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Saturday, March 11, 2006


Here's the mini zebu cow that was born yesterday morning. He's about 5 hours old in this pick. The really odd thing about him is that his hooves are all white. Up to this point they have all been black. We will entertain any name you guys can come up with that starts with Z. We have a Zippy, Zola, Zena, Zack, Zazu and the odd couple, Elvis and Minnie. Well, got to get, have a fantastic w/e.


  • At 6:00 AM, Blogger Melanie said…

    Zulu (Heaven), Zsigmond (victorious defender), Zorro (golden dawn), Zeus (powerful one), Zero (seeds), or Zazu (movement). How's that?

  • At 6:01 AM, Blogger Melanie said…

    Oooops...you already have Zazu. How 'bout Zeki.

  • At 11:47 AM, Blogger Jess said…

    How 'bout Zeke? Or Zebert... I don't know what it means, I just made it up, lol.

  • At 2:03 PM, Blogger Persephone66 said…

    Well, I "googled" it. . .

    Here's some names. . .

    Zabrina Fruitful desert flower F American Zaccheus Innocent M Greek Zach Remembrance of the Lord M Hebrew
    Zacharee God is remembered F Hebrew Zachariah Remembered by the Lord M Hebrew
    Zachary Remembrance of the Lord M Hebrew
    Zaci God of Fatherhood E African Zack Remembrance of the Lord M Hebrew
    Zada Good Fortune F Armenian Zafirah She who wins F Arabic Zagiri Flower F Armenian
    Zahar Morning light F Hebrew Zahavah Golden one F Hebrew
    Zahi Bright and shining M Arabic Zahina Swahili F Swahili
    Zahra Fair Skinned F Hindi
    Zahur Flower M Arabic
    Zaida Good fortune F Arabic
    Zaide Elder F Hebrew
    Zaila Female F African
    Zaina Beautiful F Arabic
    Zaire From Zaire E African
    Zale Sea Strength E Greek
    Zalika Born into Power F Egyptian Zalman Peaceful & Quiet M Hebrew Zaltana High Mountain F Native American
    Zamir Song bird M Hebrew
    Zamora From the City Zamora F Spanish
    Zan Well Fed M Hebrew
    Zander From ALEXANDER M Greek Zandra Defender of all F Greek Zane Beloved E Arabic
    Zanna Lily F Latin
    Zanta Beautiful Girl F Swahili Zanthe Light blond F Greek
    Zara Princess F Hebrew
    Zareb Guardian M African
    Zared Trap M Hebrew
    Zareh Protector M Armenian
    Zarek May God Protect the King M Persian
    Zaria Princess F Latin
    Zariel Lion Princess F American Zarifa Moves with grace F Arabic Zarina Golden F African
    Zarita Princess F Spanish
    Zarola Hunter F Arabic
    Zasha People's defender E Russian Zavad Present M Hebrew
    Zaviera Owner of the home F Spanish
    Zayit Olive F Hebrew
    Zayn Beauty E Arabic
    Zaynah Lovely one F Arabic
    Zaza Movement F Hebrew
    Zazu From the name ZAZA F Hebrew Zbigniew To get rid of Anger M Polish
    Zea Wheat F Latin Zeal With passion E American
    Zebulon Exalted/Honored M Hebrew Zed God is Fair M Hebrew
    Zedekiah God is Fair M Hebrew Zeheb Gold M Turkish
    Zeke Strength of God M Hebrew
    Zeki Smart F Turkish
    Zelda Woman Warrior F German
    Zelia Zeal F Greek
    Zelig The Blessed One M German Zena Hospitable F Greek
    Zenas Generous E Greek
    Zenda Womanly F Persian
    Zene Beautiful E African
    Zenevieva White Wave F Slavic Zenia Hospitable F Greek
    Zeno Sign M Greek
    Zenobia Sign, Symbol F Polish Zenon Stranger var. of Xenon E Greek
    Zephan Irish Saint E Celtic/Gaelic Zephyr Strong Wind E Greek
    Zerlina Created F Latin
    Zeroun Respected, Wise M Armenian Zeshawn God is Gracious, Merciful M African-American
    Zesiro First born of twins M African
    Zeus Powerful one M Greek
    Zev Wolf M Hebrew
    Zhen Precious F Chinese
    Zhenga African Queen F African
    Zhi Wisdom, Healing E Chinese
    Zi Graceful, Beautiful F Chinese Zia Wheat F Latin
    Ziarre Goddess of the sky F American
    Ziazan Rainbow F Armenian
    Zihna Spins F Native American Zikomo Thank You M African
    Zilya Harvester F Russian
    Zinna Rayed flower F Latin
    Zinnia Beautiful, rayed flower. F Latin
    Zion A Sign E Hebrew
    Zipporah Little Bird F Hebrew Ziraili Help of God F African
    Zita The Seeker F Spanish Zitkalasa Red bird F Native American
    Zitomira To live famously F Slavic Ziv Very Bright M Hebrew
    Ziva Splendor F Hebrew
    Zivanka Alive F Slavic
    Ziven Vigorous, Alive E Polish Ziya Light F Arabic
    Zizi Consecrated to God F Hungarian
    Zlata Golden F Slavic
    Zlhna Spinning F Native American Zo Spiritual Leader E African
    Zoan Departure E African
    Zocha Wisdom F Polish
    Zody Cusion of Life E American
    Zoe Life F Greek Zoey Life F Greek Zofia Wisdom F Polish
    Zohar Light, Brilliance M Hindi Zoheret She shines F Hebrew
    Zoie Life F Greek
    Zola Earth F Latin
    Zoltan Life M Hungarian
    Zoltin Life M Hungarian
    Zona Sash F Latin
    Zonta Honest, Trustworthy F Native American
    Zora Dawn F Slavic
    Zorana Dawn F Slavic Zorina Golden F Slavic Zorion Happy M Portuguese Zsa Zsa From the name SUSAN F Hungarian
    Zubaida Marigold F Arabic
    Zubeda The best one F Swahili Zubin To Honor M Hebrew
    Zudora Laborer F Arabic
    Zula Brilliant, Ahead F African Zuleika Brilliant and Lovely F Arabic
    Zulema Peace F Hebrew
    Zulu Heaven M African Zuna Abundance F African
    Zuri Beautiful F Swahili
    Zuriel The Lord is my Rock E Hebrew
    Zurina White F Spanish
    Zuwena Good F Swahili
    Zuzana Rose F Slavic
    Zuzela A wife of Sitting Bull F Native American
    Zwi Gazelle E Scandinavian
    Zyta FROM Teresa F Polish
    Zytka Rose Flower F Polish

  • At 4:12 PM, Blogger FV Tom said…

    nice work Dr P!

    I vote for Zeke. As in Jerry West (formerly of the Lakers). His nickname was "Zeke from Cabin Creek" (W. Virginia, I think)


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