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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

W1,D2:No hurt, no tank top shirt.

Hey, it rhymes, and I hurt, so there, lol. Anyway I was hurting pretty good from the chest routine I did yesterday and today I did quads and hamstrings. I think I'm gonna hurt tomorrow! I also want to thank Jim for the congrats of the completion of my challenge on tracker and to those of you who read my blog and made comments on tracker. Thanks guys! It gave me the inspiration to work through my pain today and hit those legs hard.
O.K. the acorn to oak routine: and after I get comfortable in what I'm doing, I'm going to give some of these exercises the descriptions I'll come to know them by:
Warm up: barbell hack squat
10 reps 80 lbs,8 reps 80 lbs, 5 reps 120 lbs, 3 reps 130 lbs
The real deal: barbell hack up a quad muscle because this hurts so fuckin bad squat(oh I'm not going to do that yet)
8,8,6,6 reps at 160 lbs
Barbell power cleans:
5,5,5, reps at 80 lbs, the last 5 reps 90 lbs
Leg extensions:
10, 10, 8 reps at 170 lbs
Romanian Dead Lifts:
8,8,6,6 reps at 120 lbs, the last 6 reps I bumped to 130 lbs
1 legged curls: ( I don't know why I would use 1 leg when I got 2 healthy ones, but that's what Jim has suggested, lol)
10,10,8,8 reps 50 lbs on the 10 reps and 55 lbs on the 8 reps.
Well there it is, day 2, in the books, and I'm on the floor, not really but tomorrow will be interesting. And what's really funny, I'm looking forward to doing cardio tomorrow, for the first time no less. I wonder why.
Again thanks to those of you for the tracker comments, and to Jim for working me through this new routine. But Jim I still have the right to take that thanks back!
Had to edit for the food: Cals for the day were 1767 at a 40/41/18 ratio of protein/carbs/fat. It was a short day due to getting off graveyards.


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