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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A little blogger time

Sometimes when I get up on a day off, I like to have a little coffee, well actually a lot of coffee, visit tracker a bit and then visit the blogs. Usually I make a few comments , go workout and then feed the animals. Then I make an attempt to post my blog with the routine I have completed and what I have eaten or is on plan to eat for the day.And as usual those plans change dramatically once I enter the animal kingdom in the back yard. Hoss(camel) has learned how to reach over the fence to avoid the charged line(I use solar so it's not that bad of a shock) and eat the grass on the other side. So I had an hour of fence repair and will have to remount the wire a little higher. Then I needed to move Zena,Zazu, and Zoe(mini cows) into different pastures. That took another hour. Zena's getting ready to have a baby and we don't trust Hoss with the babies and on Friday Zazu and Zoe are going to the vet to get dehorned.So I have to get them all situated in other pastures(the birthing pasture and the load and go pasture).
Well ,by the time I launch into my other chores, half the day is already gone.
Tonight I start graveyards so I thought I'd try an early blog and catch up on comments.But first the routine that hasn't happened yet.
The routine for the day.
I will elliptical my ass off.
For food:
I will eat my ass off. Oops I mean, I will eat good, healthy food at the correct portion size.
Responses to the past weeks comments and replies with little smiley faces when there's a comment but I can't really respond,lol.
Jim: That is an M on her nose. We were going to name her Muscle head, or Meat head but those names were already yspoken for.
Coco: :), I tried the asparation, but not cooked. The label fell off and when I was inventing my exotic greenery salad I accidently chopped it up and put it in there, so I really don't know how it tastes.
Super Bev: :), Hanging in there, doing well.
KFM: :),:) Thanks!
Jess: :), check with Lisa first,lol.
BethKK: I knew there would be a Beth out there,lol.Sorry! But I like you better and I haven't even met you.
Dr. P.: Marriage the second time around is great. Just think of the first one as a practice drill gone terribly wrong, and learn from those mistakes.
Erin: :)
Lori: :)
Tom: As far as the Beth's go, it's been suggested I run, far far away, lol.
Now, for overcoming the dreadmill experience. Picture this, you're running, a bbq'ed rack o ribs, or maybe that smoked turkey leg you waved at me is dangling just out of your reach. If you reach your goal you can have that prize. It's only a minute at a time, and before you know it 20 minutes will have passed and you'll be reveling in your accomplishment of hitting that goal, and winning that prize, which you know by now is a bowl of ffcc and an apple.Hope that helps!
Time to go cardio o o and see what new adventure awaits me in the back yard.


  • At 9:33 AM, Blogger FV Tom said…

    You never cease to amaze me, Troy! How do you get all that stuff done and workout. Excellent work.

    Thanks for dangling some ffcc in front of me. I think I prefer the turkey leg, though!

    Be good.

  • At 8:23 AM, Blogger Rod the Bod said…

    I got to say I agree with Tom, You still find time to workout with that schedule. That is amazing. You Rock!!!


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