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Friday, March 10, 2006

Born and dehorned

First of all I couldn't post a pic tonight for some reason.Every time I clicked on add an image it wouldn't do anything, yet when I got the laptop out it worked immediately. I just don't have the pics on the laptop yet. So today was dehorning day. I got home and went to bed at 0600, got up at 0830 and before I got out to help Susan, she told me Zena had just given birth. That's the pic I couldn't get posted. I'll try tomorrow. So after we got them situated, we loaded the other 2 up and got them dehorned. Got home, unloaded them, got Zena and the new calf in the baby area and then Susan had to take the pups to the vet. She has a bad knee and needs surgery, so now we need to talk to an orthopedic surgeon about that.
I managed to get my LBWO in and have eaten well today. Susan missed her LBWO and will try to catch it on Sunday.
Other than that everything else is going well, just too busy with animal stuff. Tomorrow is fun day, pressure washing all the indoor bird cages, fun fun!
Well that's it for now, talk to y'all later!


  • At 7:24 PM, Blogger FV Tom said…

    stopping by to say Howdy!

    have a great weekend.


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