
The Workout: which was done yesterday.
The routine was plyometrics and ab boot camp
How it went:
Jump squats: 4 sets at 5 reps
Tuck jumps: 4sets at 5 reps
Box jumps: 4 sets at 4 reps
Jump box 18" to 24 "4 stes at 5 reps
Once I build a little more stamina and coordination, I will increase the reps. On good weather and days off the plyometric routine will be more of the sprinting type that Jim recommended.
The cals for yesterday: 3225 at 39/40/21 ratio of protein to carb to fat.
Well guys I hope that explains the 1.5 cow head thing. Y'all have a fantastic day!


  • At 9:30 AM, Blogger Jess said…

    OK, I'm sorry, but I couldn't stop laughing while I was reading your story about the 1.5 cow heads. Animals are so funny, aren't they?

  • At 10:50 AM, Blogger Janel said…

    Oh, my, we do have very similar lives, don't we, Troy?? LOL I feel so close to you know after reading that. LOL Hilarious!!!

    And good job with the plyo, thats awesome. Are you sore??


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