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Thursday, December 29, 2005

She slipped me the goobler again!

Nothing new to report from the wild kingdom. Today was a good day and just spent most of the day cathing up on choirs.I also spent an hour playing with a radio controlled boat on the pond. It was another one of my Christmas presents.
As far as the workout today I did 3, 10 minute intervals on the recumbant, the dreadmill, and the elliptical.I started off with the ab routine 1st. It was another ripper and totally wore me out. I think I'll use this for my cardio for the Torch Challenge.

As far as eating, everything was authorised foods and on time.I did experiment with the veggie portion for dinner. I sauteed onions, mushrooms and fresh spinach in a tbsp of olive oil. I added some garlic and balsmic vinegar near the end of the cooking, and it came out pretty good. I'd definitely cook it again.For the meat I seasoned center cut pork chops and cooked them in the broiler, and for the carb it was pinto beans with jalapeno's. All in all it was a great meal, except cleaning the kitchen totally sucks. Well, Susan's been super busy at work so she's been slipping me the goobler on the cleaning the kitchen part, lol. That's life and that's about it.


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