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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Week 9, day 63

So much for Cingular's aircard with my laptop. Seems I can't get a connection at work on my laptop, yet several of the people who have Verizon have no problems at all. And my cell phone service is with Cingular and I have decent luck with that. Must be different towers or satellites that they operate on. So as far as the tracker and the blog goes, while I'm at work I won't be doing either. Anyolfrickinway, had a great upper body workout last night. When I get home tonight it will be a little 30 ride through the park on the recumbent. Sounds better that a grueling session in the room of doom on the lung hacker doesn't it?
The UBWO Routine:
Decline press: 140-160 lbs the last set at 150 lbs only 6 reps
Standard press: 100 lbs 12 reps
Shoulder press: 80-87.5 lbs
Shoulder shrugs: 105 lbs
Chest row: 85-115 lbs
Seated row: 105 lbs
Triceps kick back: 22.5-30 lbs
Triceps overhead extension: 52.5 lbs
Standing curl: 47.5 -62.5 lbs
1 arm ( say your confessional to your) preacher curl (cause you're cursing to get those last reps out and need to be forgiven for that type of language) 35 lbs.
Tonight when I and after I post this I hope to have hacked a lung, er um I mean, have taken a 30 minute ride through the park on the recumbent.(think pleasant thoughts and the experience will be pleasant...... right go blow that smoke..... ).
The Consumables for the day, which by the way mirrored yesterday's fare:
#1 meal fiber one and ff skim milk
#2 ffcc and yogurt
#3 2 turkey bacon and cheese ww bun breakfast sandwiches
#4 Salmon in a bag over the exotic green salad I made the other day
#5 chicken breast, ww pasta, broccoflower or caulicolli( a cross between broccoli and cauliflower from Central Market)
#6 ffcc and almonds
Well that's about it for now, til we chat again, later.


  • At 11:53 AM, Blogger FV Tom said…

    I'm gonna have to adopt your "ride through the park" mentality on my cardio days! What a great idea.

    So help me out: I can only suffer through dreadmill work. How shall I refer to those awful sessions? A vigorous stroll through the park? A delightful day on the dreadmill? HELP!

    Be good!

  • At 11:58 AM, Blogger Supergirl said…

    Just stopping by to see what's up with you. Still truckin' away, that's good! :)


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